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Intermediate Italian Level 1

‘From Zero to Italian’ is a program designed to take you from knowing no Italian all the way to fluency, over a period of time and courses.

This is the third installment, where you will learn how to speak more confidently and express yourself like an adult. The focus of this course is rather unique; while you will of course be learning the grammar, this program is created to help you with what really matters: understanding more and more Italian and being able to actually speak it.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for students of Italian who have already studied Italian for around a year and are comfortable with the basics of the language, all the way to a good command of the Passato Prossimo.

It also makes the perfect reference companion for students at higher levels, as the content and the methodology used here are designed to fill the common gaps in a student’s knowledge.


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Course Curriculum

Unit 1 - Review Part 1
Benvenuti al corso (Welcome message in Italian) 00:03:00
Benvenuti al Corso Intermedio di Italiano di Italy made Easy Academy! Cominciamo subito con un video in italiano... let's start with a video in Italian!
Course Objectives and Instructions 00:08:00
Welcome to the Course! Quick Intro in English! Outcomes, structure, method.
Review #1: Italian Language Essentials 00:42:00
In today's lecture we review the foundation of the Italian language. We can't really progress until we have this stuff fully nailed!
Unit 1 – Practice #1 00:30:00
Time for some practice. Yes, already! let's bring everything we know (and have reviewed so far) together! Say cheese...!
Unit 1 – Practice #2 00:08:00
We now go back to our Welcome video in Italian and... get a ton of practice with it!
Unit 1 – Practice #3 00:13:00
Before we proceed with our review of the Italian fundamentals, we shake things up again with yet another comprehension exercise! This is a gem, so please take all the time you need to make the most out of it!
Review #2: Present Tense 00:29:00
Being a master at conjugating Italian verbs on the fly is essential to achieve fluency. In this lesson we review the basic of verb conjugation for the Italian Present Tense.
Review #3: Irregular Verbs (present tense) 00:58:00
Irregular Verbs are the stars of today's Review lesson. Let's dig into this pool of madness and learn some new things too! Long lesson, take breaks!
Review #4: PIACERE & Indirect Object Pronouns 00:54:00
The verb PIACERE can be pretty confusing. In this review lesson we end the confusion once and for all! Plus, we get to review the important Indirect Object pronouns.
Review #5: Direct Object Pronouns 00:20:00
How confident are you with Direct Object Pronoun? This quick lesson will refresh your memory!
Review #6: Prepositions 01:17:00
Prepositions.. Many hate them, but they are so useful, we have to learn to love them! In this master Lesson we review the main usages of all Italian prepositions. Site back and take break!
Unit 1 – Practice 4 00:48:00
Time to make sense of all these pronouns, get more certainties and check the exercise you completed in a recent Review Lesson!
Unit 2 - Review Part 2
Review #7: Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns 00:36:00
In today's review lesson we take a look at possessive adjectives and pronouns. They are not as hard as they look and getting used to them will be a break! Let's see how much you remember of them!
Review #8: Reflexive Verbs & Impersonal Statements 00:53:00
Reflexive verbs and Impersonal statements are today's topics. How much do you know/remember of them? But, most importantly, how good are you at using them?
Unit 2 – Practice 1 00:58:00
Remember the Welcome video in Italian? Today we analyze it and learn some new skills for improving our comprehension.
Unit 2 – Discussion Topic 00:23:00
What type of student are you? Find out in this video (and learn how to "fix it".
Review #9: Passato Prossimo (Past Tense) 00:47:00
This was the Monster of Beginner Italian Level 2. It will also be a main character of this course and we can't move on until we know for sure that we get how the Passato Prossimo works.
Review #10: Asking Questions & Negative Statements 00:22:00
Asking questions is a key component of speaking any language! Luckily, Italian questions are fairly easy! Do you remember how they work?
Review #11: Vocabulary 00:11:00
Vocabulary is KEY for language fluency. What is your strategy to learn and recall as many Italian words as possible?
Intermediate Italian Level 1 – Review (Course Start) 04:00:00
Setting Goals and Starting Strong 00:11:00
Prepping to slay with Intermediate course! Let the fun begin! Cominciamo!
Unit 3 - Improving Pronunciation and Fluency
Welcome to Unit 3 (Italian Comprehension Practice) 00:16:00
We start STRONG with a Comprehension Exercise. What the video in Italian and make the most of this opportunity to improve your Italian!
