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Intermediate Italian Level 2

This course is being created right now. You can join as a Beta Student. Watch the video for more info. 

‘From Zero to Italian’ is a program designed to take you from knowing no Italian all the way to fluency, over a period of time and courses.

This is the FOURTH installment, where you will learn how to speak more confidently and express yourself in more natural way. The focus of this course is rather unique; while you will of course be learning the grammar, this program is created to help you with what really matters: understanding more and more Italian and being able to actually speak it.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for students of Italian who have already studied Italian for over a year and are comfortable with the basics of the language, all the way to a good command of the Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto.

It also makes the perfect reference companion for students at higher levels, as the content and the methodology used here are designed to fill the common gaps in a student’s knowledge.

What will you learn?

This course focuses on:
– understanding spoken Italian
– speaking in a more natural way
– communicating on a variety of topics
– expressing your emotions
– giving orders and polite commands (Imperative mood)
– speaking about the future (future tense)


Intermediate Italian Level 2 is currently being produced and will open publicly in July 2019.
By purchasing the course now you accept that new lessons will be added incrementally, until the course is complete.



Course Curriculum

Unit 1 - Up Your Italian: Relative pronouns
Introduction for Beta Students 00:03:00
Welcome Beta Students to Intermediate Italian Level 2, the fourth course in the "From Zero To Italian" program!
Welcome to the Course 00:08:00
Benvenuti studenti di italiano! This is the first video of this Intermediate course and, of course, it's all in Italian! Exercises in the attached PDF!
Practice: Questions 00:10:00
This is a new way to practice your current knowledge and get you speaking more at the same time! We will be doing this at the beginning of every Unit. I think you are going to love it!
Lesson 1: Relative Pronouns CHE / CUI / QUALE 00:40:00
Our first lesson together focuses on something ofter ignored in other courses but that, when used correctly, immediately raises the level of your Italian. We are going to learn how to join two sentences together using Relative Pronouns.
Practice: Relative Pronouns 00:14:00
Now that you know how CHE and CUI work (we can ignore QUALE), it's time for you to start using them. Here is a way to practice with my guidance. More work for you in the pdf, of courses!
Lesson 2: BELLO & QUELLO 00:33:00
QUELLO and BELLO are two adjectives you've known for a while... but there is something we still don't know about them! Both behave in a pecularial way in front of masculine nouns. Let's discover this now!
Practice: Bello & Quello [Rapid Fire] 00:06:00
Let's burn the exception with BELLO and QUELLO in our brain once and for all. And the best way to do that is... with a rapid fire practice session!
Practice: Bello & Quello 00:05:00
Final play around with BELLO and QUELLO. This time, we are working with full sentences. Buon divertimento!
FZTI B2 – Unit 01 Quiz 00:40:00
Lesson 3: Vocabulary – Feelings and Emotions [Part 1] 00:16:00
We are now going to learn 25 new Italian words. This Unit's topic is Feelings and Emotions.
Writing Exercise 00:03:00
The best way to memorize and recall new words is to write something using the new words you have just learned. The time you devote to writing this little text will magically help you burn these words in your brain! Cool stuff. Che figata!
Real Conversations: MAKING FRIENDS 00:08:00
Today we have a new type of Lesson / Exercise. Meet Eleonora. Together we will take you through a number of real, unscripted conversations in a variety of scenarios. For this first one, we are meeting for the first time at a bar. Listen to what we say and how we interact as strangers. This conversation is loaded with conversational expressions!
Real Conversations: Analysis 00:35:00
Now the best part... learn a bunch of useful colloquial expressions in Italian. All taken from the Real Conversation you've just been working on!
Conversational Phrases 00:15:00
Getting conversational is key in language learning. Now is the time to start learning some magical little phrases that offer an immediate upgrade to your Italian. I am sure you are going to love this! And we have more lessons like this coming up in future Units!
Unit 1 Assignment 00:06:00
Pronti per il primo compito del corso? Here is your first Assigment and... it's not one of the easiest! But oh, so rewarding! Buon divertimento!
