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Beginner Italian Level 2

‘From Zero to Italian’ is a program designed to take you from knowing no Italian all the way to fluency, over a period of time and courses.

This is the second installment, where you will continue to learn how the Italian language works, all while getting a gut feeling for what is right.
The focus of this course is rather unique; while you will of course be learning the grammar, this program is created to help you with what really matters: understanding more and more Italian and being able to actually speak it.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for beginners and students who, despite having studied Italian for a while, are lacking the confidence to speak the language and struggle to form sentences.
It also makes the perfect reference companion for students at higher levels, as the content and the methodology used here are designed to fill the common gaps in a student’s knowledge.


Course Curriculum

Unit 1
Welcome to Beginner Italian Level 2 00:04:00
Welcome to 'Beginner Italian Level 2' of the 'From Zero to Italian' Program!
Unit 1 – Warm Up #1 00:13:00
Before we get started with the new content, it's very wise to check your level and make sure you are comfortable with the knowledge that is going to be assumed for for level of the course.
Unit 1 – Warm Up #2 00:09:00
So, can you express these thoughts in Italian? We are not striving for perfection, we just want you to SPEAK and EXPRESS your thoughts. Go for it!
Unit 1 – Warm Up #3 00:14:00
Time to check your knowledge of the Italian vocabulary we have learned in Beginner Level Italian 1 (if you took the course) and also learn a new skill: guessing Italian words!
Challenge: Vocabulary 00:03:00
Ready for a challenge? Based on what you observed in the previous Lesson, can you come up with 10 English words that should be easy to guess in Italian? Share your finding in the Forum after verifying!
Checking your Level 00:01:26
This is your first Quiz for this course. It's the same quiz that was offered at the end of 'Beginner Italian Level 1' and it's a great opportunity for you to check that you are ready for this Level!
Beginner Italian Level 1 Final Quiz 00:20:00
Lesson 1: Italian Prepositions (review) 00:24:00
We start this course with something traditionally seen as 'difficult' by learners of Italian. Let's try and change that: Italian Prepositions!
Lesson 2: Articulated Prepositions 00:11:00
Now that the concept of Articulated Prepositions is 'out of the way', let's... let's get YOU to guess what these combined items are in Italian. I know you can do this!
Lesson 2 Practice: Articulated Prepositions 00:06:00
Time to verify your assumptions and hear me pronounce the entire range of articulated prepositions! See, it wasn't that hard!
Lesson 3: Articulated Prepositions (Spoken Language) 00:09:00
In this light-hearted lesson, we look at some articulated prepositions used only in the spoken language.
Lesson 4: Pronouncing GN 00:09:00
As you know, sounding good when speaking Italian is essential to be understood. In this lesson we look at the pronunciation of a strange Italian sound that doesn't quite exist in English. It's the sound produced by the GN combo.
Lesson 4 Practice: Pronouncing GN 00:06:00
And now that you know the secret to a great Italian GN sound... let's get practicing!
Unit 1 – Dictation Exercise 00:11:00
And then it was the dictation! In this challenging dictation exercise you will practice your ability to detect the Italian GN sound and distinguish it from all others! The story is a bit crazy, but do spend a good amount of time with it... and you'll understand why soon...
Unit 1 – Reading Exercise 00:06:00
Up for a challenge? Practice your pronunciation and intonation with this reading exercise. You can push the exercise to the limit by turning it into a shadowing practice! Or not. Up to you!
Unit 1 – Speaking Exercise 00:12:00
Ready for another challenge? Speaking a foreign language is hard, and it gets even harder when we need to talk about more complex topics. Here is your opportunity to practice this skill!
Beginner Italian Level 2: Unit 1 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 1 Assignment 00:08:00
Time to check whether these new concepts are clear. Hopefully you've done enough practice before getting here! Let's find out!
FZTI A2 – Unit 1 Assignment 25:00
Unit 2
Unit 2 – Warm Up #1 00:17:00
Before we dive into the new content for this Unit, we must make sure we're OK with Indirect Object Pronouns. They are pretty tricky so some work won't harm anyone!
Unit 2 – Warm Up #2 00:14:00
Now that we've reviewed these tricky pronouns, let's put them to the test (well, you, but don't want to put too much pressure on you!).
Unit 2 – Warm Up #3 00:19:00
One of the strangest verbs we learned during Beginner Italian Level 1 was the verb PIACERE. Still remember how it works?
Unit 2 – Warm Up #4 00:10:00
Let's work on a few sentences together. Try to express these concepts in Italia. They all use the verb PIACERE!
Review Quiz – Indirect Pronouns 00:01:00
In this Unit you are going to learn a new set of pronouns (Direct Object Pronouns), but before we do, we should make sure you have a solid understanding of their cousins, the Indirect Object Pronouns. He's a Review Quiz.
Lesson 5 – Direct Object Pronouns 00:30:00
When we speak a language, we do all we can to avoid repetition... and these pronouns come in very handy! Introducing... the Direct Object Pronouns!
Lesson 5 – Practice: Direct Object Pronouns 00:19:00
Now that we know how these pronouns work, let's start using them in context! It's not as hard as it seems!
Lesson 6 – Direct Object Pronouns with Infinite verbs 00:12:00
We now look at a special scenario... when we need to use Direct Object Pronouns with verbs in their infinitive form. Where does the pronoun go?
Lesson 7 – Direct Object Pronouns in Questions 00:12:00
A quick look into what happens when you need to use a pronoun inside a question. You probably guessed it!
Lesson 8 – Vocabulary: 221 – 240 00:24:00
Time to get back into Italian Vocabulary! After a quick intro (for new Students) of the Quizlet tool, we dive into 20 new Italian words!
Lesson 9 – Pronouncing Groups of Vowels 00:38:00
Pronouncing groups of Italian vowels can be pretty tricky. In this 'intense' lesson we delve into the obscure world of Italian vowels and learn to make some important distinctions. At the end of the lesson, you'll be able to pronounce italian words with many vowels with a lot more confidence!
Lesson 9 Practice: Pronouncing Groups of Vowels 00:16:00
Let's keep going with these vowels and check things out! In this lesson you are going to wow yourself, by pronouncing this complex Italian words / expressions.
Lesson 9 – Challenge 00:01:30
Time to challenge yourself and face your Italian demons! join the conversation with your own recording of two short sentences filled with vowels! It's for fun... but fun is the best way to learn and recall something, right?
Unit 2 – Dictation Exercise 00:10:00
Time for another dictation exercise! This one is full of vowels! Buon divertimento e remember why we do this type of exercise!
Unit 2 – Reading Exercise 00:06:00
Shadowing is one of the most challenging activities you can do to improve the way you sound in Italian, but it's also one of the most fruitful (besides being surrounded by Italians, of course!). Here is a difficult one for you! Give it your best shot, but also remember that perfection is not the goal!
Unit 2 – Comprehension Exercise 00:08:00
Here is a complex text on a specific topic. Your mission is to listen to it carefully and then answer three questions. It's tough but totally worth it! In bocca al lupo!
Beginner Italian Level 2: Unit 2 Quiz 00:20:00
Unit 2 – Assignment 00:03:00
Time to submit your Assessment for Unit 2. This one won't be easy, but you'll be proud of yourself once you've done it! Go ahead and record yourself speaking these two lines of (very familiar text) and wait for our feedback!
FZTI A2 – Unit 2 Assignment 50:00
Unit 3
Unit 3 – Warm Up #1 00:18:00
We can't say much without verbs, and Italian verbs usually scare new learners off. But you know better than letting a bunch of unique verbs put you off mastering this language, right? Let's review how it all works!
Unit 3 – Warm Up #2 00:19:00
Just like many other languages, Italian has a bunch of verbs that don't follow the rules! We now look at irregular verbs!
Unit 3 – Warm Up #3 00:09:00
Do you remember Modal Verbs and how they work? They are the topic of this Review lesson!
Unit 3 – Warm Up #4 00:15:00
