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Get ready for Italy! Learn to understand and express yourself in italian in a variety of situations. This course, which can be taken in as little as five weeks, will also prepare you for the trip of a lifetime!


Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Basics, Ordering, Verbs
Introduction 00:13:00
In today’s videos you are going to learn the basics on the Italian language, along with a few strategies to maximise your learning. You’ll be introduced to the topic of “gender” and “formality”. Then, once you know how to render the idea of “a” (as in “a book”) you’ll learn how to order food and drinks.
Basics & Food Ordering 00:36:00
Italian Greetings 00:09:00
Lesson 1 – Practice 00:11:00
Lesson 2 - Italian Verbs
About Verbs 00:18:00
In today’s videos you are going to learn how Italian verbs work. This is an essential skill, because verbs are at the code of every sentence. This is probably the hardest concept you’ll have to pick up, so dig in and have fun!
2 Vital Phrases 00:04:00
Lesson 2 Practice 00:05:00
Lesson 3 - Q&A Live Webinar
Lesson 3 – Webinar 01 00:59:00
TOPICS : replies to “Grazie” and “Mi dispiace” / clarifying masculine and feminine / where to stress a new word / … you don’t understand? / cool phrases to “buy time” / online tools
Lesson 4 -Video Chat
Lesson 4 – Video Chat 01 01:00:00
Watch this recorded Practice Video Chat to see other students use their Italian and learn new tricks. These Chats are great value to you as you will discover powerful strategies to speak and understand more Italian than you actually know.
Lesson 5 - Eating in Italy
Where to eat in Italy 00:24:00
Where to eat in Italy? So many options… in today’s video we’ll explore some of these options, from a quick day snack to the fancy dinner. Plus, discover some of Italy’s most traditional ways to eat on the go!
Lesson 6 - Ordering at the restaurant
About Menu 00:09:00
In today’s videos you are going to look at how Italian menus are structured and how Italians expect you to place your order. We'll then look into the various expressions you can use to place your order. Finally we'll learn the verbs for "to drink" (Bere) and "to be" (Essere).
How to Place your Order 00:06:00
The Verb Bere/ To drink 00:03:00
The Verb Essere/ To Be 00:06:00
Lesson 7 - Exposure to Italy
Exposure to Italy! 00:10:00
Today we relax and sit back! You should keep exposing yourself to the Italian language and culture so that your brain is fully prepared for the experience when you get to Italy. We have a couple of fun videos. One is a satirical cartoon that depicts the Italian culture, in comparison to the rest of Europe. The other, is the smash hit from the Disney movie “Frozen”… in Italian! t that the lyrics in English are a translation of the Italian lyrics and not the original English lyrics. Enjoy today's videos! Alla prossima (till next time)!
Lesson 8 - Shopping, "the", plurals
Shopping in Italy 00:23:00
In today’s videos you will learn to shop for clothes in Italy. You'll learn a number of useful expressions and vocabulary, but most of all you will add important bricks to your Italian foundations. After today you will know how to turn things into their plurals and how to render the idea of "the". Buon divertimento!
Expression & Prices 00:12:00
Plurals & how to say 00:13:00
Lesson 9 - Shopping expressions, “to like”, “can/may”, Practice
Shopping expressions 00:07:00
Now we continue shopping. You’ll learn more useful expressions and vocabulary, essential for shopping. You’ll also understand how to express likes and dislikes, as well as the concept of “can”/ "may”.
PIACERE (to like) 00:08:00
POTERE (can/may) 00:04:00
Lesson 9 – Practice 00:09:00
Lesson 10 - Q&A Live Webinar
Lesson 10 – Webinar 02 01:00:00
Lesson 11 - Video Chat
Lesson 11 – Video Chat 02 01:00:00
Lesson 12 - Shopping for groceries, expression , days
Shopping for Groceries 00:11:00
Pomodori, meloni, mele, fragole, broccoli, zucchine… you guessed it! We’re shopping for groceries today! Learn where to shop and the essential expressions you’ll need. Then we'll learn how to express the idea of "looking for", a number of really easy and really handy one work expressions, and we'll wrap it up with the days of week!
CERCARE (to look for) 00:02:00
Handy Expressions 00:03:00
Days of the Week 00:06:00
Lesson 13 - Revision
Revision, tools 00:10:00
Today we’ll make it all about revision. I have compiled a series of the most important videos from the past 2 weeks. If you have the time, I encourage you to re-watch all the videos and practice! If you don’t have a lot of time, make sure to watch the 2 videos on Tools.
Memrise 00:10:00
Quizlet 00:09:00
Lesson 13 – Practice 00:09:00
Lesson 14 - Exposure to Italy! 02
Exposure to Italy! 02 02:00:00