FZTI B2 – Unit 1 Assignment 10, 00:00
Homework 00:00:00
Unit 2 - Comparatives & Superlatives #1
Welcome to Unit 2 00:08:00
Unit 2 is here and it's going to be a BIG one with lots of amazingly useful concepts. You will love it. But before you start, time to practice your Italian listening and comprehension skills. Today we talk about some tech you need when you travel.
Practice: Questions 00:06:00
Tocca a te! Rispondi a queste domande, in italiano e a voce alta. Yes, out loud!
Lesson 4: Comparatives of superiority and inferiority – Type #1 00:24:00
Time to start comparing things in Italian! This is the first of a number of video Lessons on this topic. By the end of it you will be a champion of making comparisons in Italian!
Practice: Comparatives #1 00:08:00
Now that you know how to compare two items by the same quality... let's get comparing!
Practice: Comparatives #2 00:08:00
This Practice video is very special... Don't want to spoil it for you! Buona visione, buona pratica e buon divertimento!
Lesson 5: Comparatives of equality – adjectives 00:31:00
You already know how to say that something is more or less of something else, right? Well, today you are going to learn how to compare things that have equal amounts of a quality!
Practice: Comparatives #3 00:10:00
Ready for some practice? Perfetto! And this one is all in Italian!
Practice: Comparatives #4 00:11:00
More practice on the Comparatives of Equality... still in Italian!
Lesson 6: Comparatives of superiority and inferiority – Type #2 00:12:00
Now we go back to talking about Comparatives of Superiority and Inferiority by introducing Type 2 to compare adjectives. Don't let this confuse you. You will see that this short lesson does it all: it introduces this new type of structure, it shows you how it works, and it will have you understanding it in under 15 minutes!
Practice: Comparatives #5 00:04:00
A superfast practice for this new concept of saying that something t has more or less of a quality than another quality. Compararives of Superiory and Inferiority for Adjectives, type 2!
FZTI B2 – Unit 02 Quiz 00:30:00
Lesson 7: Vocabulary – Adjectives #1 00:00:00
Writing exercise 00:03:00
Conversational Phrases 00:14:00
Who doesn't like hacks and shortcuts? In this new lesson on Italian Conversational Phrases you will learn 4 new ways to personalize your statements in a very natural Italian manner. Very little work for huge gains. Ci piace!
Unit 2 – Assignment 00:02:00
Time to wrap up with an Assignment! This is written. Che strano!!
FZTI B2 – Unit 2 Assignment 10, 00:00
Homework 00:03:00
Ecco i tuoi compiti per questa Unità! Five comprehension questions relating to this article/recording on "Italian Sayings". Buon ascolto!
Unit 3 - Comparatives & Superlatives #2
Welcome to Unit 3 00:05:00
Here is a video on a simple topic and very visual, but with terrible audio and a lot of new words. Happy practice!
Practice: Questions 00:05:00
As usual we start the Unit with a few questions you need to answer in Italian. Do not plan your answers, just hear the question and, if you understood it, answer it in Italian, without worrying too much about being grammatically correct. Just answer!
Lesson 8: Superlatives Pt.1 00:41:00
This is Super... a lesson on Italian Superlatives! Learn one more cool thing you can do with Adjectives.
Lesson 8: Superlatives Pt.2 00:29:00
Believe it or not, these new concepts have exceptions. Here is a lesson full of them. But worry not: you take only what you need!
Practice: Superlatives #1 00:09:00
Here is your practice lesson for Italian Superlatives. Short and sweet and, as usual, this lesson will gives you ideas on how you can continue practicing on your own.
Practice: Superlatives #2 00:08:00
Using the images shown in the video, it is your turn to come up with comparison of all sorts. Buon divertimento.
Lesson 9: Comparatives – Nouns 00:31:00
Comparatives seem to keep coming back to haunt us. But they are actually not that hard. In this lesson we had one more important piece to the puzzle, and soon you will have the full picture!
Practice: Comparatives – Nouns 00:10:00
Before you move on to new topics, it is always best to spend a lot of time practicing what you have just learned. Here is our suggestion. Of course this is only the beginning of your independent practice! Go for it!
Lesson 10: Comparatives – Verbs 00:28:00
Ever thought about comparing Verbs? Well, we actually do it all the time, and after this lesson you will be able to do it in Italian too!
Practice: Comparatives – Verbs 00:13:00
Practice makes perfect, so let's get to it! Here we play with verbs. Comparing verbs is fun, vero?
FZTI B2 – Unit 03 Quiz 00:40:00
Lesson 11 : Vocabulary – Feelings and Emotions [Part 2] 00:22:00