We wrap up this Unit's review lessons with an important one: the verbs ANDARE and VENIRE and their somehow complicated usage of prepositions!
Review Quiz – Verb Conjugation 00:00:00
Before we move to newer and bigger things, we should make sure you are Kind/Queen of verb conjugation, with regular verbs! Here's a Review Quiz for you!
Lesson 10 – Verbs in -URRE 00:14:00
Would you believe there are more verb endings that the ones you've already learned? Today we learn verbs ending in -URRE. Get ready for the fun!
Lesson 10 Practice – Verbs in -URRE 00:11:00
Let's conjugate some -URRE verbs. You see? They are not that scary!
Lesson 11 – Verbs in -GERE 00:10:00
Today we discuss a specific case of -ERE verbs, and that verbs that end in -GERE (like 'leggere' > 'to read'). They are special only in terms of pronunciation, as their spelling follows the standard rules of regular -ERE verbs. But don't worry, it's totally predictable, if you know how Italian spelling works!
Lesson 12 – Togliere & Co. 00:09:00
It never ends... more irregular verbs, but the beauty of this Unit, in case you haven't noticed, is that you are learning groups of irregular verbs with the same pattern. So all you have to know is spot a verb like these ones and you can conjugate it! Today we look at verbs that end in -GLIERE and that do something pretty weird!
Lesson 13 – The Partitivo 00:22:00
So many ways to say 'SOME' in Italian. So many that we even say it when in English we don't! Might take some time to get good at this, but eventually you'll be a master of this thing called 'il Partitivo'...
Lesson 14 – Alcuni / Alcune 00:11:00
If the Partitivo wasn't enough... we have a few more ways to render the idea of 'SOME' in Italian. In this lesson we look at a very good one! ALCUNI / ALCUNE, which make for very nice sophisticated Italian, but that unfortunately only works for plural concepts...!
Lesson 15 – Qualche 00:18:00
Here is another way to express the general plural concept we've been working on this whole unit! It's QUALCHE. It's a good word! Let's get to know it better!
Lesson 16 – Un po’ di 00:09:00
Would you believe there's a fourth way to talk about undefined plural nouns? In this lesson we talk about a very versatile yet dangerous expression: UN PO' DI.
Lesson 17 – Vocabulary: 241 – 260 00:14:00
Here come 20 new words! In this lesson we cover some really useful technology vocabulary! Buon divertimento!
Beginner Italian Level 2: Unit 3 Quiz 00:20:00
Unit 4
Lesson 18 – Pronunciation: word stress 00:17:00
In this lesson you are going to learn where stress goes on each word. it's not the easiest thing, but with some practice, I'm sure you'll get this right!
Lesson 18 Practice: Word Stress 00:15:00
In this practice lesson you will learn a number of tricks! Trying to make your life a little easier... but this topic is a tough one!
Lesson 18 – Challenge 00:02:00
Now that you know about the different types of words based on which syllable is stressed, I challenge you to identify a few Italian words that you were pronouncing incorrectly, perhaps stressing the second last syllable instead of the third last, or vice versa.
Unit 4 – Dictation Exercise 00:13:00
In this Unit we switch things around a little and get you to work on your Italian comprehension with this Dictation exercise! It's fun and pretty tricky! Give it your best shot!
Unit 4 – Reading Exercise 00:17:00
This is a tough one, but oh so useful! Please do not skip this lesson! Spend a good hour on it and come back it as much as you can in the next couple of weeks. In this reading exercise we won't on the Shadowing activity together! How fun!
Unit 4 – Time Tracking 00:08:00
You can't improve what you're not tracking. In this lesson we discuss (or re-discuss) the importance of tracking the time you invest in your learning Italian. Here are the tools, let's start tracking!
Lesson 19 – Reading & Comprehension Exercise 00:06:00
This Unit is full of challenges! This one is a really good one! Using this Chrome Extension, can you read a full article written in Italian for Italians? It'll be hard, and you're still just a beginner, but I bet you'll be surprised at how much you understand!
Lesson 20 – Vocabulary: 261 – 300 00:13:00
In this Unit we start exploring the medical/health vocabulary in Italian. We'll need it in an upcoming Unit... Plus, it's just good stuff to know!
Lesson 21 – Intonation 00:24:00
You are ready for this! The secret to sounding good when you speak Italian is simpler than you think! And you already have the skills! Buona lezione!
Lesson 21 Practice: Intonation 00:13:00
And what's a good lesson, without some practice? In this lesson you are going to add all the zest you want into some Italian sentences, depending on the scenario described. Buon divertimento!
Unit 4 Quiz: General Italian Knowledge 00:40:00
Unit 4 – Assignment 00:05:00
Focusing on intonation, record yourself saying these lines, based on the scenario given. Remember, it's all about zest and personality!
FZTI A2 – Unit 4 Assignment 50:00
Unit 5
Lesson 22 – Reflexive Verbs (intro) 00:18:00
We start a Unit fully dedicated to a special group of verbs called 'Reflexive Verbs'. But are they really the monster most teachers/students make them out to be?
Lesson 22 Challenge: Reflexive Verbs in English 00:04:00
Before getting into the nitty gritty of how Reflexive Verbs work in Italian... are we all OK on what Reflexive Verbs are in general, and how they work in English?
Lesson 23 – Reflexive Verbs Basics 00:05:00
Time to take a look at how Reflexive Verb in Italian are structured. Nothing that existing here... it's all pretty predictable, which is a very good thing when learning a language!
Lesson 24 – Reflexive Pronouns 00:15:00
Fun fact: you can't use Reflexive verbs without knowing Reflexive Pronouns. In this lesson we learn what they are. Don't expect big surprises!
Lesson 25 – Some Reflexive Verbs 00:31:00
Let's dig in now! You are fully prepared to start taking a look at Italian Reflexive Verbs and realize.... well, realize that they are not that complicated!
Lesson 26 – Purely Reflexive Verbs 00:33:00
Now that you know how relatively simple Reflexive Verbs are (it's basically mostly just a matter of using a verb with a pronoun!), we dig a little deeper and look at verbs that are 'purely' reflexive, that is, we only use them (in most cases) exclusively as Reflexive Verbs.
Unit 5 Assignment 00:04:00
Another Unit completed and another opportunity for you to get your work and progress checked and graded by a native Italian speaker.
FZTI A2 – Unit 5 Assignment 150:02
Lesson 27 – Reflexive Verbs Mastery 00:33:00
With this lesson we try to bring it all together and see how we can master these verbs! We also take a look at the different usage of the various sets of pronouns you have so far learned!
Lesson 28 – Vocabulary: 301 – 320 00:14:00
Here are twenty new words relating to health and the healthcare system. Remember, the more time you spend creating absurd stories or connections, the easier it will be for you to recall these words when needed!
Unit 5 Quiz – Reflexive Verbs 00:20:00
Unit 6
Unit 6 – Translation Exercise 00:04:00
One of the most challenging things you can do to improve your Italian, is to make sense of very complex texts, way beyond your level. Here is a great opportunity for you!
Unit 6 – Dictation Exercise 00:10:00
Here is another opportunity to improve your Italian, without having to learn any new concepts! Dictation exercises help you develop an 'ear' for Italian and will also show you how sentences are structured.
Unit 6 – Reading Exercise 00:03:00
Get better and better with your Italian pronunciation and intonation with this (and any other!) reading/shadowing exercise! Remember to work your way up, from the individual words, to small blocks of words, to full phrases and then paragraphs.
Unit 6 – Comprehension Exercise 00:03:00
Here is an article taken from an Italian newspaper. As usual, it was written for Italians and it uses whatever verb tenses and expressions needed to tell the story. This makes it very hard for you, which is good! It will challenge you to make sense of something way above your level!
Lesson 29 – Vocabulary 321 – 360 00:40:00
Body parts can be tricky . First, because we have so many, but most of all, because in Italian so many of them have irregular forms! Let's learn 40 new words!
FZTI A2 – Unit 6 Quiz – Plurals of body parts 00:20:00
Unit 6 – Creative Vocabulary Exercise 00:11:00
Time for a challenge! Can you write a short story using the words given? Of course you can, and you should, as this activity is bound to help you with both overall Italian expression and with the vocabulary you may be struggling with.
Unit 6 – Soundcheck Exercise 00:11:00
