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  • A large community of learners of Italian
  • Italian courses - learn with Manu Venditti
  • Auto-correct Quizzes on grammar topics
  • Certificates of Completion for courses
  • Forums - get your questions answered by fellow students & our team of Italian native speakers
  • Earn points to use as discounts
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Speak to Italian native
speakers every day!

Manu Venditti

Your native Italian tutor

As your trusted native Italian tutor, I have over 20 years of experience in helping English speakers GET Italian. My approach is so different, you are guaranteed to get different results with your efforts to master the beautiful Italian language. 

And, for most students, this means, to finally be able to UNDERSTAND and SPEAK Italian comfortably

Italian Suitcase full of Monuments

Your key to Italy

Speaking Italian is essential to experience the real Italy. The problem for most students is to stay motivated and accountable, while they make progress with the Italian language. Italy Made Easy Academy excels in exactly that! 

With a plethora or engaging activities, a ton of awesome people and our native Italian speakers, you are sure to stay driven and see the results of your efforts! 

Awesome technology to help you learn

We keep things simple, and yet, we have so much cool stuff inside the Academy that you will be coming back for more every day! 
Our self correcting quizzes even give you an explanation for each answer! 
Our courses are fun to take and easy to keep track of. And, with Premium courses, you can even submit your own work and recordings for REAL feedback! 

Italian Language Courses

Italian Language courses

Italy Made Easy Academy is a great place to come to practice, stay motivated and accountable, find a ton of resources, make friends and be part of a growing community of learners and lovers of the Italian language. 
But you can do a lot more here! I offer a variety of courses, from travelers to pronunciation, from Beginner to higher levels. Check out my courses here!

Don't Hesitate, take your Italian to the next level with Italy Made Easy Academy!


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