Lesson 1: Fluency vs Native Level 00:53:00
This lesson is a game-changer! We will discuss the secret of polyglots who can learn a foreign language to native level, steal those secrets and use them to our advantage!
Unit 3 Practice #1: Improving Pronunciation 00:09:00
Time to work on your Pronunciation... the right way! That is, by listening to native speakers! A fun exercise, with multiple options!
Lesson 2: How NOT to speak Italian 00:21:00
Many students who reach your level end up with some "strange" habits when it comes to Italian pronunciation. In this lesson we fix them! But we do that... in Italian!
Lesson 3: Finding Resources & Italian Content 00:40:00
To Immerse yourself in the Italian language you need resources. They are everywhere, right? But how to find the right ones? In this lesson we cover that!
Unit 3 Practice 2: Learning with Movies 00:15:00
In this quick lesson we look at how we can use a service like Netflix to learn Italian and to add to our Active Immersion.
Lesson 4: Improve Pronunciation & Melody 00:33:00
You are probably already good at pronouncing Italian... but how is your Intonation and Pitch? Do you have "the Italian voice"? Find out!
Lesson 5: Vocabulary: 481: 505 00:19:00
We get back to Vocabulary in this Lesson and we talk about Toiletries and Cosmetics! Also.. did anyone notice we are now learning 25 new words per set? Perfetto!
FZTI B1 – Unit 03 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 3: Assignment 00:07:00
FZTI B1 – Unit 3 Assignment 150:02
Unit 4 - Double Pronouns
Unit 4 – Welcome 00:09:00
We start a new Unit filled with excitement for new topics and more and more opportunities to learn and practice Italian! Here we have another video 100% in Italian for you!
Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:56:00
Time to check your comprehension form Unit 3 - Welcome Video in Italian. In this lesson we analyze that video and learn a bunch!
Lesson 6: Double Pronouns 00:28:00
Since everyone loves Pronouns (cough cough!), in this lesson we learn how to use two sets of pronouns together. After an initial shock, you will realize that it's a lot easier than you think!
Practice #1: Double Pronouns 00:20:00
Now that you know how to combine pronouns, let's learn how to... get good at it with this Practice Lesson!
Practice #2: Combined Pronouns 00:19:00
Combined Pronouns are usually tough to digest, so we do some more practice! This time, moving away from using English and we use pictures to prompt the right pronouns!
Lesson 7: More on Double Pronouns 00:22:00
Are you confident with these crazy Combined Pronouns? This lesson will change everything for you and make you glad you joined this course! You will once and for all know exactly how to use all these pronouns! Evviva!
Practice #3: More on Double Pronouns 00:24:00
And now more practice, with the Speed Drill that changes everything. You WILL see how simple this whole thing really is you will learn to work on this regularly until it's no longer a problem! Buon divertimento!
Lesson 8 – Vocabulary: 506 – 530 00:13:00
Let's learn 25 words and expressions relating to dining out! Some you probably already know, but some... well, some are just cool!
Unit 4 – Dictation & Shadowing Exercise 00:16:00
First Dictation exercise for this course. Can you hear all the sounds of what I say, despite them being all merged together? Difficult, I know! And that is exactly why Dictation exercises are awesome to improve your comprehension, as well as your own pronunciation!
Unit 4 – Short Stories (Comprehension Exercise) 00:03:00
Here is a new way to practice and improve your Italian. We call it "short stories", because they are... stories that happen to be short! And give you an opportunity to see what you have just learned in context! Buon divertimento!
FZTI B1 – Unit 04 Quiz 00:40:00
Unit 4 – Assignment 00:05:00
Ready for another great assignment? We are asking you to record yourself again! Don't you LOVE this? Best way to check on your progress!
FZTI B1 – Unit 4 Assignment 10, 00:00
Unit 4 – Homework 00:08:00
My job here is to be your language coach, give you guidance for your journey through the Italian language... and also to keep you accountable. So here is your homework!
Unit 5 - Passato Prossimo with Pronouns
Unit 5 – Welcome 00:08:00
We start a new Unit and a new adventure through the Italian language! But before we dive it, let's practice your comprehension with a video specifically created to challenge you. And it's not because of the language I use!
Unit 5 – Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:19:00
Let's now discuss some the most useful expressions and structure of last Unit's Welcome Video in Italian.
Unit 5 – Practice #1: Double Pronouns 00:14:00
A bit more practice with Combined Pronouns, since you will need to be fairly good with them to conquer this Unit! Buona pratica!
Lesson 9: Passato prossimo con Pronomi (singoli) 00:32:00
