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Q&A Webinar – June 3, 2017


How to pronounce GLI, how to use QUINDI, VIVERE vs ABITARE… and much more!

The Questions

Here is the list of questions I answer during the video:


06:52 How do you pronounce “gli”?

08:05 How and when to use “quindi”?

09:18 Are we meant to fully understand your welcome message in italian at the
beginning of unit 9 or in general?

10:53 Why do we say “vado dal dottore” instead of “vado dalla mia nonna”?

12:58 When you look at the dictionary with many different meanings for the same
word, how do you know which one is the best?

15:30 Is there going to be speaking in the course?

17:38 Would you explain the use of “va di andare” when stating “to feel like?

20:01 “Parlo con te” or “parlo a te”?

20:34 Vivere VS. Abitare?

22:15 Is there an online thesaurus in italian?

24:00 What can you suggest to do in order to enhance our learning?

25:00 “Ti voglio dire” or “Voglio dirti”?

26:22 When and how to use “visitare”?

28:38 How do we know when to pronounce “cia” as in “ciao” or “farmaci-a”?

31:22 To say “some” things – “alcuni” or “un po’ di”?

33:06 What is the best way to say “I would like to talk about…”?

34:00 Are there any rules for which syllable to accent in words without double consonants?

34:43 Would you please make sure that you also read comments when you can, so we can know you know how much we appreciate you?

35:20 Will we be able to watch this webinar online again?

35:42 How do you know when to use the preposition “a” before an infinitive?

37:46 I’m struggling with “un po’ di” and sentence structure, e.g. “I want to buy some food now”

39:48 Can I use “mi va di” with plurals?

40:33 Is it a big deal to miss the article in front of the noun?

41:20 When not to use the article?

43:48 When to use words like “così” – so; “tanto” – a lot; ”molto” – a lot; moltissimo – a lot a lot?

46:49 How long does it take to start thinking in italian?

49:52 Meaning of “vorrei”?

51:45 The difference between “riuscire”, “essere in grado”, “potere” and “sapere”.

54:29 Introduction of the new platform

1:03:05 Preview of the new website/platform

1:07:07 Will we still be able to create new threads in the forum?

1:09:27 Is there going to be a mobile app?

1:11:29 As a fully paid-up techno-phobe will all this stuff be difficult?

1:19:41 Have you tried GoSpeaky?

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