Here is a new type of exercise that will help you improve your overall ability to speak and understand Italian. It's similar to a shadowing exercise, but this time you are NOT looking at a text. You just hear something, and repeat it!
Lesson 30 – Personal Reflexive Pronouns 00:12:00
More on Reflexive Verbs? Yes, and this one is a cool one! Italians like to use Reflexive Pronouns with verbs a lot more than you'd expect! This particular usage can sometimes confuse you, but not after this lesson!
Lesson 31 – Say this! 00:12:00
Time for you to express some concept in Italian! Let's go through a bunch of them together, then keep going with the pdf! How comfortable are you with Reflexive Verbs now?
Unit 7
Mid Course Message From Your Teacher 00:07:00
A message from your teacher: You are doing great! And... what's coming ahead!
Lesson 32 – Impersonal statements – General 00:25:00
In this lesson you will learn how to make 'impersonal', universal, general statements, as well as to use some cool verbs that don't have a clear subject. It's all interesting, and relatively easy!
Lesson 33 – Impersonal Statements using ‘SI’ 00:29:00
In this lesson we are going to learn the most common way for Italians to make 'impersonal', generic, universal statements. It's done by using a little word that looks very much like another little word you already know. But it's not the same, I promise!
Lesson 34 – Impersonal SI – Special Cases 00:16:00
Now that we know about these impersonal statements using the particle SI, we are going to look at some specific cases, that might get your head spinning, but we'll fix that right here, right now!
Lesson 35 – Impersonal Statements Practice 00:13:00
Time to test your knowledge of these Impersonal Statements using SI, as well as some using the CI SI...
Lesson 36 – Talking about aches & pain 00:17:00
In this lesson we will learn how to express aches and pains in Italian. And much more. All with e a very simple structure that will impress you!
Unit 7 – Dictation Exercise 00:13:00
Here comes a dictation and comprehension exercise in one! And it's about coffee! Buon ascolto!
Unit 7 – Reading Exercise 00:03:00
You will not like this one... It's a pretty tough shadowing exercise. It's tough because I speak at 100% normal speed. Give it your best shot, even if you can only sustain the same speed for one sentence. As long as you try, you are winning! Bravo!
Lesson 37 – Mi fa… [More Cool Expressions!] 00:14:00
Now that you know the structure to complain about aches and pains, we are going to alter it just a little bit, and start saying really cool things! You'll be impressed at how flexible these expressions are!
Unit 7 – Reading & Comprehension Exercise 00:13:00
Here is another great opportunity to work on your Italian by slaying this monster of an article. Way beyond your level, as usual, but so rewarding when you realize you can understand more than you initially thought. Come back to this video lesson after you've completed the exercise for some insights!
Unit 7 – Soundcheck Exercise 00:06:00
At the doctor's. Repeat after sentence after me. Do not look at the pdf until after you complete the exercise and only when you are happy with your performance!
Unit 7 Quiz – Impersonal Statements 00:40:00
Unit 7 – Assignment 00:05:00
A particularly tough Assessment in this Unit! Can you re-enact the entire Doctor's office dialogue? Yes you can! No need to shoot for perfection. The mere desire to speak the entire dialogue out loud is remarkable!
FZTI A2 – Unit 7 Assignment 150:02
Course Break
Review Tips and Suggestions 00:06:00
You've learnt so much over the past 7 Units! Congratulazioni! Ben fatto! Before you enter the world of the Italian past tense, it is paramount that you are as confident / comfortable as possible with the stuff you are supposed to know! Give yourself all the time you need to feel solid on the fundamentals of the Italian language (Beginner Italian Level 1 and the first 7 Units of Beginner Italian Level 2).
Unit 8
Welcome 00:07:00
Congratulazioni! You've made it this far, and that makes you a Star! You've come where most people who start learning a language never get to, so be very proud of yourself! I surely am of you! With this Unit we start a new style of learning... find out what it is!
Lesson 38 – Comprehension Challenge (intro) 00:10:00
Here is a new type of exercise. It's aimed at developing the skills necessary to understand Italians when they talk to you, regardless of your level. You will need flexibility, creativity and a lot of guessing!
Lesson 38 – Comprehension Challenge (exercise) 00:05:00
Ready to improve your comprehension? Watch this video carefully and with full attention. Focus on the keywords. Do not try to understand everything. Make up your own story! Just jot down the words you need!
Lesson 38 – Comprehension Challenge (Analysis) 00:08:00
Since this is your first time dealing with an exercise like this, here's a little 'analysis' of how you can complete similar exercises.
Lesson 39 – The Italian Past Tense – Intro 00:18:00
It's finally time! Time to learn how to express thoughts in the past tense in Italian! This is a huge topic, and a challenging one, if we're not careful! But you know it by now, this program is designed to give you all you need at the right time, so do not worry! Enjoy this introductory lesson on the Past Tense in Italian. It's mostly a conceptual lesson, so not much for you to do, but enjoy!
Lesson 40 – The Passato Prossimo 00:13:00
And here it is. The Italian Passato Prossimo. We finally get acquainted with it and we see that it's not that complicated, after all!
Lesson 41 – Passato Prossimo – Conjugation Drills 00:15:00
Since the Passato Prossimo is a very new topic, we are going to do some of the essential drills together!
Lesson 42 – Passato Prossimo – Practice #1 00:08:00
Time for some 'basic' practice! Here's the usual Verb Drill, but this time you are using these verbs to make statements in the past! How cool is that?
Lesson 43 – Passato Prossimo – Practice #2 00:16:00
More practice! And I suspect you are going to like this new approach! We need to start tricking our mind into NOT thinking in English and not needing to translate everything in our head. Here's a little strategy for you! Buon divertimento!
Unit 8 – Challenge #1 00:04:00
Here's a challenge for you: pick 10 verbs with regular past participles and write a story! Watch the video for instructions!
Lesson 44 – Vocabulary (Adjectives): 361 – 390 00:21:00
Time to add 30 amazing new words to your Italian repertoire. These ones are very important! They are adjectives, and you will use them A LOT to describe the things you already know!
Unit 8 – Challenge #2 00:03:00
This challenge is BIG but I tell you... it's a super important one! Our main goal here at Italy Made Easy Academy is that you learn to speak and understand Italian and this challenge will help you with that! Remember we provide a safe environment to practice the language here!
Unit 8 Quiz – Participio Passato Regular Verbs 00:40:00
Unit 8 – Assignment 00:05:00
This Assignment is a bit tougher than the past ones. You will need to record yourself, as usual... but this time you will only know what you need to be saying, once you START the Assignment!
FZTI A2 – Unit 8 Assignment 30:00
Unit 9
Unit 9 – Comprehension Exercise 00:07:00
In this video lesson I am going to talk to you in Italian for around 5 minutes. Using the techniques explained previously, your goal is to get a gut feeling of what I am saying. Give it a go (or many!)
Unit 9 – Reading and Comprehension Exercise 00:02:00
Time to challenge yourself with an article, fully written in Italian, for Italians. As usual, it's a tough one. Use the strategies you've learned so far to make sense of it!
Unit 9 – Challenge #1: Answer these questions 00:09:00
Can you answer these questions? I know you can! This is your chance to try out your Passato Prossimo!
Unit 9 – Conversation Topic 00:04:00
Here is a suggestion for a non-too-threatening conversation with our native speakers, or any other native Italian you may have access to.
Lesson 45 – Vocabulary (Adjectives): 391 – 420 00:14:00
Thirty new adjectives to help you describe things and people around you and, consequently, improve your overall eloquence and fluency in Italian! And you'll find these set of words quite interesting and, somehow, easy to learn and recall!
Lesson 46 – Irregular Verbs (Past Participle) – Intro 00:05:00
Some verbs have irregular Past Participles. Not much we can do about it, but memorize them! Here's a brief intro to this topic.
Lesson 46 – Irregular Past Participle [Part 1] 00:22:00