Time to learn something new! How do we use the Passato Prossimo alongside Direct Object Pronouns? Let's find out!
Unit 5 – Practice #2: Passato prossimo con Pronomi (singoli) 00:12:00
Now that you know how to use the Passato Prossimo di Direct Object Pronouns, we get into what really matters: practice! Well, actually, the practice you do on your own is really what matters, but this lesson surely counts!
Unit 5 – Practice #3: Rapid Fire 00:09:00
Here is a speedy Practice lesson you are going to love. It's a Rapid Fire Drill, aimed at getting you to produce the right pronouns QUICKLY!
Unit 5 – Practice#4: Passato Prossimo with Direct Object Pronouns 00:06:00
More practice with pronouns and Passato Prossimo. I know you will get good at this!
Lesson 10: Passato prossimo con Pronomi (combinati) 00:27:00
Now that we are good with a single pronoun and the Passato Prossimo, we need to expand our view and finally look at what happens when we have TWO pronouns with a Passato Prossimo. Don't worry, no surprises here!
Unit 5 – Practice #5: Passato prossimo con Pronomi (combinati) 00:00:21
Time to practice these combined pronouns with Past Tenses. Let the fun begin!
Lesson 11: Vocabulary 531 – 555 00:12:00
25 new words! Clothing and things like that! How much time are you spending on expanding your vocabulary?
Unit 5 – Dictation Exercise 00:13:00
Time for another Dictation exercise. Grab your pen and paper and give it your best shot! Also remember to use the recording for other activities, such as Comprehension and Shadowing!
Unit 5 – Soundcheck 00:08:00
Another great exercise to improve the way you express yourself in Italian, naturally, via the practice of 'imitation'. Buon lavoro!
Unit 5 – Translation Exercise 00:04:00
More practice, because, as you know, what really matters for your fluency is NOT what your teacher tells you, but what you DO! This time, you are translating an Italian text into English!
FZTI B1 – Unit 05 Quiz 00:40:00
Unit 5 – Homework 00:08:00
It is the work YOU do that will make you fluent. So here is some new homework!
Unit 5 – Assignment 00:03:00
Time to work on your pronunciation and overall expression in Italian. Sei pronto/pronta?
FZTI B1 – Unit 5 Assignment 10, 00:00
Unit 6 - The Gerund
Unit 6 – Welcome 00:06:00
Benvenuti a Unit 6! Are you ready for something new, relatively easy and very useful? But before, as usual, here is an opportunity for you to work on your comprehension!
Unit 6 – Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:38:00
Time to discuss the Video in Italian from the previous unit! Buon divertimento!
Unit 6 – Practice #1: Passato Prossimo with Single and Double Pronouns 00:21:00
Before learning new concepts, it is our habit to do some more practice with the stuff learned in the previous Unit. So, here we have a bit of fun with the Passato Prossimo with pronouns.
Lesson 12: il Gerundio 00:29:00
Ever wondered how to say stuff like DOING or EATING in Italian? This is exactly what you will learn in this lesson!
Unit 6 – Practice #2: il Gerundio 00:17:00
Before you start using the Italian Gerund, we'd better do some practice, giusto?
Lesson 13: STARE + Gerundio 00:20:00
The coolest thing you can do with the Italian Gerund is make continuous form statements. They are not hard, very useful and will impress your listeners... as long as you avoid the common traps!
Unit 6 – Practice #3 00:07:00
STARE+GERUNDIO is a very useful structure and a not so complicated one, at least to form. Usage can be tricky, so we work on that in this Practice Lesson!
Lesson 14: Vocabulary 00:11:00
Quick video lesson for new vocabulary. This time we talk about shopping!
Unit 6 – Dictation Exercise 00:12:00
Let's get going with listening, comprehension, transcription and shadowing with this Dictation exercise! Buon lavoro!
Unit 6 – Comprehension Exercise 00:06:00
This is an awesome Comprehension exercise for you! Pick one of the Ted Talks suggested in the forum, and work it!
Unit 6 – Creative Writing 00:04:00
Time for some Writing! Come up with a story that uses the Passato Prossimo or the Presente, using the five expressions given to you!
FZTI B1 -Unit 06 Quiz 00:40:00
Unit 6 – Assignment 00:03:00
We want to read your writing work in Italian! Submit the exercise you completed in a previous lesson to get graded and personalized feedback!
FZTI B1 – Unit 6 Assignment 150:02
Unit 6 – Homework 00:02:00
Time for more work, more listening, more comprehension... basically more IMMERSION, which is the key to your success!
Unit 7 - Thinking in Italian
Unit 7 – Welcome 00:07:00
Welcome to Unit 7... a unit unlike any other! Find out why in this video, then take all the time in the world to work with the comprehension video in Italian!
Unit 7 – Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:09:00
Time to revisit last Unit's comprehension video. How did you go with it?
Unit 7 – Practice #1: Stare + Gerundio 00:06:00
How good is your Gerundio? Let's have some fun with it in this short video lesson!
