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Beginner Italian Level 1

‘From Zero to Italian’ is a program designed to take you from knowing no Italian all the way to fluency, over a period of time and courses.

This is the first installment, where you build solid foundations and learn how to learn a language.
The focus of this course is rather unique; while you will of course be learning the grammar, this program is created to help you with what really matters: understanding more and more Italian and being able to actually speak it.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for beginners and students who, despite having studied Italian for a while, are lacking the confidence to speak the language and struggle to form sentences.
It also makes the perfect reference companion for students at higher levels, as the content and the methodology used here are designed to fill the common gaps in a student’s knowledge.


Course Curriculum

Unit 1
Welcome to ‘From Zero to Italian’! 00:05:00
Hello and welcome to 'From Zero to Italian'. My name is Manu Venditti and I'll be your instructor in this course. Thank you for choosing me as your Italian language tutor.
What’s inside 00:06:00
Learning styles to suit everyone - progress through the content as your knowledge and skills improve
Pre-lesson 00:06:00
In this lesson we talk about motivation and set the 'ground rules' of using 'From Zero to Italian' successfully.
Lesson 1 – Is Italian easy? 00:11:00
Let's discuss what makes Italian a relatively easy language to learn and how you can speed up your learning.
Lesson 2 – Foundations of Italian Pronunciation 00:24:00
The best place to start learning Italian is with its pronunciation. In this lesson we cover the most important aspect of sounding good when speaking Italian.
Lesson 3 – Pronunciation Practice 00:11:00
Can you pronounce these Italian words? Let's practice together and get these sounds right.
Assignment #1 – Pronunciation 00:20:00
It's time to test your pronunciation. Submit your audio recording and I will personally check it!
FZTI A1 – Unit 1 Assignment 50:00
Lesson 4 – Vocabulary 1-20 00:10:00
Today we introduce the first 20 Italian words. Watch the short video to become acquainted with them and in the next lesson you'll get a change to really burn them into your memory.
Lesson 4 – Vocabulary Flashcards 00:15:00
Flashcards are known to be the best way to memorize and recall vocabulary (or anything else, really!). You'll be AMAZED at how this awesome tool helps you learn Italian vocabulary!
FZTI A1 – Unit 1 Quiz 00:05:00
Assignment #2 – Vocabulary 00:00:00
Earn more points by actively looking up words on a dictionary. Submit your word list and I'll personally check it.
FZTI A1 – Unit 1 Assignment #2 50:00
Unit 1 – Dictation Exercise 00:07:00
This will be challenging... but we are not aiming for perfection! Do your best and you'll be glad you gave this exercise a go!
Unit 2
Unit 2 – Welcome 00:05:00
Congratulations on completing Unit 1. This week we get into the more technical stuff of the Italian language. More bricks for your foundations!
Lesson 5 – Gender 00:15:00
We introduce (and conquer!) the not-so-easy concept of gender in Italian nouns. It's an essential aspect of the Italian language so make sure you totally get it!
Lesson 6 – Adjectives 00:24:00
Learn how to describe things in Italian. After Lesson 5 this will be a breeze!
Lesson 7 – Indefinite Articles 00:28:00
This is tricky but once you get it, you'll be happy you did (it has a lot of implications!). We learn how to say 'a', as in 'a book'!
Unit 2 – Practice Activity #1 00:15:00
In this lesson we bring it all together. We're basically saying a mini sentence!
Lesson 8 – Vocabulary 21 – 40 00:12:00
Twenty new words for you to add to your arsenal. You kind of know most of these ones already, so don't hate me when I give you twenty more in the next lesson!
Lesson 8 – Vocabulary 41 – 60 00:10:00
Here are twenty adjectives for you to learn! You'll need them in the next unit...!
Unit 2 – Assignment 1 00:02:00
Get proactive about learning Italian vocabulary! This Task (worth some points!) is easy and you'll be glad you completed it!
FZTI A1 – Unit 2 Assignment #1 75:01
Lesson 9 – Pronunciation: Consonants 00:20:00
How do Italian consonants sound like? Learn a few tricks in this lesson, before we start looking at the specifics of the more difficult sounds in the next unit.
Unit 2 – Assignment 2 00:05:00