Let's get started with some good, old, useful irregular Past Participles. You will notice that these verbs are indeed irregular, but also some of the most common verbs you will need in your everyday conversations!
Lesson 47 – Vocabulary (Adjectives): 421 – 450 00:13:00
Thirty new adjectives for you to describe the world around you! Well, mostly people!
Lesson 48 – Irregular Past Participles (Part 2) [Part 2] 00:13:00
Here are ten verbs from the old lists of -ARE, -ERE and -IRE verbs that happen to have irregular Past Participles (and that use AVERE as the auxiliary verb in the Passato Prossimo).
Lesson 49 – Pronouncing GL 00:30:00
Finally another Pronunciation lesson! We are looking at the GL combo. This combo of consonants has two possible pronunciations, depending on what vowel follows it. And, with one tricky vowel, it still has two possible pronunciation! Don't worry, we'll make it fun!
Lesson 49 – Pronouncing GL – Practice 00:07:00
Now that you how all the tricks for pronouncing GL in Italian, no matter how it comes to you... let's do some practice!
Unit 9 – Dictation 00:10:00
Today's dictation might be more challenging than usual, There are quite a few tough words to spell and then... that horrible GLI sound! Anyway, it's a fun text and I'm sure you will learn something amazing today!
Unit 9 – Translation Exercise 00:07:00
Been a while since our last translation! Here's your opportunity to make up for lost time!
Unit 9 – Creative Vocabulary Excercise 00:03:00
Writing in a foreign language is a great way to expand and improve the way you express yourself. Here is an opportunity for you to get writing in Italian! Complete this exercise to make Manu happy!
Unit 9 Quiz – Adjectives 00:30:00
Unit 10
Unit 10 – Soundcheck 00:05:00
Here is another Soundcheck exercise. A tough one, because I speak at full speed. You may have to have a few attempts at this, but that is exactly how you are going to get good and improve your Italian pronunciation and intonation!
Unit 10 – Conversation Topic 00:03:00
The whole point of learning a language is to speak it, right? Here is your chance! This is a suggestion for conversation. Whether you do it with yourself, a study partner, another student or native Italian speakers, it will help you immensely!
Lesson 50 – Passato Prossimo with auxiliary ESSERE (Part 1) 00:32:00
Now that you know how the Passato Prossimo works in Italian using the auxiliary verb AVERE, let's take a look at what happens with verbs that require ESSERE instead.
Lesson 50 – Passato Prossimo with auxiliary ESSERE (Part 2) 00:31:00
The trickiest part of the Italian Passato Prossimo is to know what verbs use ESSERE and what verbs use AVERE as their auxiliary verbs. In this lesson we unveil the secret!
Lesson 51 – Verbs that use ESSERE in the Passato Prossimo 00:24:00
Time to check out a handful of verbs that use ESSERE as their auxiliary verb in the Passato Prossimo. Basically, a bunch of Intransitive Verbs, right?
Lesson 52 – Practicing the Passato Prossimo with ESSERE 00:11:00
Here's a little practice list to get you used to using ESSERE with intransitive verbs in the Passato Prossimo. It's a quick lesson, but you should be dedicating a full study session (one hour?) to completing this exercise.
Lesson 53 – Answer these questions 00:20:00
Time to answer some questions. This lesson will show you how to get things right more of the time, when it comes to the Passato Prossimo. Lots of fun to be had.
Unit 10 – Comprehension Excercise 00:09:00
Here is another great opportunity to fine tune your comprehension of the Italian language. As usual, this activity is quite challenging and it will surprise you, I'm sure!
Unit 10 – Research & Discussion Topic 00:06:00
This is a new type or activity. It's designed to get you to elaborate very complex thoughts. use this activity to show you how GOOD you are, not how much "you struggle". Of course you struggle, you are still a beginner and this is a task from hell!
Unit 10 Quiz – Participio Passato Mixed Verbs 00:30:00
Unit 10 – Assignment 00:04:00
Time to do some writing, in Italian! This task is harder than it looks and it will require your full attention!
FZTI A2 – Unit 10 Assignment 150:02
Unit 11
Lesson 54 – The verb BERE (to drink) 00:09:00
Here is a new Irregular verb, but I suspect you're going to like it! BERE means TO DRINK and it's a real joy to use!
Lesson 55 – The verb DIRE (to tell) 00:14:00
Here is another useful verb with an irregular present tense conjugation (and Past Participle). It's the verb DIRE...
Lesson 56 – The USCIRE (to go out) 00:14:00
The verb USCIRE is a really cool verb. Sure, it's irregular in the Present Tense, but you will enjoy using it!
Lesson 57 – Practice: the verb USCIRE vs ANDARE 00:13:00
USCIRE is quite often misused, and the main enemy is it's apparent correlation with the verb ANDARE. In this Practice/Lesson we work on their differences!
Lesson 58 – Express these Thoughts 00:16:00
In this lesson we will work a bit more on producing content directly in Italian, and avoid having to translate everything from our native language. It's not an easy lesson and I suggest you do a lot of your own practice following this very model.
Lesson 59 – Transform into the Passato Prossimo 00:20:00
Ready for some fun? In today's lesson you get a chance to check how strong you are with the Passato Prossimo, There are TWO videos here. Watch the first video, then download the PDF and complete the exercise, before watching the second video!
Lesson 60 – Vocabulary: 451 – 480 00:17:00
30 (actually, 31!) new words to add to your list! Today we learn about the family!
Unit 11 – Soundcheck 00:06:00
Time to improve your Italian pronunciation and intonation! In today's Soundcheck Exercise we get into a small argument, or almost! Buon divertimento!
Unit 11 – Comprehension Exercise 00:09:00
Pronti per ascoltare un po' d'italiano? Ecco un esercizio di comprensione molto difficile! Un'ottima opportunità per sviluppare la flessibilità necessaria per capire una lingua straniera.
FZTI A2 – Unit 11 Quiz: Passato Prossimo (with Auxiliary Verb ESSERE) 00:20:00
FZTI A2 Unit 11 Quiz: Passato Prossimo (Auxiliary Verbs ESSERE & AVERE) 00:20:00
Unit 11 – Assignment 00:02:00
Your mission for this unit is to turn a few present tense sentences into their Passato Prossimo equivalent. Take your time for this one... you have a full hour!
FZTI A2 – Unit 11 Assignment 150:02
Unit 12
Unit 12 – Dictation Exercise 00:06:00
A new Dictation exercise, so you don't lose the habit!
Unit 12 – Comprehension Exercise 00:09:00
Pronti per un esercizio di comprensione? Esatto! It's time for a new Comprehension Exercise.
Lesson 60 [Intro]: Possessive Adjectives 00:27:00
Time for something new and fresh! In this Unit we tackle Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns. It will be fun!
Lesson 60 [Part 1]: Possessive Adjectives 00:25:00
Time to get into the nitty gritty of Italian Possessive Adjectives. Soon it will all make sense!
Lesson 60 [Part 2]: Possessive Pronouns 00:13:00
Now that you know how to use Italian Possessive Adjectives, you can immediate double your knowledge with this quick lesson! Italian Possessive Pronouns are super easy to learn and use!
Lesson 60 – Practice: Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns 00:21:00
Now that you know how Italian Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns work, let's start using them with a couple of awesome drills! They will help you make this whole thing come to you as second nature!
FZTI A2 – Unit 12 Quiz Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns 00:20:00
Lesson 61 – Past Tense of PIACERE 00:15:00
Did you expect the verb PIACERE to be a bit of beast in the Passato Prossimo too? Well, it kinda is. Let's tame it straight away so you can talk about likes and dislikes in the past!
Lesson 61 – Practice: Past Tense of Piacere 00:18:00
You can never be sure you really grasped a new concept until you test it. That is exactly what we are doing in this video lesson!
Lesson 62 – Past Tense of REFLEXIVE Verbs 00:17:00
One more little monster for this Unit. How do Reflexive Verbs and Impersonal Verbs behave when used in the Passato Prossimo?
Lesson 62 – Practice: Past Tense of Reflexive Verbs 00:15:00
Now that you know how Reflexive verbs behave in the Passato Prossimo, the next step is to put that knowledge into practice. Here is a quick and fun Practice Lesson.
FZTI A2 – Unit 12 Quiz: Passato Prossimo of Reflexive Verbs and Verb PIACERE 00:20:00
Unit 12 – Assignment 00:04:00
FZTI A2 – Unit 12 Assignment 150:02
Passato Prossimo Review Exercise 00:00:00
Course Wrap Up
Preparing for the Final Exam 00:19:00
Congratulazioni! Hai completato questo corso! Now it's time for a good review of what you've learned!
Beginner Italian Level 2 Final Quiz 00:40:00