Today we have a lot to keep us entertained with, if we choose to! Of course all this is OPTIONAL but it can really help you feel “the italian-ness”! You will find a documentary titled "Roma - Quarto Giorno: Le Meraviglie Sconosciute" (literally "Rome - 4th day: the Hidden Wonders"). The clip is in Italian and it does not have subtitles. This is intentional, as the idea here is to watch with the only purpose of grasping the gist of they are talking about and learning vocab from context. You are not supposed to understand much of it. Just be playful and enjoy the musicality of the language. You will also find 2 hit songs with lyrics. Try and hear the words and match them to the written words. And enjoy the music!
Lesson 15 - Directions, "mi chiamo", prepositions
Asking for directions 00:04:00
In today’s videos you will learn how to ask for and understand directions. We’ll also look at a new way of introducing ourselves and we’ll close it off with prepositions, those little and useful words that add meaning to our sentences. Buon divertimento!
Understanding Directions 00:15:00
Mi chiamo (Introduction) 00:08:00
Prepositions 00:13:00
Lesson 16 - Practice for Directions
Practice for Directions 00:08:00
Let's practice your understanding of Directions in Italian! It's a lot easier than you think! Just download the Practice Map and print it out. Then just listen to my directions and try to find the right location! Buon divertimento!
Lesson 17 - Q&A Live Webinar
Lesson 17 – Webinar 03 00:40:00
– understanding weight measures – when to use prepositions with verbs – important airport procedures – other ways to say “thank you” – why you should not say “per piacere” – how to pronounce the GLI sound – difference between open/closed E/O – why Italian sentence structure is easy
Lesson 18 - Video Chat
Lesson 18 – Video Chat 03 00:33:00
Watch this recorded Practice Video Chat to see other students use their Italian and learn new tricks. These Chats are great value to you as you will discover powerful strategies to speak and understand more Italian than you actually know.
Lesson 19 - Dodgy Situations, Fare, Andare
Dodgy Situations 00:20:00
So... it is safe in Italy? Today we discuss safety and look into a number of "dodgy" situations. We'll also learn some useful expressions to get out of difficult situations and we'll close off with two important (and irregular) verbs: FARE ("to do/to make") and ANDARE ("to go"). Buona lezione!
How To Be Left Alone! 00:09:00
FARE (to do/make) 00:06:00
ANDARE (to go) 00:07:00
Lesson 20 - Dresscode, Expressions for Safety
Dresscode 00:07:00
Today we continue looking at safety and also talk a little bit about dress code and fashion! Grab a pen and write down these useful expressions. And who do you call when in trouble?
Expressions for Safety 00:02:00
Lesson 21 - Exposure to Italy! 03
Exposure to Italy! 03 00:35:00
What's an Italian Detective series like? Find out the Behind the Scenes of Italy's most popular crime series. Set in beautiful Sicily this will make you want to go visit our unique Island! If crime is not your cup of tea, then indulge in two traditional Italian recipes, one for fried mozzarella sandwiches and one for a Nutella sponge cake to die for... Buon appetito!
Lesson 22 – Entering Italy, Public Transport, Hiring a car
Entering Italy 00:08:00
Today we look into what's involved in arriving to Italy via airplane, particularly through Rome's airport. You'll learn some essential concept and expressions that will make your like a lot easier. We then look into catching public transport in Italy and the language that is needed for that. We close it off by talking about hiring a car. Buona giornata!
Visas and paperwork 00:01:00
Public Transport 00:11:00
Hiring a Car 00:12:00
Lesson 23 - Public Transport, Hotels, Months
Hotels and public transport 00:16:00
Today we look into more useful expressions to move around Italy using public transport (buses, trains and taxis). We'll also see how easy it is to book and check in for a room! And close it off by learning the months of the year, in Italian. Buon divertimento!
Booking Accommodation 00:15:00
The Months of the Year 00:04:00
Lesson 23 – Practice 00:15:00
Lesson 24 - Q&A Live Webinar
Lesson 24 – Webinar 04 00:41:00
– why is H never pronounced – get a quote from a taxi driver – show we worry about SCIOPERI – organize transportation in Italy – how to use an Italian coffee maker – different kinds of coffee in Italy
Lesson 25 - Video Chat
Lesson 25 – Video Chat 04 01:00:00
Watch this recorded Practice Video Chat to see other students use their Italian and learn new tricks. These Chats are great value to you as you will discover powerful strategies to speak and understand more Italian than you actually know.
Lesson 26 - Volere, Dovere, Conoscere, Preferire Verbs
Volere 00:04:00
Ready for some awesome verbs? Learn how to render the idea of "having to" (must), DOVERE, as well as "wanting", VOLERE. Then check out another way to say "to know" with the verb CONOSCERE (you already know SAPERE, so pay attention to the difference in meaning) and finish off with the verb for "preferring", PREFERIRE, and a series of similarly irregular verbs: FINIRE ("to finish"), CAPIRE ("to understand") and PULIRE ("to clean").
Dovere 00:02:00
Conoscere 00:04:00
Preferire and ISC Verb 00:05:00