Fresh out of the oven, these 25 nouns relating to the realm of Emotions is here to expand your Italian vocabulary. What will use these words for?
Writing Exercise 00:01:00
Ready for your writing exercise? Here are your five words you can build your fun, crazy, ridiculous, colorful Italian story.
Real Conversation: ANXIETY & WORRIES 00:07:00
Here is our second Real Conversation between two Italians. As usual, this conversation is unscripted and pretty emotional. You will hear a ton of colloquial expressions and see what happens when someone is in distress - language-wise, of course!
Real Conversation: Analysis 00:20:00
Now that you are very (very very very) familiar with the Real Conversation in Italian, it is time to analyze what was said and learn a ton of cool expressions!
Conversational Phrases 00:09:00
Today you will learn three cool ways of making suggestions and proposals. These expressions can simply be added to the questions you have already been asking based on your level. And, with almost no effort, your level of Italian will be elevated!
Unit 3 – Assignment 00:08:00
This Assignment is tough and it might take you a few days to prepare for it... which is good, since you never want to rush your language acquisition!
FZTI B2 – Unit 3 Assignment 10, 00:00
Homework 00:00:00
Superstitions are a thing in Italy. In this listening and comprehension exercise, you get a chance to learn about some common (and perhaps weird) Italian superstitions...
Unit 4 - Compound Words & Joining Words
Welcome to Unit 4 00:05:00
Benvenuti nel mio garage! Practice your Italian comprehension with this casual video with poor sound and a lot of new words!
Practice: Questions 00:05:00
Here are a few questions in Italian for you to get started on a good note. Answer any question you understand (fully or partially) out loud without thinking too much. Just say whatever comes to mind. The goal here is for you to speak, not to be write a masterpiece! Skip any questions you do not understand. Download the PDF when you are done!
Lesson 12: Compound words – Types of Words 00:25:00
This Unit is all about Italian Compound Words, that is, words that are formed by combining other words (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions). The possibilities are nearly endless and the challenge is knowing what gender a compound word is and also... what the plural is. In this first lesson we dip our toes in this juicy topic!
Lesson 13: Compound words – Plurals 00:25:00
Now you that you know about this Compound Word madness, it is time to bring in some order and logic to how we can turn these new words into their plural form. Are you ready for Patterns and Exceptions?
Practice: Compound words #1 00:14:00
The best way to practice this topic is... to start the guessing game and slowly but surely develop a gut feeling for how this thing works! In bocca al lupo!
Lesson 14: Compound words – Gender 00:27:00
Believe it or not, we are basically done with compound words in Italian! All is left to discover is what determines the gender of these new words! We have have some handy and relatively consistent patterns for you! Evviva!
Practice: Compound words #2 00:10:00
And now your practice! Compound Words in Italian can be pretty tricky, but now you know what to do. No, it is not try to recall the 700 patterns we discussed. Rather, the key lies in developing that usual gut feeling about these Italian words!
Practice: Compound words #3 00:10:00
Here is a massive opportunity for you to practice Italian Compound Words. Their composition, their gender and their plural forms. All in one by old style exercise on paper!
FZTI B2 – Unit 04 Quiz 00:04:00
This is an odd Quiz... Well, because this Unit does not have a Quiz. Rather, we check our understanding of how Compound Words work in Italian with a couple of games!
Lesson 15: Vocabulary – Adjectives #2 00:21:00
Here are 25 new words. But not so new after all, since these are the adjectives that match the nouns you learned in the previous Vocabulary lesson!
Writing Exercise 00:01:00
Here are your 5 words for your vocabulary-focused writing exercise. Do your best to use all five in your creative, crazy, funny or unusual story!
Conversational Phrases 00:11:00
Three more cool ways to upgrade your Italian in an instant. This one we deal with... saying unpleasant things, nicely!
Unit 4 – Assignment 00:04:00
This to show off your knowledge of how compound words work in Italian. This Assignment might take you a bit longer to decode... but you can take all the time you need!
FZTI B2 – Unit 4 Assignment 10, 00:00
Homework 00:15:00
Ready to practice your Listening and Comprehension skills WHILE learning new things about the Italian culture? In this Unit's Homework I take you to the Argentario, a stunning and little known "island" paradise not far from Rome!