Course Reviews


46 ratings
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  1. 5

    Great course. So much information and great resources.

  2. Italy Made Easy


    Just completed Italian Level 1 and am working on Italian Level 2. Italy Made Easy courses are the best! Manu is a fantastic Italian teacher! I’ve taken other Italian courses, and have learned more with Manu in the last few months than I did with other instructors. Manu provides so many tools to help you learn the Italian language – then are fun and keep you engaged! AAA!.

  3. Beginner 2


    Couldn’t wait to start A2. I was thrilled with how much I learned on A1. The lessons and resources just keep getting better and better!

  4. Fantastic course


    I have tried studying on my own with books and also have attended evening classes but I can honestly say that I have learned so much more with the Italy Made Easy online course. There are so many resources and material available to keep you more than busy and native Italians with whom you can actually have a chat with in order to build confidence in that area. On top of all that you have an amazing Italian tutor…Manu 🙂
    The Italian Made Easy team are fantastic and are more than willing to help you with your language learning journey.
    I couldn’t recommend these courses enough 🙂

  5. Awesome courses!


    I’ve followed Manu from the beginning and am just about to complete Level 2. The platform and content are constantly improving and there are a ton of resources now available in the Academy..
    I particularly value the the video chat app which gives you the chance to speak to their lovely native Italians. Can’t wait to tackle the Intermediate course next. Grazie mille per tutto!

