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Learn to read, write and pronounce any Italian word in just three hours!
You will sound better than most learners of Italian, regardless of your actual knowledge of the language!

Get ready for Italy! Learn to understand and express yourself in Italian in a variety of situations. This course, which can be taken in as little as five weeks, will also prepare you for the trip of a lifetime!

Course Curriculum

Unit 1 – Introduction
Lesson 00 – Introduction 00:02:00
Welcome to this italian Pronunciation Course! This is the introduction. Start here!
Lesson 01 – The Basics 00:06:00
In this lesson you'll descover the Basics of Italian Pronunciation. Good stuff !!
Unit 2 – Vowels and Syllables
Lesson 02 – Italian Vowels [Pt.1] 00:06:00
Now you'll learn about pronouncing italian vowels
Lesson 03 – Italian Vowels [Pt.2] 00:07:00
More about how to pronounce the italian vowels. The real secret to sounding fantastic!
Lesson 04 – Italian Vowels [Pt.3] 00:08:00
Part 3 of this essential lesson of italian Vowels. Following up, we have some practice!
Lesson 05 – Practice 01 00:04:00
Now you get to practice. Can you pronounce these words? I bet you can!
Lesson 06 – Italian Syllables 00:09:00
Ah ah! Here's another secret to sounding perfect in italian
Lesson 07 – Practice 02 00:03:00
Now you get to practice. Can you pronounce these words? I bet you can
Unit 3 – C and G sounds
Lesson 08 – Getting C Right 00:09:00
How does one pronounce CH in italian? It's a bit tricky, but you'll never get it wrong again after this lesson!
Lesson 09 – Practice 03 00:03:00
Practice time. Test your kwnowledge with this lesson. Is CH under control?
Lesson 10 – Getting G Right 00:05:00
Is G another nightmare? Not quite! Now you kwnow how it all works! You'll be fine!
Lesson 11 – Practice 04 00:03:00
Practice time
Unit 4 – B,F,V,L,M,N and H sounds
Lesson 12 – Pronouncing B,F and V 00:03:00
How easy are these sounds? Walk in the park
Lesson 13 – Practice 05 00:02:00
And now some practice on B,F and V. Will you get it all right?
Lesson 14 – Pronouncing L, M and N 00:05:00
More relatively easy sounds. Do you seen any problems with L, M and N?
Lesson 15 – Practice 06 00:02:00
More Practice. You're really getting this, aren't you? Are you impressed already?
Lesson 16 – Don’t Get Fooled By H [Pt.1] 00:02:00
This might look like a tricky one... but it's actually very easy to pronounce. Do you know why?
Lesson 17 – Don’t Get Fooled By H [Pt.2] 00:04:00
Now that know why H is a very easy sound to pronounce... let's dig a little deeper!
Lesson 18 – Practice 07 00:02:00
Impress yourself with this practice lesson!
Unit 5 – D,T,P and Q sounds
Lesson 19 – Pronouncing D, T and P 00:05:00
A few more sounds that should not be a problem to you. Check them out!
Lesson 20 – Practice 08 00:03:00
A bit of practice to make sure you're track!
Lesson 21 – Q for Quando! 00:02:00
Such a strange letter. But hey, works the same as English!
Lesson 22 – Practice 09 00:01:00
Let's see if you get this one! Practicing the letter Q
Unit 6 – To Roll, GLI and GN sounds
Lesson 23 – To Roll or Not To Roll [Pt.1] 00:09:00
In R the most hated sound by foreigners? With this lesson we put this muth to an end
Lesson 24 – To Roll or Not To Roll [Pt.2] 00:04:00
Now you're getting it! Let's work some more on this R sound! You'll be a master at it!
Lesson 25 – Practice 10 00:03:00
And now the test... Can you pronounce these words? Might take a little effort at first but keep at it!
Lesson 26 – More Tricky Sounds: GLI and GN 00:08:00
More relatively easy sounds. Do you see any problems with L,M and N?
Lesson 27 – Practice 11 00:04:00
More practice. You're really getting this, aren't you? Are you impressed already?
Unit 7 – S, STU, STRU, AU and Z sounds
Lesson 28 – Why is this S Weird? 00:11:00
This might look simple, but it actually needs a bit of focus!
Lesson 29 – Practice 12 00:05:00
Let's practice these words. S has a cool sound, doesn't it?
Lesson 30 – Strange Combinations: STU, STR and AU 00:05:00
Mamma mia, these sound combinations are tough! But you'll get them in no time!
Lesson 31 – Practice 13 00:03:00
Time to practice. It's getting easier and easier, right?
Lesson 32 – Two Sounds for Z 00:04:00
What? Why two sounds? Oh well, once you heat them you'll be fine for life!
Lesson 33 – Practice 14 00:04:00
Fun practice lesson! All these Z's are making you dizzy?
Unit 8 - Accents, Double Sounds and Secrets!
Lesson 34 – Accents: How to Stress Each Word [Pt.1] 00:07:00
Stress, stress, stress. Where do I stress a word? Find out (or not)!
Lesson 35 – Accents: How to Stress Each Word [Pt.2] 00:06:00
More on the topic word stress. Hang in there! This is advanced stuff!
Lesson 36 – Practice 15 00:04:00
And now the test... Can you pronounce these words? Might take a little effort at first but keep at it!
Lesson 37 – Double Sounds 00:08:00
I'll take two of those! Italian double consonants. They are REALLY important!
Lesson 38 – Practice 16 00:06:00
Let's test it out. Can you make these double sounds?
Lesson 39 – How to Sound Like An Italian: Secret! 00:09:00
It's notw what you say, it's how you say it! Italian intonation and cadence!
Lesson 40 – Practice 17 00:06:00
Bringing it all togheter. Practice these long sentences. Fun, right?
Lesson 41 – Conclusions 00:02:00
That's it! You've made it!!! Well done! bravissimo! What's next for you?