Unit 5 - Deepening Your Knowledge #1
Welcome to Unit 5 00:02:00
Today you are going to join me while I look after my povera vecchia macchina! Buona visione e ascolto!
Practice: Questions 00:04:00
Here are a few questions in Italian for you to get started on a good note. Answer any question you understand (fully or partially) out loud without thinking too much. Just say whatever comes to mind. The goal here is for you to speak, not to be write a masterpiece! Skip any questions you do not understand. Download the PDF when you are done!
Lesson 16: Irregular Verb MORIRE 00:10:00
Today's Irregular verb is: MORIRE (to die). Frequently used metaphorically, you will need to know how to conjugate it in the Present Tense and Passato Prossimo.
Lesson 17: Irregular Verb SEDERSI 00:10:00
Today's Irregular verb is: SEDERSI (to sit down). A Reflexive Verb with a lot of personality!
Lesson 18: Irregular Verb APPARIRE 00:10:00
Today's Irregular verb is: APPARIRE (to appear). A not so common verb with some good usages. Irregular in the Present Tense and Passato Prossimo.
Lesson 19: Irregular Verb CRESCERE 00:10:00
Today's Irregular verb is: CRESCERE (to grow, to grow up, to raise).Very common verb, not hard to learn (since it shares a lot of similiarities with the verb CONOSCERE). You will like it!
Lesson 20: Irregular Verb CUOCERE 00:14:00
Today's Irregular verb is: CUOCERE (to cook).You cannot go to Italy and not hear/use this verb! Let's learn it, and not confuse it with CUCINARE!
Lesson 21: Irregular Verb POSSEDERE 00:08:00
Today's Irregular verb is: POSSEDERE (to possess, to have, to own).Learn how to use this verb and distinguish it from its more common sibling, AVERE.
Lesson 22: Irregular Verb SALIRE 00:10:00
Today's Irregular verb is: SALIRE (to climb, to go up, to get on). With so many meanings, you are bound to need this verb. Really! It is a must learn!
Lesson 23: Irregular Verb SPEGNERE/SPENGERE 00:10:00
Today's Irregular verb is... two verbs! SPEGNERE and SPENGERE (to turn on, to switch off, to extinguish). Same meaning, different conjugation. Both irregular in the Passato Prossimo. Fun fun fun!
Lesson 24: Irregular Verb TACERE 00:08:00
Today's Irregular verb is: TACERE (to go quiet, to not say a word).This one is odd, both in conjugation and usage. Let's learn it!
Lesson 25: Defective Verbs – The weather 00:15:00
Some verbs lack some of the conjugations or subjects. We call these verbs DEFECTIVE. In this lesson you will learn how weather-related verbs work.
FZTI B2 – Unit 05 Quiz 00:40:00
Lesson 26: Vocabulary – Regular Verbs #1 00:21:00
Anyone ordered Italian Verbs? Here are 25 brand new infinitives for you to start using and conugating! Buon divertimento!
Writing Exercise 00:01:00
Here are your 5 words (verbs this time) for your vocabulary-focused writing exercise. Do your best to use all five in your creative, crazy, funny or unusual story!
Real Conversation : SADNESS 00:05:00
Ready to test your Italian Comprehension and to learn a ton of new expressions? We do it with this Real Conversation about... sadness.
Real Conversation: Analysis 00:12:00
Now that you have studied and analyzed the Conversation in Italian, let's look at some useful expressions. These will give an instant upgrade to your Italian.
Unit 5 – Assignment 00:09:00
Pronouncing vowels "the Italian way" is everything when it comes to speaking Italian. In this assignment you are being asked to isolate and exaggerate the vowels, as a reminder of how they should sound!
FZTI B2 – Unit 5 Assignment 10, 00:00
Homework 00:10:00
Best way to complete a Unit is to devote a full study session to working directly with the Italian language. Here is another awesome audio article you can use for your listening and comprehension, as well as to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of the Italian culture!
Mid Term Review
Mid Term Review 01:00:00
Unit 6 - The Future Tense
Welcome to Unit 6 00:04:00
We are back in Manu's garage for another listening and comprehension video. Very visual but also filled with colloquial terms, new vocabulary and the worst sound I could find! Perfect for your practice!
Practice: Questions 00:06:00
Here are a few questions in Italian for you to get started on a good note. Answer any question you understand (fully or partially) out loud without thinking too much. Just say whatever comes to mind. The goal here is for you to speak, not to be write a masterpiece! Skip any questions you do not understand. Download the PDF when you are done!
Lesson 27: The Italian Future Tense 00:40:00
Time to look into the Future, with this lesson on the Italian Future Tense. I think you are going to like it!
Practice: The Italian Future Tense #1 00:07:00
The key to new tenses is always getting them burnt into your brain so you can conjugate them without thinking. This Practice lessons aim at achieving that!