  6. Finally get it !


    I have struggled with so many concepts during my Italian studies .I grew up in a household of a family which spoke the Sicilian dialect and it has been difficult for me to begin to study a more formal Italian . Since enrolling in the course I have been able to go step by step to learn the foundation of this beautiful language. The videos, shadowing exercises and other tools all contribute to a comprehensive approach to understanding and speaking .
    After failed attempts at a local college in a large group I finally feel that I am accomplishing my goals.
    Italy Made Easy has made it all come together for me .
    Manu is terrific and the courses offered exceed all expectations .

  7. Easily the best place to learn this beautiful language


    Like many of you, I tried many, MANY different ways to learn a new language, the Teach Yourself range, Pimsleur, dozens of apps and I even paid for the mighty Rosetta Stone.
    And honestly, I should’ve saved my cash.

    What the team here at Italy Made Easy have managed to accomplish is truly special. No one can give you a language, you have to put the effort in, but the method that Manu has developed makes the difficult task of learning a new language remarkably easy.

    To prove this, I invite you to download ANY free language learning app, Duolingo, MosaLingua etc, use it for 1 month and then try to express as much of your own thoughts as possible. And when, not if but WHEN, that doesn’t work, come and join us at the Academy and in LESS than an month, you’ll able to say A LOT more of what YOU want to say. The real difference will be that when you use the skills that Manu teaches, you’ll be expressing your own thoughts, instead of repeating some tired phrases that you can only use in shops or the train station

    Some packages out there will give you flashcards, dozens and dozens of flashcards of things that you will probably never use, for example. un uovo azzurro = a blue egg. You might need this, I will never need this, unless I wanted to say something like:
    Ieri sera ho mangiato un uovo azzurro = yesterday evening I ate a blue egg. Or la mia ragazza mi da un uovo azzurro – my girlfriend gives me a blue egg
    I just made that up on the fly, how? Italy Made Easy 😉

    There’s no magical key to this language kingdom, no “if you want to learn a new language, all you have to do is….”, no, none of that is real, like I said, no one can give you a language, you have to put the effort in and the Academy will help you every step of the way.

  8. So practical!


    I love studying Italian with Manu! I am in Beginner Level II now. 2 years ago when planning a trip to Italy I purchased Speak Italian from Day 1, and found it very helpful. There were cultural tips and expressions, and information on typical Italian meals and restaurants. I have also purchased The Top 400 Italian Words.
    Now in Beginner II I am learning more grammar in a fun practical way. Manu always makes it interesting and useful, with his personal comments and good humor. He keeps you honest with some quizzes too!
    I also love the stories and podcasts, which are free resources. I can’t get enough.! I am planning to go to Italy this fall with my daughter and will try to use what I’ve been learning. Grazie mille Manu!

  9. Brilliant


    Manu is one of a kind. Real heart, real knowledge.

  10. Best Italian Lessons - EVER!!!


    I have taken face-to-face classes many times over several years. Usually make it through Beginner I & II, sometimes onto Intermediate – and I still felt stuck with a little grammar, getting confused with Indirect Object Pronouns, DOP, and other things to memorize! With Italy Made Easy, there’s little to no memorizing – and what there is to memorize makes sense! Manu’s approach to ‘whole language’ as I’ll call it, truly helps you bring the Italian language to life. I started taking one of Manu’s Italy for Travelers courses a few weeks before a trip to Italy early last year. Within about 6 weeks, I had some content under my belt to converse in hotels, stores, and restaurants. When I returned from my trip, I quickly enrolled in From Zero to Italian and haven’t looked back! Manu makes learning Italian comprehensible and teaches through speaking. Truly the best! You won’t look back, either! In bocca al lupo!

  11. Best Online Italian Language Program Bar None


    Manu Venditti has created the most comprehensive, in depth, innovative, safe, caring, friendly, fun and responsive community for learning Italian on the Internet. Period. I have tried all of the big programs, which will remain nameless, and there is nothing even close to Italy Made Easy. I started just over a year ago as an absolute beginner and now am a confident intermediate student. I can’t wait to listen to Manu’s lessons, whether it is one of the free courses or the paid. Nothing short of incredible. Manu and his team rock!

  12. Best Courses - but most of all, best language COACH ever.


    I have tried several popular language learning courses and have never made it more than a few months before giving up. Manu’s ability to convey this information in an “easily digestible” manner has kept me motivated because I am actually making real progress. He helps you understand the building blocks of the language so that you can actually USE it to make your own sentences and convey your own thoughts, rather than a long list of ‘pre-packaged’ phrases. I’m actually learning to THINK in Italian! Yes, sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ and I find myself taking some breaks from studying now and then, but when I come back to it, I can still remember most of it and pick up where I left off. This tells me I am truly learning the building blocks of the language. Something that no other course has done for me. Finally, but most important, Manu is a very personable and friendly teacher. Challenging but low pressure. He knows that learning a language should be FUN and he conveys that very well. If you’re on the fence about trying this course, please just go for it. You’ll be glad you did. And if for some reason (that I really cannot see happening) you want to cancel, I’ve heard Manu say that what he wants most is for his customers to be happy – I have no doubt he would “make it right” by you if at all possible.

  13. Simply the best.


    I registered for Beginning Italian 2 to review topics not fully secure to me. The class has exceeded all expectations. The driving force is Manu Venditti. Manu’s class is not a walk in the park. He has high standards and makes students stretch to realize their capacity as Italian speakers.

    Manu demonstrates a steadfast commitment to growth in student learning and top-flight teaching. He designs courses that reflect thoughtful and clear goals, and ideas expressed in cogent and concise ways. And Manu does all this with insight, expertise, empathy, and humility. In short, Manu is a bona fide master teacher.

  14. Highly Recommend!


    When I discovered Italy Made Easy, I had been studying Italian for almost 3 years. I had been self teaching using Duolingo, Pimsleur, grammar books and other miscellaneous YouTube videos. I was doing well, but I felt stuck at the upper beginner level. Because I had learned a lot on my own I decided to start with Italian Beginner Level 2. I am so glad that I did. This course filled in many of the gaps and helped me feel more solid with the language so that I could move into the intermediate level. This is just what I needed.

    I am very enthusiastic and confident that I will reach fluency if I stick with the program and do all my homework! Manu is an outstanding teacher and couch, and while there is no need to reiterate what has already been said in some of the other reviews, I do want to say that I really love Italy Made Easy (Manu), and I recommend it highly to all of my friends that are learning Italian.

  15. Manu's experience shows!


    What’s really great about the program is not being left alone to learn. The videos give great content and examples. The forums allow you to ask questions and communicate with others. The access to native Italians (not technically part of the course, I know) lets you speak, which is what we all are really here to do.. It’s a whole community of support, one that I know will eventually get me fluent. I have no doubt.

