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Intermediate Italian Level 2

‘From Zero to Italian’ is a program designed to take you from knowing no Italian all the way to fluency, over a period of time and courses.

This is the FOURTH installment, where you will learn how to speak more confidently and express yourself in more natural way. The focus of this course is rather unique; while you will of course be learning the grammar, this program is created to help you with what really matters: understanding more and more Italian and being able to actually speak it.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for students of Italian who have already studied Italian for over a year and are comfortable with the basics of the language, all the way to a good command of the Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto.

It also makes the perfect reference companion for students at higher levels, as the content and the methodology used here are designed to fill the common gaps in a student’s knowledge.

What will you learn?

This course focuses on:
– understanding spoken Italian
– speaking in a more natural way
– communicating on a variety of topics
– expressing your emotions
– giving orders and polite commands (Imperative mood)
– speaking about the future (future tense)


Intermediate Italian Level 2 is currently being produced and will open publicly in July 2019.
By purchasing the course now you accept that new lessons will be added incrementally, until the course is complete.



Course Curriculum

Unit 1 - Up Your Italian: Relative pronouns
Introduction for Beta Students 00:03:00
Welcome Beta Students to Intermediate Italian Level 2, the fourth course in the "From Zero To Italian" program!
Welcome to the Course 00:08:00
Benvenuti studenti di italiano! This is the first video of this Intermediate course and, of course, it's all in Italian! Exercises in the attached PDF!
Practice: Questions 00:10:00
This is a new way to practice your current knowledge and get you speaking more at the same time! We will be doing this at the beginning of every Unit. I think you are going to love it!
Lesson 1: Relative Pronouns CHE / CUI / QUALE 00:40:00
Our first lesson together focuses on something ofter ignored in other courses but that, when used correctly, immediately raises the level of your Italian. We are going to learn how to join two sentences together using Relative Pronouns.
Practice: Relative Pronouns 00:14:00
Now that you know how CHE and CUI work (we can ignore QUALE), it's time for you to start using them. Here is a way to practice with my guidance. More work for you in the pdf, of courses!
Coming Soon ... [lessons not published yet]
Lesson 2: BELLO & QUELLO 00:00:00
Practice: Bello & Quello 00:00:00
Unit 1 Quiz 00:00:00
Lesson 3: Vocabulary – Feelings and Emotions [Part 1] 00:00:00
Writing Exercise 00:00:00
Real Conversations: EMPATHY & SADNESS 00:00:00
Real Conversations: Analysis 00:00:00
Conversational Phrases 00:00:00
Unit 1 Assignment 00:00:00
Homework 00:00:00
More coming soon! 00:01:10
More Tutorials coming soon.
Unit 2 - Comparatives & Superlatives
Unit 3 - More on Plurals & Conjunctions
Unit 4 - Deepening your Knowledge #1
Unit 5 - The Future Tense
Unit 6 - Future Perfect
Unit 7 - Pluperfect & Tense Agreement
Unit 8 - Deepending your Knowledge #2
Unit 9 - The Imperative
Unit 10 - More on the Imperative, Future & Pluperfect
Unit 11 - Course Review
Unit 12 - Final Assessment
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