Practice: The Italian Future Tense #2 00:10:00
Ready to check how much these concepts have sunk in? Only proceed if you have done enough practice by yourself already! At least in terms of getting the conjugation right!
Lesson 28: The Italian Future Tense – Irregular Verbs 00:17:00
It's not all so easy with the Future Tense. Some verbs like to misbehave... Today we learn about the verbs that are irregular in the Future Tense. Something you will like is that they lump up in only a handful of irregular patterns!
Practice: The Italian Future Tense – Irregular Verbs 00:09:00
Now that you also know how these verbs are irregular in the Future Tense, you can check your knowledge (and, most of all, your application of it) with this quick Practice lesson and the additional exercises on the PDF.
Lesson 29: The Italian Future Perfect Tense 00:30:00
Believe it or not, you are about the learn a whole new verb tense! This one is to talk about a future event that took place before another future event. And of course these is a twist too!
Practice: The Italian Future Perfect Tense 00:23:00
An unusually long practice session to make sure you GET THIS! A ton of practice in this video and on the PDF. Buon lavoro!
FZTI B2 – Unit 06 Quiz 00:40:00
Lesson 30: Vocabulary – Bello or Brutto? 00:18:00
Describing things as being BELLO or BRUTTO is not enough! here are 25 awesome adjectives to up your game when it comes to describing things in Italian!
Writing Exercise 00:01:00
Here are your 5 words for your vocabulary-focused writing exercise. Do your best to use all five in your creative, crazy, funny or unusual story!
Conversational Phrases 00:13:00
Four new Phrases to elevate your Italian with almost no effort. Today we look at how to make a request more polite.
Comprehension Exercise: Vegan Pastry 00:23:00
Time to watch a loooong video in Italian where the speaker is NOT your teacher. Don't worry, you will love the way the speaker speaks. Plus, we are giving you an accurate transcription of the entire video so you can spent a whole lot of time on this task. Remember: this is the stuff that really matters!
Unit 6 – Assignment 00:03:00
Now that you know two new verb tenses, the Futuro Semplice and the Futuro Anteriore, is time to come up with a handful of sentences that put this new knowledge to use. In bocca al lupo!
FZTI B2 – Unit 6 Assignment 75:01
Homework 00:15:00
Italy and Trains... doesn't get more Italian than this, right? In this Listening and Comprehension exercise you will learn about special trains that run in Italy...
Unit 7 - Pluperfect & Tense Agreement
Welcome to Unit 7 00:05:00
Manu loves to ride his bike everywhere. Do the best you can with this listening and comprehension video at... pretty much, full speed speech!
Practice: Questions 00:05:00
Here are a few questions in Italian for you to get started on a good note. Answer any question you understand (fully or partially) out loud without thinking too much. Just say whatever comes to mind. The goal here is for you to speak, not to be write a masterpiece! Skip any questions you do not understand. Download the PDF when you are done!
Lesson 31: The italian pluperfect 00:22:00
Practice: The italian pluperfect #1 00:07:00
Practice: The italian pluperfect #2 00:15:00
Here are a number of complex sentences that get you thinking about proper tense selection. Let's go through these together and, by the end of it, you will feel much better about this topic!
Lesson 32: How to pick the right verb tense #1 00:38:00
Verb tenses can be pretty stressful and picking the right tense for each occasion may not always be an easy task. In this lesson we will look into the logic behind proper tense selection. Nothing to memorize here, just some very useful information!
Lesson 33: How to pick the right verb tense #2 00:20:00
Continuing with our Tense Selection topic, in this lesson you are going to learn a very useful and handy structure that not only simplifies a ton of sentences, but also saves you from needing to learn the Italian subjunctive. At least for now!
Practice: How to pick the right verb tense 00:14:00
Let's now practice this new concept of proper Tense Selection. I am sure you can handle this!
Coming Soon ... [lessons not published yet]
More coming soon! 00:01:10
More Tutorials coming soon.
Unit 7 Quiz 00:00:00
Lesson 34: Vocabulary – Cooking Terms 00:00:00
Writing Exercise 00:00:00
Real Conversation: GOOD NEWS 00:00:00
Real Conversation: Analysis 00:00:00
Unit 7 – Assignment 00:00:00
Homework 00:00:00
Unit 8 - Most Ways to Express Past Tense
Unit 9 - Deepening Your Knowledge #2
Unit 10 - The Imperative [how to give orders]
Unit 11 - Two Awesome Particles: CI & NE
Unit 12 -Review
Final Evaluation
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