  16. This Works!


    Before taking this course I had been functioning as an upper level beginner in Italian for years. I’d taken two night classes, studied numerous books and worked with both Duolingo and Babbel. Nothing seemed to move me past the present tense. When in Italy, I could order coffee and locate a laundromat but not much else. With family in Italy I wanted more,

    With two months to practice before a scheduled vacation,I happened upon Manu’s videos on you tube and found myself really understanding piacere for the first time. I logged into this website and after taking one of the placement quizzes decided that Beginner Italian 2 was the place to start. The course is well structured and the lessons logically build on each other.. The videos are easy to understand and the exercises worthwhile. As the course progresses, more of each video intro is in Italian, The progression from all English to a mix of English and Italian is properly paced. Manu keeps the complex explanations in English, to allow the native English speaker to really grasp the concept.. As the course progresses, he gradually picks up the speed with which he speaks Italian and moves slowly toward a natural speaking pace, a scary, but necessary transition.. Bring out your competitive spirit. Study for and take the quizzes. They really help reinforce the concepts.

    After two months, I had completed 85% to 90% of Beginner Italian 2, Once arriving in Italy, things went well. I was able to order more than just coffee. I was able to speak with.the front desk staff at our hotel about more than just our reservation. I was able to converse with family and friends in both Italian and English. I received several compliments on my Italian and a few shocked looks when, after an initial brief conversation, I made some mistake and the person with whom I was speaking suddenly realized I was a tourist. No, my Italian was not perfect and I was often a source of amusement.. However, I was always understood and I was largely able to understand.

    It wasn’t easy completing the 85 to 90% of the course I completed in two months. It was a serious time commitment. However, it was worth it because it worked.

    I am back now and returning to my studies. I plan to slow my pace as the pace I was keeping is not sustainable and not currently necessary. My plan is to complete Beginner Level 2 and move on to Intermediate Level 1, which I have also purchased. I wouldn’t be continuing if it hadn’t worked. I learned a lot but there is still so much I do not know.

    Cinque stelle!

  17. SUPERB


    After completing Beginning Level One I dove straight into Beginner Level Two and loved it! Learning another language is a serious time commitment and something that I hadn’t fully appreciated before Manu pointed this out. There are no false promises in these courses, there is no shortcut way to learn, but there is an exciting and innovative way and this is IT.

  18. A++ rating for the course


    I finished Beginning Level One and Two, worked along with other resources to supplement the course materials and am now in
    Intermediate Italian Level One. I give these courses TOP grade for several reasons. The material is well organized, extremely well thought out, varied in content, cumulative and builds upon each previous section to provide a grasp of grammar basics, pronunciation skills (essential and critical – not provided in other programs in such detail), allows feedback on spoken and written progress, and the lessons show a real skill in Italian language teaching. In short the instruction is excellent and provides as needed, when needed, and just enough, info per topic to progress to each next level. .I simply could not find this type of material anywhere else.
    Validation of the success was given to me when I took a trip to Italy in May, and spoke basic Italian with surprising success in nearly every type of daily interaction. To my great surprise and joy, the native Italians with whom I spoke did not break into English, but remained speaking in Italian – this to me was a true confirmation of the success of the class. I was able to understand without exaggeration over 90 per cent of the Italian conversations into which I entered.. Since my level is still advanced beginner, one might say I managed to get to ‘survival skill’s level – but what a difference that made after only 2 courses!!! I had been to Italy several times previously, without any knowledge of Italian. With the ability to communicate and understand (just at the basic level) it made my travel different in kind, not just degree. This was empirical proof of the success of the course.
    The Intermediate class has introduced an emphasis in the immersion technique, which at that level is just right, had I done this prior I do not think it would be as effective.
    These courses really work, are well constructed, and allow success at a pace which makes sense..

  19. A Brilliant Teacher!


    As an English teacher, it wasn’t difficult for me to see Manu had the teaching skills I was looking for as a learner of Italian – and more.

    In the first few months of taking Manu’s course lessons I began to feel confident with Italian for the first time. Before that I seemed to be in a perpetual state of struggle, trepidation and confusion.

    Manu is very natural in front of the camera so that his video lessons feel like ‘in class’ lessons, only better because I’m the only one in the class. His explanations are clear and thorough. He knows the mind on a language learner and answers the questions that pop into my head before I have a chance to ponder them. He is also generous in providing heaps of resources and tips.

    Grazie mille, Manu.

    June Barnes-Rowley: Beginner 1 & 2

  20. As with beginner 1, can't be beat


    This is the continuation of the beginner one course, and the goodness continues. I’m actually in school and sometimes have to take an extended ‘break’ from my studies to keep up with my graduate course load. Another great part of Manu’s course is that i can pick back up where I left off easily, and go over the previous lessons if I forget what they were about. And there’s no guilt because it’s online and at my own pace! Convenient, and more importantly effective.

  21. The best!


    Finishing A2; just came from a visit to Italy and it was great that I was able to communicate well in most of the cases.

    And yes, it was very encouraging when Italians did not switch into English once I started speaking to them in Italian!
    Looking forward to take the next course. Thank you Manu!
    Also, Cristiana and Alessia are such amazing professionals, so kind and helpful in the chats.
    Manu, Cristiana and Alessia are a wonderful team!

  22. 5

    I have been studying Italian for many years but always with the feeling that I wasn’t getting anywhere. Indeed, my lack of progress had almost caused me to give up, roll up in a ball, hide in the corner etc and then, and then… I found Manu! Without a doubt he is the best teacher around and his courses are proving to be real game changers for me. If you haven’t already enroled, do so. You will not be sorry!!!

  23. mi sono divertito


    mi sono divertito le lezioni. io davvero imparo molto

  24. Manu’s Italy Made Easy is the best


    Manu’s Italy Made Easy is the best. If you ever felt that you could not learn Italian, taking Manu’s course will change every negative language learning experience you have had in the past. Manu cracked the code on how to teach Italian. He understands the goals of his students who want to learn Italian. His enthusiasm for his work and his desire to see you achieve your goal is unsurpassed. His method engages you in a way that breaks through every psychological block you may have developed from previous bad language courses. He lifts your spirits and he is inspiring. Just when I was ready to give up on learning Italian, I stumbled on Manu’s course. I immediately knew that I had found in him the perfect teacher. I feel incredibly lucky that I found his course. Manu has made all the difference and I am deeply grateful.

  25. Il Professor Manu e i suoi corsi sono fantastici


    FZTI is a fantastic course. It is built brick by brick in a logical way from the basic principles and those most useful to a pupil. Manu is a natural teacher and a gifted linguist, he explains everything clearly and his personality comes over to an extent you feel you are having a one to one lesson with him, his experience really shows. When I joined I was not totally new to the language having used other study methods, so I subscribed to Level 2. This has brought my Italian on leaps and bounds, and I have gained a greater understanding of the grammar and vocabulary, which has lead to me speaking more fluently and with greater confidence. If you invest the time and follow his recommendations then I am sure you will gain as much as I have.

  26. 5

    Great course. You take it and study at your own speed. You can go back and review when it is needed.

  27. Ottimo, Ottimo, Ottimo!!


    This course was so comprehensive….. I have learnt so much. Manu is the best Italian teacher ever. Bravo Manu!



