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Benvenuto / Benvenuta! 

This course is the place to start if you are a new student of Italy Made Easy Academy.

You will find short video tutorials to help you get started with this awesome platform, avoid confusion and make the most of the opportunities we provide here to help you learn, improve, practice and master Italian!

Buon divertimento! 

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Platform
Setting up your account 00:13:00
Congratulazioni! You are now a student at Italy Made Easy Academy! Let's start by customizing your account.
Getting to know your Dashboard 00:03:00
The first page you see every time you log in is your Dashboard. And it is a very important page! Here we get to know it!
Starting a Course 00:09:00
As an Italy Made Easy Academy student you will, most likely, be taking a course with me. Here we take a look at how this is done (it's super easy!) and we learn some tricks to make life easier!
Submitting Assignments 00:06:00
My newest courses allow you to submit your work and get it graded by us! Yes! You can record yourself and we will give you feedback, but that is only one of the many assignments we have! In this lesson we see how this is done!
Using Flashcards 00:03:00
If your course includes Flashcards, here is how you use them!
Taking Quizzes 00:07:00
Got a quiz? Learn how to take them and check your results (and answer explanations).
Using the Forums 00:08:00
A great way to get help is by posting your questions in the Forums. Learn how this works, the ins and outs of our Forums!
Using the Chat App 00:09:00
Amico Extra members get to chat with each other and our native Italian speakers! And our chat app is simply... FANTASTICA!
Making Calls with the Chat App 00:05:00
The best thing you can do with our Chat App is to speak Italian to us! Learn to make audio or video calls!
Certificates 00:04:00
Course at Italy Made Easy Academy optionally come with Certificates of Completion. Here is some info on them: how to get them, where to find them, what you can do with them!
Webinar [Nov 29 2017] – How to make the most of the Academy (a Walkthrough) 01:10:00
This live Walkthrough was recorded back in November 2017 and shows you the Academy as a whole. Great way to get started and make the most of our learning tools.
Webinar [Nov 29 2017] – Platform Walkthrough and Q&A 01:11:00
Watch our first live stream fully dedicated at understanding the new platform, how it works and how it will help you learn Italian more quickly (while having more fun!)
More coming soon
More coming soon! 00:01:10
More Tutorials coming soon.
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