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  1. Grazie Manu!


    This was a great course to complement the other work I’m doing to learn Italian…it gets “right to the point” by targeting those tough sounds and I found I was far more confident when speaking. I recently returned from a trip to Italy and I can honestly say Manu’s courses made the difference between an “OK” trip and a fabulous one. I was able to order food and exchange basic ideas (things taught in other courses), and it was so fun – I also found that Italians were so appreciative of my efforts, that they were in turn very friendly and warm. I am returning to Italy in another month or so – this time on business – so I’m about to enroll in one of Manu’s more in-depth courses. His teaching style is straightforward and enjoyable…and he delivers fast, practical results.

  2. Cheap Test to see if this is for you... I bet it is


    What first convinced me to join Italian made easy was Manu had a course about Italian for travel. He said something to the effect of, “You are going on vacation; you don’t want to learn the language but you want to get the most enjoyment out of your trip.” Wow, that was me! And that is all that I wanted. It is refreshing that someone understood the common traveler and the needs gathered around the language barrier in doing so. I had seen plenty of Manu’s video’s on YouTube so I knew the quality of programming I was going to get and had no reservations about signing up. I started with this short course “Speak Italian like an Italiano” and was amazed that I actually was learning and retaining. Not only that I could read anything I saw. Manu has put together a great learning platform here that I wish was duplicated for every language. I have tried the all the big language courses and some small ones. What did I get from those? Nothing and what I did manage to learn was lost very quickly. After this course I signed up for more.

  3. Enjoyed this course


    This was fun and enjoyable I had trouble with G and C words before but with Manu’s explanation all became clear it was good to use this and the vocabulary course alongside the beginners course.

  4. raccomando questa classe


    mi piace molto la classe. io davvero migliore il mio italiano. adesso sono capace di sentire le parole e parlare più chiara

  5. Pure Gold


    This course is PURE GOLD from start to finish. I’m really glad I found it.

    I’ve been trying to learn Italian properly for about 6 weeks now (other online methods) and have been struggling with pronunciation. I sort of instinctively knew Italian was phonetically constructed but couldn’t seem to grasp the underlying ‘rules’ properly. Under certain conditions the sound of any given consonant particularly C and G seemed to change. The ‘e’ vowel sound was driving me mad as I could hear subtle differences at times but I didn’t know what was going on. No real explanation was emerging either so I was potentially learning every Italian word as a unique entity. That’s hopeless really. Having done this course, I now have a way of tackling every new word I see. That feels really good. It has given me lot more confidence.

    Manu is delightful. Such a skilled and knowledgeable teacher. I’m ditching all the other online courses now and going with Italy Made Easy.