    Like many students I have tried various Italian language programmes, Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Michelle Thomas, Italian Pod 101 to name just a few, But nothing can compare with Manu’s Italy Made Easy. His approach and the rest of the team to learning is infectious and you will learn grammar that other platforms do not cover. Just to give one example the difference between use of the verbs sapere and potere. Italy Made Easy is not only about grammar you will have an introduction to many “things Italian”.
    I would also like to add that recently I had a technical problem that I could not solve. Once I had made contact with Manu, he could not do enough to help solve the problem. Not only was the problem solved but I felt Italy Made Easy was a community there to help students learn and as a student you are a integral part of that community.
    Many thanks
    Tony Atkinson

  29. I Love Learning Italian With Manu!


    There is no magic or even an easy way to learn a language, but Manu makes it as easy as possible and makes it a pleasure to accomplish! I love that he acknowledges the things that are difficult in language learning and offers tools and encouragement for facing those challenges and making continual progress! Manu is an exceptionally good teacher and a kind and positive person to know…do not hesitate to take any of his courses!

  30. Great course


    A very great course with a fantastic instructor Manu .
    My level in Italian language become much better after this course .
    I highly recommend Italy made easy for every person wanting to learn Italian language .
    Thanks to all Italy made easy team.

  31. Love


    After completing lvl 1 I started on this one right away, it’s a pleasure listening to Manu and he keep it fun and easy to understand!

  32. A Great Experience


    I debated with myself for a long time before jumping in. I am the kind of person who says to himself ‘I know all that basic stuff already’, even though I have never held a conversation in Italian. Eventually I went for Beginner Level 2. I have not regretted it – it is great to have someone talk to you in great detail about a subject. It forces you to consider things that you never came across in books. So big thumbs up for Manu!

  33. Beginner Italian Level 2


    What a wonderful course! Beginner Italian Level 1 was a brilliant experience, but this has gone further in so many ways. The course has really boosted my confidence and really made Italian become a source of deep fascination in my life. It has enabled negative experiences of language-learning at school to be put far behind me.

    These courses are so very different from every other language course I have explored. I particularly admire the skilful and logical way Manu has structured his courses. A constant delight has been the huge variety of learning resources that the course provides and the way that, for example, Dictations and ‘Soundcheck’ exercises are recycled for ‘Shadowing’. The activities that take us beyond our level are also very interesting, although at first rather ‘scary’. The feedback from assignments is also positive, encouraging and motivating.

    I’m really excited about the intermediate courses here and am really looking forward to starting the first one.

  34. 5

    Hi Manu
    This was a really great course! It helped me to understand a number of things I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. I cannot wait to start Intermediate Level 1!!!
    Tim Love



    Manu is an awesome teacher! This course contains lots of useful information and great tips!

  36. Amazing teacher, amazing course!


    I have been desperate to learn Italian for some time, but with a busy job and two young children, my preference for an “in person” course just wasn’t going to happen. I searched for a while online for a properly structured course which would have a personal touch, and also hold me accountable for my learning. Eventually I took a punt on “Italy Made Easy” and I am so glad I did! Manu is an amazing teacher, ridiculously enthusiastic, with a phenomenal command of English, never mind Italian. I love the way his lessons feel as though he is talking just to you, his obsession with grammar (yet careful to tell you when the rules can or should be broken, in order to fit in with common Italian parlance), the focus on speaking, the tips and tricks, yet the honest advice that nothing and no one can teach you a language if you don’t put in the hard graft yourself in between lessons. The lessons are carefully structured and key points repeated as necessary as the course goes on, because who learns things once, and then remembers it forever? Manu knows what the learner needs, and his experience in teaching is evident. My Italian has improved dramatically, and I am loving the experience. The self-paced nature of the course suits me perfectly, the tutor feedback is invaluable and I cannot recommend Manu and his lovely team highly enough. Grazie, Italy Made Easy!

  37. Excellent lessons given by a gifted teacher


    Just completed Beginner level 2. Superb in every way. Very much looking forward to the next course

  38. Best Italian course I've tried


    I grew up around Italians, and studied it at school and university, and I still found it difficult to speak (the usual story). This course was exceptional – very practical and with the right amount of grammar, presented in a very digestible way. The course is extremely thorough and well-structured. Manu explains concepts so well too, with lots of examples and opportunities for practice.
    I highly recommend this course, either for beginners or those wanting an in-depth refresher.

  39. Italian Beginner 2


    Great course with novel approaches to difficult concepts. Worth paying extra to speak to native speakers who allow you to talk but encourage and correct without disturbing your flow…or lack of it! 😉

  40. Un corso eccellente


    This is an easy to understand course that guides you through step by step. You learn so much more than working through a grammar book. I definitely recommend it for anyone learning how to speak and understand the Italian language.

  41. Finally a course that makes sense


    i have been trying to learn Italian for several years now and have to say Manu’s approach is the best i have come across by a long way. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  42. Amazing Course!!


    I have loved From Zero to Italian right from my very first lesson. Manu’s videos are entertaining but educational and he makes it easy to understand how the. different parts of Italian work. I like being able to work through the course at my own pace and repeat lessons if necessary or for revision later on. The quizzes and assignments are motivating ways to see how my language learning is progressing. My favourite activities are the comprehension and dictation ones. I have really enjoyed the increased use of Italian to explain concepts as the lessons have gone along. I’m excited to be moving onto the intermediate level now! Thanks so much Manu.

  43. 5

    Manu is very clear with his grammar explanations. I especially like his dictations and comprehension exercises. All in all, the program is complete and works many different skills. Elementary Level 2 gives a great foundation in the passato prossimo (past tense) as well as many other topics. Being a teacher who uses Quizlet with my own students, I really appreciate the Quizlet vocabulary sets he provides. A well organized and logically designed course!

  44. Beginner Italian Level 2


    Mi è piaciuto molto questo corso! Manu is affable and entertaining, but most importantly he has the ability to explain concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and is enjoyable. I highly recommend this course. Grazie a Manu e il team di Italy Made Easy!

  45. Fantastico


    Manu is a natural teacher–he has a way of explaining things that just makes sense, and if you are here because you’ve been watching his videos on YouTube then you already know what I mean.
    The best thing about this course, though, is that Manu teaches you things in order of their importance and relevance to basic conversation which allows you to begin speaking the language even if its not perfect. I study Italian using many different resources and I think there is value in diversifying your studies, but Manu’s style is refreshing in that it doesn’t follow the typical textbook structure (eg: there’s no need to memorize all of the verb tenses before you begin to study other elements of grammar).
    If you’re a complete beginner to Italian you’re in a great starting place, but if you, like me, have been studying for a while, these courses will expose the gaps in your knowledge, help you understand where you get stuck when speaking/thinking/writing, and solidify concepts that you were only barely hanging on to through memorization before now.

  46. The only way to learn a language


    This course will not waste your time.

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