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Q&A Webinar – April 18, 2018


MOLTO, Verb PIACERE, Indirect Object Pronouns… and much more!

The Questions

Here is the list of questions I answer during the video:


00:46 Molto, molta, molti, molte?

09:45 How do italians pronounce Chicago?

12:15 A buon rendere!

16:42 Più Vs Di più

20:50 About Academy: payments of From Zero To Italian

21:40 Euro Bills

24:40 About  Academy: Chat Scheduled

25:45 About Academy: Beginner Italian Level 1

27:25 Through

39:10 Gender of Adjective

45:20 Give Him! Indirect Object Pronouns

50:35 To Happen? Accadere, succedere, capitare…

57:15 Verb Piacere


You can also download the PDF of the slides I used in this video lesson here :

Q&A Webinar – April 18, 2018

May 23, 2018
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