  6. Wonderful stand-alone class but also the perfect compliment to the Italian classes I am taking at school!


    I have been taking continuing education Italian classes at Stanford University for the past two quarters with moderate success but sometimes feel stuck between classes as there is no one to ask if I have questions. I have learned so much from Manu’s classes and the best part is that I can go back and review specific units whenever I need to. I can also practice speaking and pronunciation every single day with Manu as my virtual professore! The manner in which Manu presents the material is very similar to, and in the same order as, my on-campus classes so it’s the perfect supplement! I’m actually thinking of just studying with Manu and eliminating the on-campus classes. I love his style, pace and wonderful explanations in each unit.! Having completed this course, I’m excited to go purchase the next course level. I can’t recommend Italy Made Easy enough!! Grazie mille!!

  7. The help I needed


    I am excited to have found Italy Made Easy and especially this course. I have been learning for a short time and was told last year when in Italy that I sound too Australian. It is one thing knowing words but to be able to be understood is another and that is why I have loved this program. It has shown me where my problems lie and reinforces other learning. I look forward to starting my next course in a few minutes. Thank you.

  8. Speak Italian Like an Italian


    I’ve been teaching myself Italian for 10 years, and even as an Intermediate I still picked up valuable, incremental knowledge about proper pronunciation thanks to Speak Italian Like an Italian. And, I discovered things I was pronouncing incorrectly. I still plan to go back through it all over time to make sure I don’t slip back into any bad habits.

  9. Speak Italian Like an Italiano


    Fun and interesting course that I took while enrolled in Manu’s Beginning Level One. Very informative. i definitely recommend to other students of Italian. Thanks Manu!

  10. Great course


    So happy I found this course. I had been learning Italian for a while but my pronunciation was still in need of a lot of work! This has really helped as Manu is such a great teacher. One really useful thing is that once the course has been completed you can go back and retake parts of it – a useful refresher for me. Everything is clear and there are plenty of opportunities for practise. I have now enrolled on an intermediate course and am loving it! Thoroughly recommend !

  11. Speak italian like an italiano


    This was an outstanding course! You provided clear and precise sounds, sentences an important practice sessions

  12. Fun way to learn


    Manu presents pronunciation in a manageable fun way. The course was fun and informative.

  13. 5

    As a Spanish speaker I thought I wouldn’t gain much from this curriculum, that I pretty much knew everything about pronunciation besides the common problem pronouncing gl. I was wrong. There’s more vowels sounds than I thought, there was a few things I was pronouncing slightly wrong, subtle things that I would’nt have notice or learn without this course. And now I’m doing much better identifying the strong syllable. If as a Spanish speaker this course was able to help me tremendously imagine how much it can help an English speaker!

  14. Builds confidence and enjoyment!


    Great course, thanks Manu and Team!
    So valuable for spelling but most of all I gained confidence to speak. Now that I understand the phonetic sounds I know I will be fairly close on my pronunciation and will only embarrass myself occasionally!

  15. Great course for getting the sound right


    Thanks Manu,
    This was a great help.
    Pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet is much clearer now.
    I recomend this course to anyone who wants to through the alphabet in extra detail.

    Thanks again,
    from a grateful student

  16. Another great course


    I took the beginner first level course and got this course to help review some concepts. As always Manu’s teaching is excellent and is put in a way that is easy to understand. I look forward to taking more classes with him.

  17. Very addictive


    Manu has an excellent command of English which allows him to convey his lessons in a manner that suits the ‘English ear’. If you are not sure that you will learn from his work then you will be amazed! You still need to work at the language of course but, this course is like nothing I have tried before. I think the best thing about this course is that I now feel more confident about reading Italian so I can now really enjoy internalising the sound of this bella lingua as I read.
    Grazie mille Manu….

  18. Speak Italian Like an Italiano


    Wonderful. Such helpful explanations and examples. Really nice to have the PDFs to refer to later.

  19. Speak Italian like an Italiano


    Thank you Manu for gifting this course at the beginning of lockdown. I have found your clear explanations and modelling really useful. The PDF’s are helpful too, something to refer back to. I could certainly recognise myself during the lesson on intonation, talking like a robot. Something I have been trying to improve recently. I would certainly recommend this course to others who are trying to improve their pronunciation.

  20. Informative and fun!


    I’m also enrolled in a couple of Manu’s other classes. I completed this course in the midst, learned a lot, and enjoyed a little break. Manu’s teaching methods are the best.

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