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Q&A Webinar – March 12, 2017


CIAO vs SALVE, FELICE vs CONTENTO, CORTO vs BASSO …. and much more!

The Questions

Here is the list of questions I answer during the video:


1:40 What is the difference between the R in Spanish and Italian?

3:16 We should not use “ciao”? Is this correct?

3:55 Open and close “e” is hard.

6:31 How to pronounce “u” in euro?

8:20 Do we count verbs and all the conjugations as separate words when counting how many words we know in Italian?

9:39 What is the difference of “ciao” and “salve”?

11:00 In this chat can we use “ciao”?

11:39 Microonde or micro onde?

12:08 Italian consonants sound the same as English consonants like “Te”, “Pe”, and “Ce”, are they the same?

13:40 It’s hard for me to hear the italian sound “e”, I often confuse it with the sound “a”.

15:49 I have a doubt regarding “ar” at the end of foreign words like “bar”?

18:24 What’s the difference between “felice” and “contento”?

21:50 Unit 2 22:22 Are some vowels stronger than others when they are next to each other?

22:48 How do you pronounce the word “Pioggia”?

24:09 The word “Sgabello”

25:07 Is there a trick to know when words are accented?

26:00 The correct pronunciation of “ancora”?

26:24 What is the difference between “corto” and “basso”?

27:40 Is the direction of the accent important to Italians?

28:13 Italian Vowels

31:30 How to pronounce “Pizza” and “Mezzo”?

32:48 How can I know the gender of a word like “ventilatore”?

34:12 Is “prego” a synonym of for “di niente” for most situations?

35:36 We call my father “vecchio” in a joking manner, is it okay?

36:26 I was trying to put together a short sentence using “Di niente” and it was translating strangely.

38:10 How do you call a Armenian?

38:39 How would you say my name in Italian, Walfred?

39:37 iTranslate or Reverso VS. google translate?

41:18 Can I have the link to the online dictionary?

41:35 Regarding the “la” in “arrivederla”, is it the same as the expression as “Piacere di conoscerla”?

42:31 Greetings in a formal situation.

43:32 Will getting formality wrong as a tourist greatly upset most Italians?

44:49 Is Russian, “Russo” and “Russa”?

45:20 If you’re meeting the friend of your best friend, same age as you, what do you use: formal or informal?

46:39 To say, “I spoke to my mom” will i still use “Parlare”?

47:29 Introducing the new platform

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