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Intermediate Italian Level 3

‘From Zero to Italian’ is a program designed to take you from knowing no Italian all the way to fluency, over a period of time and courses.

This is the FIFTH installment, where you will learn how to speak more confidently and express yourself in more natural way.
The focus of this course is rather unique; while you will of course be learning the grammar, this program is created to help you with what really matters: understanding more and more Italian and being able to actually speak it.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for students of Italian who have already studied Italian for over a year and have a decent grasp of the language of the language, can communicate with ease on easier topics and have good command of the Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto, Future Tense and Imperative Mood.

It also makes the perfect reference companion for students at higher levels, as the content and the methodology used here are designed to fill the common gaps in a student’s knowledge.

What will you learn?

This course focuses on:
– understanding natural colloquial Italian
– speaking in a more natural way
– expressing advanced concepts and emotions
– speaking of hypothetical situations (Conditional Tenses)
– speaking of subjective opinions (Subjunctive Mood)


What is a Beta Version?
When you join a course as a beta student you do not immediately get access to the entire course, since the course is actually being produced, thanks to the feedback provided by the students as the course progresses.
You are not required to give feedback or participate in any of the extra activities that are provided during the Beta phase (like live Q&A sessions, Conversations with your Instructor or other native Italian speakers etc).
Beta Courses do not guarantee any publishing schedule or deadline. New lessons are added regularly but there could be gaps and breaks during the production.
Do not buy this course if you need to have access to the entire course NOW or need to have it finished within a specific time frame.
Once the course is fully produced you will be able to purchase it at the full price.

Course Curriculum

Unit 1 - Review
Welcome to the Course 00:00:00
Welcome to "Intermediate Italian Level 3", the 5th course in the "From Zero To Italian" series. In this video your teacher welcomes you and explains the approach we will use during this course. Benvenuti e buon divertimento!
Introduction for Beta Students 00:07:00
Carissimi studenti "Beta"! Grazie mille per la vostra partecipazione nella creazione di questo corso!
Lesson 1: Passato Prossimo Review 00:20:00
We start reviewing the most important topic that will allow you to learn a bunch of new verb tenses in Italian... Can you guess what this topic is?
Lesson 2: Passato Prossimo with Essere Review Part 1 00:13:00
We continue reviewing the Passato Prossimo, in preparation of the main focus on this Unit's review, as fas as grammar goes: the correct selection of the auxiliary verb in compound tenses!
Coming soon...
Lesson 3: Passato Prossimo with Essere Review Part 2 00:00:00
Practice: Irregular Past Participle with AVERE 00:00:00
Practice: Passato Prossimo with Essere 00:00:00
Practice: Guess the Past Participle 00:00:00
Practice: Guess the Auxiliary 00:00:00
Lesson 4: Italian Future Perfect Tense Review 00:00:00
Lesson 5: Italian Pluperfect Review 00:00:00
Unit 1 – Quiz 00:00:00
Monologue 00:00:00
Lesson 6: Vocabulary – Food 00:00:00
Unit 1 – Comprehension Exercise 00:00:00
Unit 1 – Transcription Exercise 00:00:00
Unit 1 – Translation Exercise 00:00:00
Unit 1 – Assignment 00:00:00
Unit 2 - Italian Conditional Tenses (Part 1)
Unit 3 - Italian Conditional Tenses (Part 2)
Unit 4 - Italian Conditional Tenses (Part 3)
Unit 5 - Deepening Your Knowledge
Unit 6 - The Subjunctive Mood (Part 1)
Unit 7 - The Subjunctive Mood (Part 2)
Unit 8 - The Subjunctive Mood (Part 3)
Unit 9 - Deepening Your Knowledge
Unit 10 - The Past Subjunctive (Part 1)
Unit 11- The Past Subjunctive (Part 2)
Unit 12 - Course Review
Unit 13 - Gradutation
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