Lesson 15: How to start thinking in Italian 00:30:00
Starting to think in a foreign language seems like a very distant goal but we all know it is possible and it's simply a matter of knowing where to start and doing it little by little. In this lesson we discuss the very interesting topic and then get you started with the practice!
Unit 7 – Practice #2: Words Game 1 00:12:00
Let's get started with the exercises that will force your brain to only operate in Italian, completely bypassing your native language. Sounds impossible but.. just wait and see!
Unit 7 – Practice #3: Words Game 2 00:04:00
We continue with the exercises designed to make you think in Italian. Will you like this one?
Unit 7 – Pratice #4: Words Game 3 00:04:00
One more interesting way to work on this amazing goal of not using your native language. This exercise is fun!
Unit 7 – Practice #5: Words Game 4 00:04:00
Are you starting to be amazed? Sure, at this stage we are only forcing your brain to think single words in Italian, but the reality is that we are training it to compute without using English, which is totally new for it! Buon divertimento
Lesson 16: Vocabulary 00:18:00
Twenty five new words, this time covering the topic of School and the schooling system.
Unit 7 – Dictation Exercise 00:10:00
Time for a dictation! This one is about Summer in Italy!
Unit 7 – Short Stories (Comprehension Exercise) 00:02:00
Here is a short text that presents a story. Your job is to read the text and then answer the comprehension questions!
Unit 7 – Comprehension (Video) 00:08:00
Here is a comprehension video for you! Manu does the dishes. How much can you understand and follow?
FZTI B1 -Unit 07 Quiz 01:00:00
Unit 7 – Assignment 00:03:00
Remember your first Assignment for this course? Well, it's time to get at it again! Let's hear your improvement!
FZTI B1 – Unit 7 Assignment 10, 00:00
Unit 7 – Homework 00:03:00
You know it. The more you listen to Italian the more your brains realizes how relevant it is for you, slowly but surely making it possible for you to speak better Italian, sound more natural and understand a lot more. Today I ask you to watch cartoons!
Course Break
Review Suggestion #1 00:06:00
Before diving into new and more complex stuff, I recommend you review what we have learned so far!
Review Suggestion #2 00:11:00
Unit 8 will introduce a brand new topic: the Imperfetto past tense. And, since the Imperfetto is in an ongoing battle with the Passato Prossimo, you really need to feel comfortable with the Passato Prossimo, before proceeding!
Intermediate Italian Level 1 – Review (Course Break) 01:40:00
Quiz Review 00:38:00
Watch this Video Lesson if you wish to go over the Quiz you just completed. We will be analyzing all the questions and discussing wy the correct answers were what they were!
Unit 8 - The Imperfetto Tense
Unit 8 – Welcome 00:10:00
Welcome to Unit 8 and please do not hate me for this Comprehension activity! Yes, it is challenging, but it is meant to shock you a little and teach some survival skills, when it comes to foreign languages! You will be fine!
Unit 8 – Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:12:00
Unit 8 – Practice #1: Thinking in Italian Exercise 00:08:00
Let's have some fun with things that make you think in Italian... or at least should! See how many trigger the Italian brain in you!
Lesson 17: L’Imperfetto 00:41:00
We are finally here. Signore e Signori, vi presento l'Imperfetto! The other awesome Italian past tense. It's a mountain of a topic, but don't worry, we'll climb it bit by bit!
Unit 8 – Practice #2: Rapid Fire 00:19:00
Before you can start using this new tense independently, in full sentences, it is essential that you have no issues with its conjugation. Now, sure, the Imperfetto has a pretty easy conjugation, but this does not mean that your brain does not need the practice!
Unit 8 – Practice #3: L’ Imperfetto 01 00:06:00
Time to make up some sentences that use the Imperfetto. Quick and easy on the screen, but you should be doing this a lot by yourself!
Lesson 18: L’Imperfetto – Verbi Irregolari 00:22:00
So, the Imperfetto does not look too scary! You can't deny it's a pretty straightfoward tense to conjugate, with most verbs having a regular form. In this lesson we look at a small group of verbs that are irregular in the Imperfetto!
Unit 8 – Practice#4: L’imperfetto 02 00:10:00
Time to start using the Imperfetto! Answer my questions (out loud!). Pretend it's a conversation, so be quick!
Lesson 19: Vocabulary 00:20:00
Italians love to party and celebrate together. Here are 25 'celebration' related words for you! Plus, lots of bonus cultural insights!
Unit 8 – Dictation Exercise 00:10:00
Time for a dictation! This one is about Ghosts!
Unit 8 – Short Stories (Comprehension Exercise) 00:08:00
Let's meet Monica, in person! Today she is sharing how she met your Italian Language Coach, Manu. Hope it's not embarrassing! Your job is... to listen to her story and enjoy it, while also understanding as much as you can! Context helps!