Lesson 27 - Alternative Accommodation
Alternative Accomodation 00:06:00
Find out what other options you have for accommodation in Italy. That's right! Besides Hotels (Alberghi), Motels (Pensioni) and Bed & Breakfast, you have a variety of interesting alternatives that can give you a better, and sometimes cheaper, experience.These include Agriturismo (farm stay) and Monasteries and Convents. That's right! I said Monasteries and Convents!
Lesson 28 - Exposure to Italy! 04
Exposure to Italy! 04 00:22:00
Get familiar with the Euro. See what coins and notes look like so you know how to spend them! ? Relax with the stunning beauty of Italy's awesome regions. Discover some amazing spots and find inspiration for your next trip!
Lesson 29 - Asking Question, Advanced Sentences, Verbix
Asking Questions 00:18:00
Today you’ll learn how to ask questions (“How“, “When“, “Where“, “Which“, “What“, etc) and how to make up any sentence you’ve got in mind. That’s right! You should not feel limited by the limited vocabulary and grammar you have!
Advanced Sentences 00:13:00
Verb Conjugator [Verbix] 00:07:00
Lesson 30 - Past Tense, Cool Expressions
Past Tense 00:20:00
What did you do last night? Learn how to speak in the past! The past tense is a big topic, but I've narrowed it down to the basics, so worry not! Also, learn some cool and very "colloquial" expressions you can use to impress people and interact with the locals. A dopo!
Cool Expressions [Part I] 00:02:00
Cool Expression [Part II] 00:05:00
Lesson 31 - Q&A Live Webinar
Webinar 05 01:00:00
– how to say “time flies’ in Italian – different meanings of PIANO – the CHE + adjective/noun expressions – how to say “both” in Italian – difference between A PRESTO/PRESTO – how to use a wider range of vocabulary – finding synonyms in Italian – better understanding the PAST TENSE – ESSERE/AVERE in the PAST TENSE – gender / number in the PAST TENSE
Lesson 32 - Video Chat
Lesson 32 – Video Chat 05 01:00:00
Watch this recorded Practice Video Chat to see other students use their Italian and learn new tricks. These Chats are great value to you as you will discover powerful strategies to speak and understand more Italian than you actually know.
Lesson 33 - Time, Weather, Travel Ideas
Understanding Time 00:13:00
Today we add the final touches to your Traveler’s Italian. We learn how to understand the time and how to talk about the weather, for a great conversation starter! We’ll also go on a virtual trip around Italy together: discover little known gems, worth adding to your itinerary. Buon viaggio (have a nice journey)!
Talking about the Weather 00:07:00
Traveling Suggestions 00:21:00
Lesson 34 - Conclusion, Practice
Conclusion & Practice 00:05:00
Today is the last day of this course and I’ve put together a bunch of videos to help you bring it all together. I encourage you to go over these practice videos and have fun! Now you can go to Italy and feel confident your experience is going to be a great one! A presto, Manu.
Practice – Introductions, Ordering Food 00:11:00
Practice – Shopping 00:09:00
Practice -Directions 00:08:00
Practice – Checking in – Hotels 00:15:00
Practice – Say Anything! 01:00:00
Lesson 35 - Bonus Downloads
Bonus Download 00:02:00
Download the Audio Version (mp3) of the entire course. It's a very large zipped file (590Mb) so only download it if you think you will use it! It's great way to revise what you learned while you're on the go!
BONUS #1: Fundamentals of Italian Pronunciation
Introduction Bonus Section 00:13:00
In these bonus videos you are going to look way to improve your pronunciation in Italian, as well as expanding your ability to speak and understand more Italian than you actually know. There's also a great discount for a fantastic course I encourage you to take! Buon divertimento!
Pronounce Italian #1 00:06:00
Pronounce Italian #2 00:07:00
Pronounce Italian #3 00:08:00
Pronounce Italian #4 00:07:00
Pronunciation Practice #1 00:04:00
Pronunciation Practice #2 00:03:00
BONUS #2: How To Improve Your Italian Pronunciation
How To Improve Your Italian Pronunciation 01:00:00
Watch as this the student improves her Italian pronunciation, speed and overall fluency in just one hour.Learn the secrets to sounding really good in Italian! Witnessing this class will transform the way YOU speak Italian! Enjoy and thanks to Laurie for being such an excellent learner of Italian Q&A Webinar packed with tips on how to improve your Italian pronunciation. Also, these questions get answered: - How do I know where to stress a word? - What's the difference between "sono" (I am) and "sonno" (sleep)? - What's the difference between "rosa" (pink) and "rossa" (red)? - Should you "italianize" your name? - How do you pronounce "chiesa" (church)? - Tips to pronounce words with lots of vowels - Tips on when to pronounce open and closed vowels - Travel Tips for safety and things to avoid while in Italy
BONUS #3: Jump Start Your Italian: Mini Course
Fast Track Your Italian 00:17:00
Master Italian Vocabulary 00:16:00
Italian Sentence Structure 00:17:00

