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Intermediate Level B1 or B2?

ATTENTION: You will need to type your answers for this quiz, so please make sure you are on a device that allows you to do that before starting. 

Not sure which course you should enroll in?

If you feel you don’t need to cover the foundations of the Italian language and are pretty confident with speaking and understanding Italian at an Lower Intermediate Level, then here is a Quiz to evaluate whether you should enroll in the Intermediate Italian Level 2 course, or whether you would be better off taking Intermediate Italian Level 1 and master what is taught there first.

I actually recommend all students to enroll in Beginner Italian Level 1 and Beginner Italian Level 2 and use them as Reference and Content/Practice library.


If you score less than 20 out of 40, you should be enrolling in Intermediate Italian Level 1
If you score between 20 and 30 out of 40, you could consider enrolling in Intermediate Italian Level 2 but perhaps get Intermediate Italian Level 1 for reference.
If you score more than 31 out of 40Intermediate Italian Level 2 could be the level for you!

Keep in mind that this quiz will only assess your competency in the Italian grammar. The “From Zero To Italian” has a strong emphasys on communication and each course helps students develop listening and comprehension skills, as well as speaking skills. This means you might have the appropropriate level of competency with grammar, but may lack the other skills.

Do not worry though! If you enroll in a course and after a few weeks you feel it’s not the level for you, just contact us and we’ll switch you over to another level!

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