Unit 8 – Creative Writing 00:04:00
You now know how to Imperfetto works. Let's put it in writing! Here is a good challenging exercise to practice your Italian!
FZTI B1 -Unit 08 Quiz 00:30:00
Unit 8 – Assignment 00:03:00
Show off your Italian pronunciation! Submit your recording and let us tell you what how you are doing and how to get closer to your ideal pronunciation!
FZTI B1 – Unit 8 Assignment 10, 00:00
Unit 8 – Homework 00:03:00
Do you have another Imperfetto-filled story in you? Let's hear it!
Unit 9 - Imperfetto vs Passato Prossimo [Part 1]
Unit 9 – Welcome 00:06:00
Ci siamo! Here we are again! Now that you know how to Imperfetto past tense works, it's time to dig in and learn how it is used, in context, especially in contrast with the Passato Prossimo. But before we get started, as usual, it's time to practice your Italian listening and comprehension!
Unit 9 – Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:30:00
The previous Unit had a very challenging Listening and Comprehension activity. In this video lesson we analyze the content and meaning of that exercise. Be prepared for some awesome new insights!
Unit 9 – Practice #1: the use of Imperfetto 00:08:00
Can you describe these "scenes" using the Imperfetto? That's right... since you are DESCRIBING something in the past, you do need to use the Imperfetto, which makes life much easier!
Lesson 20: Imperfetto VS Passato prossimo #1 00:27:00
If you expected a monster of a lesson for this monster of a topic... well, sorry to disappoint! Mastering the difference between the Imperfetto and the Passato Prossimo is a life long journey, BUT it does not need you to sweat the small stuff. Just know that after this short lesson you will know more of these two tenses than most other learners of Italian!
Unit 9 – Practice #2: Imperfetto VS Passato prossimo #1 00:10:00
Here is a pretty odd "Practice" lessons. It is odd because you have to do nothing but listen and analyze the sentences I present. The key to mastering these Italian past tenses is to develop a gut feeling about them. This is what we are doing here!
Unit 9 – Practice #3: Imperfetto VS Passato prossimo #2 00:20:00
One more unusual Practice lesson here. This one is not an easy one, as I am going to confuse you with a bunch of sentences that can work with either tense... But do not worry... This is all serving the larger purpose of you knowing how to use these tenses correctly!
Unit 9 – Practice #4: Imperfetto VS Passato prossimo #3 00:18:00
This is your turn now! Show off your gut feeling knowledge of the Imperfetto/Passato Prossimo. OK if you don't get this right, va bene?
Lesson 21: Vocabulary 00:14:00
Time to learn more useful Italian word! 25, to be exact! Today's topic is Travels. Some of these words are easy, some... not so much! Buon divertimento e buon viaggio!
Unit 9 – Dictation Exercise 00:15:00
Grab pen and paper and get writing! This Dictation exercise will challenge you due to its difficult vocabulary, that you may not be able to grasp, thus lacking the contextual help you usually get. This is by design! Do the best you can and then check on the PDF!
Unit 9 – Short Stories (Comprehension Exercise) 00:00:00
Unit 9 – Soundcheck 00:05:00
Time to sound more natural when speaking Italian. And what does that better than a shadowing exercise? As usual, with SoundCheck exercise we make things more fun by using dialogs. Buon divertimento!
FZTI B1 -Unit 09 Quiz 00:30:00
Unit 9 – Assignment 00:20:00
This Assignment is as fun as it is challenging. You will want to take your time for this one! Practice a ton before you record yourself!
FZTI B1 – Unit 9 Assignment 10, 00:00
Unit 9 – Homework 00:06:00
If you are looking for more ways to practice and progress with your Italian, here are some suggestions!
Unit 10 - Imperfetto Vs Passato Prossimo [Part.2]
Unit 10 – Welcome 00:08:00
We start a new Unit and I promise you this one won't be as heavy! We contiue to make very useful distinctions between the Passato Prossimo and the Imperfetto and some of these will shock you! In a good way! And of course, here you also find a fresh video for comprehension practice!
Unit 10 – Comprehension: Video Analysis 00:40:00
Let's dissect last Unit's video in Italian. This is a longish one, but filled with gems that will make your Itaian a lot more natural! Buona visione!
Unit 10 – Practice #1 : Imperfetto Vs Passato Prossimo #4 00:17:00
Before moving on to making new distinctions between the Imperfetto and the Passato Prossimo, let's review the core concept. In this lesson we do it, relying on our gut. Yes. Gut.
Coming Soon... (unreleased lessons)
Lesson 22: Imperfetto Vs Passato Prossimo with Sapere/Conoscere 00:00:00
Unit 10 – Practice #2: Imperfetto Vs Passato Prossimo whit Sapere/Conoscere 00:00:00
Unit 11 - Sound more like an Italian
Unit 12 - Course Review & Final Evaluation