Course Reviews


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  1. What a great start!


    I took this course before going to Italy, I also watched a lot of Manu’s videos on YouTube. I felt quite confident in shops and restaurants, I made lots of mistakes, but it was so much fun! Everyone was appreciative of my efforts to speak Italian. I was traveling with friends who have relatives in Italy so I was thrown into the deep end of the pool from day 1. My first night in Italy I had dinner with my friend’s aunt and uncle who speak no English. I was definitely in over my head getting into complex conversations, but I did my best and understood much more than I ever expected to, I did my best to carry on some conversations and had a great time. Thank you so much Manu, I can’t wait to start the next course!!

  2. Getting Ready for Italia 2019


    I’m so happy to have found Manu on Youtube a few months ago when I started searching for how to learn Italian. I tried to learn Italian years ago from a private teacher who would only speak in Italian.That is not how I learn so decided that was not the route to take this time. So happy I found Manu had online courses so here I am. His teaching style is fun and informative and with him being fluent in English that helps too. It’s like learning Italian from a friend. Grazie mille, Manu. A dopo!

  3. Great course!


    I enjoyed very much taking this great course! It covers many topics in an engaging way and I have learned a lot!
    Thank you very much!

  4. First time learning a 2nd language!


    I decided to take this course instead of the Italian for Beginners because I have never spoken another language, and I wasn’t sure I would pick it up very well! But I’m so so pleased with the results!!! I’m taking the course a lot slower than the 30 days, but Manu explains you can do it in your own time but if you are in a rush then can get it all covered in 30 days which is brilliant! I’m half way through and I’m finding I can go to my favourite Italian restaurant in town and speak in Italian and they understand me!! I also understand them which is crazy! Such a great course, easy to understand and very entertaining! I also find the Amico Extra ( 30 days free trial with this course) SO SO Helpful to chat to a native Italian speaker nearly everyday is invaluable! Grazie Mille Manu and the Italy Made Easy team!

  5. Perfect Beginner Course


    Manu does everything he can to facilitate learning of the Italian Language. This course helped me get up and running quickly, and was enjoyable throughout. I can’t recommend his courses highly enough – you simply can’t go wrong with Manu as your guide. I still remember the phrases offered in this course almost 2 years later. I feel confident I could speak with native Italians successfully, and 90% of my study has been through Manu’s work. The rest is just looking up words on (a site recommended to me by Manu) to build my vocabulary. Worth every penny and thensome.

  6. 1st day in Rome


    First day in Rome,
    It felt almost familiar due to all the little stories and insights that Manu has shared.
    I am making myself understood at a basic level..
    Even got a smile from the immigration officer when I greeted and thanked him in broken italian

    Grazie mille Manu

  7. The most useful and enjoyable of all courses I have experienced,


    As an older learner (74) I was nervous about taking this course but so needed it before my month exploring Sardegna last year. I became sufficiently fluent to have all my needs met, ask for directions, order food etc. I realise I was speakig more slowly and found it hard sometimes to understand different dialects but I could make my self understood enough to communicate with the locals. Thanks to the clear structure of the course and the very positive and encouraging videos which Manu presented (always with good will and his fine sense of humour) .. I feel extremely fortunate to have had this experience. Very highly recommended!!

