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This FREE course is associated to Italy Made Easy Podcast. Here you will find a downloadable audio file of all podcast episodes, along with the accompanying transcription and comprehension exercises, as well as interactive quizzes.

Course Curriculum

Podcast Episodes
Benvenuti a Italy Made Easy Podcast 00:04:00
Episodio 1: Il Commissario Montalbano 00:14:00
Episodio 2: Alberto Angela 00:14:00
Episodio 3: Immaturi 00:13:00
Episodio 4: La Barcolana 00:13:00
Episodio 5: La Biennale di Venezia 00:15:00
Episodio 6: il Calcio, che Passione! 00:12:00
Episodio 7: Misteri e Magia #1 00:13:00
Episodio 8: Misteri e Magia #2 00:15:00
Episodio 9: La musica in luoghi inaspettati 00:14:00
More coming soon
More coming soon! 00:01:10
More Tutorials coming soon.
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