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  1. 5

    Great course. Great content

  2. Great Explanations


    I’ve been living in Milan for over a year and taking courses off and on for about six months. I’ve taken B2 TWICE in two different schools and since they teach Italian IN Italian with explanations only in Italian from Day 1 in Italy, there are some things that are just not clear to an English speaker. I am reviewing B1 with Manu now hoping he will shortly have a B2 course.

  3. This course is fantastic!


    I have taken both Rosetta Stone and Pimsler and am so happy to have found Italy Made Easy. Finally, there is a real person, Manu, who explains the lessons in English and has a very logical progression on which to build your Italian language skills. You won’t find a more dedicated teacher anywhere in the world! I have been pleasantly surprised with how I feel like I am in a “real” class with other students that I really like, even though it is all online. The live chats have wonderful native speakers that make you feel good about your effort …. 5 stars for them too!. The PDF’s and MP3 downloads are very well organized. This is a wonderful course! I can’t think of one other thing that I wish was included. It is all there, if you put the time into it..

  4. Best course and teacher I've found anywhere


    I’ve tried to learn Italian multiple times over the years — through college courses, continuing education classes, and (most recently) a go-it-alone approach with another online platform. I’d accumulated a modest vocabulary but still lacked the grammar skills and confidence to speak.
    From Zero to Italian has been a revelation for me. Manu’s logical, innovative program has enabled me to learn verb conjugations, articles and adjectives, and nuances of the language in a way that no other approach has. He offers clear explanations in English, delves at times into the finer points of linguistics (which I love!) but never gets bogged down in the minutiae of rules, and encourages speaking and even thinking in Italian so that the student doesn’t have to constantly try to translate in his or her head. His teaching method has untangled with ease the knotty problems I encountered before. This is sublime yet very accessible and practical guidance. His engaging manner and the availability of native speakers and community members for practice are icing on the cake. Though I watch the lessons on my own, I never feel that I am alone on this journey.
    On my recent travels to Italy I could understand a great deal of what I heard and make myself understood most of the time to Italian speakers — and most especially to relatives I was meeting for the first time who speak no English! I can’t express the joy and satisfaction of that accomplishment. Now in the Intermediate level, I look forward to continuing my journey with Manu and the FZTI community..