  8. I want this for every Language!


    If you are even remotely considering taking this course, just do it. Manu makes this so easy and is a joy to work with. I took this course before going on my hope not to be once in a lifetime trip, which I wanted to get the most out of. This course is designed with the traveler in mind, not the I want to learn the whole language from ground up crowd. I tried my best to get the whole family to do it so we could practice together, but they refused so Manu and me had to do it by ourselves. We got to Venice and was excited and a little nervous to see if I could actually do it. Our first trip to a little Osteria put my concerns to rest. I was able to order, pay and tell them to have a great day. I loved seeing their faces each time I formally said hello and better yet when I told them to have a good day or evening, a genuine smile spread across most of their faces followed by quite a lot I still have no idea what was said. But the great part was I was not afraid to try. We were in a local hangout Osteria in Rome, where no one in the place spoke more than broken English (yes, those places are real). I on the other hand spoke nothing but broken Italian. It was a great experience! The order came out just fine, we had a lovely meal, laughed with each other and I even asked about some interesting decorations they had on display. The family was impressed that I was able to get as far as I did. The main thing (other than the language) that I got out of this course was to relax and have fun. Grab the bits of the conversation you can and just go with it. It literally made our trip so much more than I could what I thought it could be. As a side note Manu recommended to watch a cooking channel on YouTube to learn to listen to Italian, now I want to learn more just so I can follow the show! Seriously, if you are looking for a language course for Italian, do not waste your money on anything else, I have tried Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Fluenz and a ton of apps and walked away really learning very little. Manu has put together a great course here and with the live interaction what else could you want?

  9. Make life Easy


    When I booked a ticket to Italy I had no Italian whatsoever….three months later I had enough of a grasp to understand the basic needs I had as a single person travelling… really helped not to feel anxious…..the biggest challenge was to remind the wonderful Italian people not to speak to me in English but to speak in slow Italian ….

  10. Excellent!


    I found Manu with this course when I first started my Italian language journey and found the best possible way to learn and the best possible teacher! Manu is kind, patient, passionate about teaching and learning language and really talented! Do not hesitate to take this course from him or any other course that he offers!

  11. 5

    Ciao Manu, mi piacciono le lezioni. Grazie mille!

  12. Enjoyed this course


    This course was so good, Manu’s enthusiasm really rubs off on you and although I am a slow learner (65 year) it suddenly began to sink in. On a recent holiday in Italy I was able to make conversation(with lots of mistakes and lots of laughter) my Italian friends and strangers alike wre so pleased with me trying that I gained confidence which is very important for me. I would, without exception,highly recommend this course to beginners.
    I am also enrolled in the first part of the Beginners Course its taking time but I enjoy it. Once more it is Manu’s personality which shines through and makes the course fun, entertaining but also very educational

  13. Perfect!


    I haven’t tried to learn a new language since high school, and it didn’t go well then. I accomplished more in a few months with Manu than I did in years then. I just returned from my first trip to Italy, and this course gave me the confidence to engage with native Italian speakers that I would normally be horrified to do.

  14. Great and easy to follow


    My husband and I took this course before went to Italy. Not only were we able to communicate with the locals, we learned a lot of helpful information about navigating our way around. Manu explains things in such an easy to learn manner. His positive and eager attitude is infectious and makes you want to succeed.

  15. The Best


    This course not only helps you learn in the best way ever, but gives you fun facts and tips and includes SO MANY resources for you. It is evident Manu actually cares about teaching us Italian and helping us learn about and appreciate the culture. Yay! Thanks Manu!

  16. Love this course


    Manu, you are such a great teacher! I loved this course and learned so much because it wasn’t boring at all. I learned so many great tips and learned so much more than I thought I knew before. Now I’m addicted and have to take the next course from you. I’m going to Italy in September to meet family I’ve never met before. So many of them do not know English so I have to learn Italian. What do you suggest for the next lesson?

  17. lovely people, lovely course


    manu is simply wonderful – his sincerity and how much he cares is so evident. the tremendous empathy he has for learners translates into material that keeps you engaged. any interaction i’ve had with others helping to develop ‘italy made easy’, like alessia, have also been a pleasure.

  18. Perfect way to Fast Track your way to Conversations in Italian


    Grazie ancora Manu. This is a valuable little program for people wanting to quickly get speaking in Italian.

    If you want to go to Italy (after Covid!!!) then the lessons are quick, easy and natural and will set you up to succeeed.


  19. A great course


    I have found this a great course to start with the basics of learning Italian and Manu is a terrific teacher. Lots of explanations and no pressure made the course easy and a pleasure to do. I have started also Beginners 1 and look forward to learning more. I am doing this to be able to communicate with friends in Italy.

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