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Q&A Webinar – March 25, 2018


Difference between DI and DA, DEI vs ALCUNI, VISITARE vs TROVARE and much more!

The Questions

Here is the list of questions I answer during the video:

03:45 How to access the Chat

07:20  How to pronounce the word “yacht” and what’s the name of the person who sailing a yacht?

10:10 How would you express the idea of “means a lot” in the sentence: “Distance means nothing when a person means so much”?

11:50 Do you have to be enrolled in something in addition to BIL1 to access the chats?

15:00 Difference between “visitare” and “andare a trovare”, how to say “someone is here visiting me”?

17:40 Difference about “lei” and “lui” whit animals

18:20 About speaking italian

23:30 How do you get a response after submitted a questions?

25:15 How to access “amico extra native speakers chats”

27:40 Using “di” and “da”

33:00 Voglio comprare dei/alcuni quaderni

34:40 Intermediate Level

38:50 About watching tv/film with subtitles

44:15 How to compose a sentence in the right order





May 23, 2018
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