  5. Nothing Like It!


    I highly recommend Italy Made Easy’s Academy. I have dabbled for years trying to learn Italian using many different methods. While I was successful enough to get by as a tourist in Italy, I was never able to meet my goal of having the language make sense in a way that would allow me to actually converse, not just parrot sentences.

    Manu’s approach is different, diverse and fun. His emphasis is on being able to communicate. He takes the time to explain, in English, the ins and outs of the language in a way that is simple to understand. He presents the content and provides ways to practice what he has taught. Manu provides feedback on assignments that are submitted to him which is a huge advantage. The live webinars are a bonus. We are able to ask questions and get answers on the spot. You aren’t simply learning in a vacuum.

    It has taken effort on my part to succeed, but without his guidance I would still be at step one. I am now in the B1-level classes and can understand a great deal of Italian (much more advanced than my actual level) as well as carry on conversations with native Italian speakers. I have a lot of grammar still to master, but that will come in time. In the meantime, I continue to learn and speak to Italians which is a genuine gift. Thank you Manu!

  6. So perfect for me !


    I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated “Italy Made Easy” almost every day for 3 years. I began with Manu’s free, random YouTube videos. Then, thankfully, I subscribed to the Beginner Level 1 Course. I am now progressing through Interm Level 1.

    Manu is a gifted teacher and coach, one of the finest and most enthusiastic I have ever had… and I have had many ! Manu’s program is masterfully and systematically presented. Just the right pace and repetition. Lots of fundamentals. Superb explanations in Italian and English. I wish I spoke English as well as Manu… and English is my first language !

    I will live forever because I have something productive to do wherever I am, no matter how long I have to wait for a member of my family. I can watch the next lesson, read the attached PDFs, practice comprehension, dictation, shadowing, passive listening, etc.

    I am very happy with my progress and trust Manu completely as he guides me each step of the way.

  7. Italy Made Easy <3


    Have been with Manu since the beginning of the Academy. After several years of college classes, Meet-ups, private tutors, iTalki & other mobile apps & You Tube videos I love the pace, content & Manu’s videos to keep my Italian learning goals on track. I am very happy with my progress & the positive coaching every step from Beginning 1 -2 & now Intermediate 1 .

  8. Best Online Italian Language Program Bar None


    Manu Venditti has created the most comprehensive, in depth, innovative, safe, caring, friendly, fun and responsive community for learning Italian on the Internet. Period. I have tried all of the big programs, which will remain nameless, and there is nothing even close to Italy Made Easy. I started just over a year ago as an absolute beginner and now am a confident intermediate student. I can’t wait to listen to Manu’s lessons, whether it is one of the free courses or the paid. Nothing short of incredible. Manu and his team rock!

  9. Different and effective


    Having tried most of the well known online learning systems, I feel strongly that this is the one that has the most effective techniques and information. It’s as if you met a new enthusiastic friend who is dying to teach you Italian, but the friend also happens to have deep grammatical knowledge but knows where the real paths are to learning a language. I feel lucky to have found this.

  10. Exceptional good


    This Italian program from 0 to Italian is extremely good, my passion for learning becomes only bigger during the course. Why? I believe the program is made by a high level, passionate and professional linguist who understands what needs to be done to learn a language. I truly believe his main goal is not economical but just to teach students like me the beautiful Italian language and becoming fluent..
    Looking back after more than a year of learning it turned out to be effective for me ( I am surely not a linguist) but most of all it is so much fun. I frequently astonish Italian people of my pronunciation and level which I reached easily. Thank you so much Manu.

  11. Manu the magician


    The best way to learn Italian. Manu is the best.



    I have had made many differing attempts over the years at learning Italian using courses, attending classes, on-line apps etc. and although sometimes the content was good I never achieved my objective of being able to converse in Italian. All that has changed since I started learning here on ItalyMadeEasy with Manu.

    Manu has a passion for helping people to learn to speak his language but more than that he understands how best that can be achieved. The lessons are engaging, fun and and the explanations are superbly understand.. The possibility of having someone to speak and practice with almost every day is an incredibly helpful and powerful option.

    Imagine having a good friend who is a linguist, someone who can effectively teach you their language and that gives you a feel for what this course is like. I do not believe there is anywhere better to learn Italian and I feel so pleased to have found it. My advice would be look no further.



