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This fun course only requires 10 minutes of your time a day and by the end of the month you will have learned the top 400 most frequent Italian words. The best part is that, with this approach, you will also be able to recall all these words when you needed!


Course Curriculum

Unità 1 / 1 -84
1 – 12 Words 00:22:00
13 – 24 Words 00:08:00
25 – 36 Words 00:11:00
37 – 48 Words 00:09:00
49 – 60 Words 00:06:00
61 – 72 Words 00:06:00
73- 84 Words 00:07:00
Unità 2 / 85 - 168
85 – 96 Words 00:08:00
97 – 108 Words 00:09:00
109 – 120 Words 00:09:00
121 – 132 Words 00:10:00
133 – 144 Words 00:06:00
145 – 156 Words 00:10:00
157 – 168 Words 00:07:00
Unità 3 / 169 - 252
169 – 180 Words 00:08:00
181 – 192 Words 00:09:00
193 – 204 00:09:00
205 – 216 Words 00:10:00
217 – 228 Words 00:06:00
229 – 240 Words 00:10:00
241 – 252 Words 00:05:00
Unità 4 / 253 - 336
253 – 264 Words 00:08:00
265 – 276 Words 00:23:00
277 – 288 Words 00:08:00
289 – 300 Words 00:09:00
301 – 312 Words 00:08:00
313 – 324 Words 00:09:00
325 – 336 Words 00:06:00
Unità 5 / 337 - 408
337 – 348 Words 00:10:00
349 – 360 Words 00:09:00
361 – 372 Words 00:07:00
373 – 384 Words 00:07:00
385 – 396 Words 00:07:00
397 – 408 Words 00:08:00
The end! 00:03:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Sometimes you only need a word


    This is the perfect companion to the “Speak Italian From Day One” Course. I really loved the way Manu would give you the words and give you the English word that would relate to the Italian words. Even his gestors in describing words are rememrable Everything he did just made words just stick. It has been a couple of months since our trip to Italy but I can still see Manu describing lo scontrino as a little scout giving me a receipt for the cookies. There were many times on our trip where I reached back just to find a word, and surprise most times than not it was there. Yes, pointing and saying one word can get you by, though it does help this to be an accent to actual conversation. One example that I can think of – I am a knife collector and while being lost in Rome I found a Coltelleria (Knife shop). I learned that word on my first day. While one employee was very good at English, the shop owner was not. I was still able to point at a particular knife and throw a word out as a question to the owner, and considering we were all knife nuts it all went smooth as glass and I walked out with a real souvenir from Italy that will be in my collection forever more. So yes, this course is worth it.

  2. Keep at It


    This really clear and useful course is like daily exercise. It keeps my mind tuned to the sounds and meanings and warms up my muscle memory whenever I take it … is also great because the words presented here are words you use everyday so you can just look around you and practice practice practice ….

  3. Fun


    Great course and I found the method a very good aid to remembering . Manu is a very good relaxed and enthusiastic tutor. Perhaps it would be useful to have more vocabulary couses like this say another 400 words . I do like so much the fact that these courses(all of them) are not edited because there is no jumping and because its more natural to see it like a lesson so Manu becomes a person and not a robot

  4. Great!


    This is a great way to bulk up on important vocabulary. Manu makes fun suggestions to help you remember each word and how to use it in the language.

  5. Great way for passive practice!


    I definitely loved this course because it was helpful to be able to listen to the audio while working or driving. I used to look up top x words on YouTube, but it is difficult to find trustworthy videos! After going through this course I’m able to remember the vocabulary so much better because of Manu’s silly and funny pneumonic tricks! Usually the YouTube videos just say the word once in Italian and once in English, but Manu explains each word in detail, causing me to actually learn the word.

    Another reason why I enjoyed this course is because I never know which words are “correct” or if the pronounciation is accurate, but with Manu’s videos I can actually trust them! Great for beginners for sure.

  6. Not Just 400 Words


    This course is an excellent way to build your Italian vocab. Manu gives clear guidelines on pronunciation plus detailed explanations of the words. Doing this course has answered many of those ‘so why do I use xxx here instead of yyy?’ questions. Thanks, Manu, another great course!



    Amazing start for beginners!
    For someone that has lived in Italy it was a great recap, wish there was more in depth examples of some of the words (on how to use them in conversations, for example) however since it is 408 essential words for beginners it was good to just get the jihst without being bombarded with a lot of unnecessary (which is what a lot of other books/tutorials would do). Therefore top presentation, professional .and to the point. Would love the same for intermediate level to know more colloquial phrases/words which is what I was really after. Nonetheless, thank you Manu!


  8. Another 5 Stars


    I have been doing this course alongside some of the others on offer and I feel it’s a great companion. I like the videos because I get to hear Manu pronounce the words; so you have a better chance of getting them right yourself. He also has little tips and tricks on remembering them. And then sometimes he gives insights into Italian culture along the way like how women say they are in their ‘antas’ to avoid revealing their exact age. Yeah I’m going to start doing that too! It’s a sort of painless way to get that vocab learnt, just a little bit each day. Now that I’ve completed the course I went back to see if I could remember all the words and found only 14 had slipped from my immediate memory. So the method has worked for me.

  9. 400 Words


    Thank you Manu for your easy to watch, listen and learn from presentation. Your teaching method that I have viewed so far in your Youtube videos enticed me to your website and courses. I am currently doing 2 x 1 hr classes per week though find your method makes it easier to understand and remember. I look forward to continuing my progress of learning the Italian language through your courses and have already shown and recommended them to several of my class members. Thank you.

  10. Vocabulary: Methods Of Learning


    I took Beginning Italian I and decided to take this vocabulary course before proceeding to Beginning Italian II. My approach was to familiarize myself with these useful Italian words, and then to also learn to correctly pronounce these words, and to correctly spell these words pronouncing them out-loud. If I was not confident on how to sound out the word I used an electronic dictionary that performs audio pronunciation. Once the word was carefully sound out I then spelled the word, and more importantly to also familiarized myself with the spelling of common, recurring elements of words, for example “gli” and “chi”. And additionally focusing on the audio recognition of double consonants, and the correct pronunciations and spelling of words where the vowels “a”, “i” and “e” are emphasized. This may appear to be a lot of work but it was not. Briefly, after I completed listening to Manu and downloading the work list I would put up the word list in English and then write down the corresponding word in Italian carefully pronouncing the word and then spelling the word. The next day before starting the next 20 words I would write out and spell the words for the previous day reinforcing my knowledge of the word AND how to pronounce the word and how to spell the word. Then in addition to remember the word, I could also correctly pronounce the word, and correctly spell the word-reinforcing my remembering of the word.

  11. Bank of vocabulary


    I was facing a problem in learning new words but these 400 words can make a big difference in your studying Italian.
    Thanks Manu

  12. A Real Help


    Anyone can sit down with a list of words and learn them. The trouble is that they don’t. Having Manu talking through all the words is a real boost to remembering the words. The same applies to his other courses.. I lose motivation without a ‘face to face’ teacher. So, for me, money well invested.

  13. Informative and fun!


    Not only does Manu provide you with 400 vocabulary words, he teaches you how to remember them. Manu is an incredible instructor.

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