    I am now half way through Intermediate Level One after completing Beginner Levels One and Two, that I am still here and even more enthusiastic than ever speaks for itself. Being over 50 and a technophobe this programme is easy to use and offers so many resources to keep you coming back for more. I have even managed to use the Chat facility which proved to be easy and it is lovely to speak to a native Italian ‘face to face’. Really if you are thinking about doing any of these courses, do it, you won’t be disappointed.

  14. If there were only one class ... this is it!


    In the usual Italian classes, you must progress through the chapters and the book even if you did not understand or learn the contents. You just plough through to the end of the quarter or period. And then just when you get to past tense or future tense, the course is over. So you never progress.

    Manu’s class of From Zero to Italian is a world apart. He begins with the very basics in a simple presentation and progresses step-by-step to all the basic beginning things to know – masculine or feminine, singular or plural, to remember the article with each noun, and more. He explains the grammar in English! What a concept! But gradually, as one progresses from Beginner 1 or Beginner 2 to Intermediate, each concept is introduced by Manu on video. He looks right at you and it seems he is in the room. He takes a drink of water! He stops to tell us what he has in his hand. He is real! I can never wait to begin the next lesson – which is so tempting but he warns us not to hurry. It’s more important to take our time, drill, talk to ourselves, talk to the dog, just talk, talk, talk! And as we enter Intermediate, he takes us to immersion and wants us to listen, listen, listen — and gives us many resources for doing so. In addition, there is the wonderful CHAT program in which we can speak with and see native Italian speakers for a period each day if we have the time.

    I was always afraid to “jump in” and try to speak with the Italian I knew. With Manu’s help, I have conquered this fear and, even though I have much to learn, I am using the knowledge I have acquired and feel confident I am on the road to fluency in Italian with From Zero to Italian.

  15. 5

    In my experience Manu is unique. Having tried to learn French in the 1990’s and Italian in the last 3 years I have lots of experience of language courses and teachers.

    Manu stands out from the rest for a number of reasons. Firstly he is obviously passionate about teaching, but in my view (and more importantly) about learning languages. For this reason I believe he knows what the student needs to progress and to stay motivated..
    In my opinion he tailors and structures the content to the needs of the learner. I was constantly frustrated with previous courses which failed to explain the context of the learning process.

    Manu gives the right explanation and the right information at the right time. He emphasises what works best most of the time in the language, but perceptively points out that sometimes the rule does not apply in certain instances., but in a way which helps rather than hinders learning and motivation.

    He takes you on a journey rather than a mechanical process. The units and courses build organically on each other to facilitate learning and motivation.

    Manu does not make false promises about being able to teach you to speak italian, he knows from his own experience that the effort and time need to be invested by the student. BUT he provides just the right structure for the student to persist and to find the motivation and comittment required.

    I personally have absolutely no reason to learn italian (no relatives, few people speak the language, italy is a small country etc), but i suspect that along with many people i find the language and the culture beautiful and fascinating.

    Manu’s course has helped me to nurture this sense of beauty and fascination with italian, but most of all my interest in the process of the learning of a language. Thank you.

  16. Manu really DOES take you from zero to Italian!


    For most of my life I failed at languages and just thought that I did not have an aptitude for learning them. After using a few apps to learn a little bit of Italian vocabulary, I found Manu on YouTube and when he announced that he was starting his From Zero to Italian course I signed up for it immediately and have never looked back! From day one I have been totally addicted and feel quite lost if I have not “tuned in “ to him that day. He just knows how and when to introduce new learning material and makes sure that we review work before moving on to the next topic. He explains how the language works and tells you secrets to sounding more like a native. The lessons and assignments are fun and you get personal feedback on both written work and recordings of your own voice. I especially love the quizzes because they are a good measure of what you understand and let you know what you need to brush up on. You can print off the pdf written explanations of almost all the lessons and keep them in a file for future reference. There is a forum where you can write any questions you may have and a chat facility where you can text or speak Italian to other students around the world or to Manus’ native speakers. I was able to make myself understood on holiday in Italy this year and am thrilled to find that I can even understand the slower speakers on Rai tv and radio now.
    I have progressed from Beginner 1 and 2 to the intermediate course and can honestly say that these courses are totally the best and can be fitted around your lifestyle and at a pace that suits you. Don’t hesitate if you are considering taking a course from Manu!

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