Sounding good is essential in Italian and it's often the one thing that holds students back. Not in our case... We work hard at our pronunciation and this Task rewards you for that!
FZTI A1 – Unit 2 Assignment #2 50:00
FZTI A1 – Unit 2 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 2 – Dictation 00:07:00
Impress yourself with this second Dictation exercise. Dictations are difficult but I know for sure you will do great at this one!
Fast Forward – Comprehension Exercise 00:08:00
This is a new type of 'Fast Forward'. It's a comprehension exercise from centuries ahead... but I know you'll be surprised at how well you do at this!
Unit 3
Unit 3 – Welcome 00:05:00
Congratulazioni! You've made it to Unit 3! This Unit is MASSIVE and massively useful! Enjoy it and don't rush it!
Lesson 10 [Part 1] – Italian Subjects 00:11:00
Find out what the possible subjects are in Italian and learn how to use them right.
Lesson 10 [Part 2] – Formal vs Informal 00:35:00
Learn about formal/informal speech. The dangers of not using it right and the best trick to never offend anyone!
Lesson 11 – Introduction to Italian Verbs 00:16:00
Verbs are notoriously a monster... we are going make them our friends instead!
Lesson 12 – Italian Present Tense 00:38:00
Learn this super versatile does a lot more than you expect!
Lesson 12 – Practice 00:21:00
Try this for yourself. Can you conjugate these Italian verbs?
Lesson 13 – Irregular Verbs 00:08:00
Why? Why? Why? Learn to love irregular verbs... they are the ones you'll be using the most!
Lesson 14 – the verb ‘ESSERE’ (to be) 00:10:00
Without a doubt the most useful verb in any language! ESSERE is irregular, but it'll become your friend very quickly!
Lesson 15 – Sentence Structure 00:18:00
In this introductory lesson on Italian sentence structure you'll see how easy it is (now!) to make up full sentences in Italian. With the extra tips you'll also learn how to progress much faster, on your own!
Unit 3 – Challenge 00:06:00
Test your knowledge with this (optional but awesome) Challenge!
Lesson 16 – Vocabulary 61 – 80 00:20:00
Well, even at 'From Zero to Italian' we get to the point of teaching you some greetings. But this time you'll know when to use which one!
Lesson 17 – Vocabulary: Nationalities 00:14:00
Here are another useful 2set of words. This set is a bit different as it will keep growing (but the video and pdf will stay the same, of course!). As you ask me about specific nationalities, I'll add them to the set.
FZTI A1 – Unit 3 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 3 – Dictation 00:07:00
Fast Forward – Translation Exercise 00:08:00
This one will be tough, but oh, so rewarding! Let's translate a text into English and see how much we understand. You'll be surprised! There are some tricks that can help you!
Unit 4
Unit 4 – Welcome 00:06:00
This is going to be another big Unit. Once completed you'll be able to say a lot more! Your own words, not memorized sentences!
Lesson 18 – Plurals 00:17:00
When if you have more than one? Italian plurals!
Lesson 19 – Strange Cases (plurals) 00:16:00
Of course not everything works as by the book. Here are some exceptions!
Practice Activity #1 00:14:00
Let's see how you go with these words and their plurals!
Lesson 20 – Definite Articles 00:25:00
How do we say 'THE' in Italian? Find out what the 7 words are. Ouch!
Practice Activity #2 00:13:00
Let's add articles to these words!
Lesson 21 – Strange Cases & Tricks 00:11:00
Are these weird or what?
Lesson 22 – Negative Sentences 00:08:00
Find out how easy it is to speak in negative sentences!
Lesson 23 – Questions 00:25:00
Asking questions in Italian is fairly easy, once you know the trick!
Lesson 24 – Vocabulary 81 – 100 00:07:00
Another deposit of 20 words for your word bank!
Unit 4 – Dictation 00:07:00
Assignment – Pronunciation 00:08:00
Let me hear how you sound! Another pronunciation assignment. It's getting harder though!
FZTI A1 – Unit 4 Assignment 50:00
FZTI A1 – Unit 4 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 5
Unit 5 – Welcome 00:02:00
This Unit is going to be very different from the other ones! Its when I start asking you to do a LOT of practice...
Lesson 25 – Going over Tasks for Unit 1 00:25:00
We go back to Unit 1 and discuss the assignments that you submitted. Lot's to learn here!
Lesson 26 – Going over Tasks for Unit 2 00:28:00
And now we look at the Assignments from Unit 2. You're definitely on a good path to success!
Lesson 27 – Italian Verbs Drill 00:23:00
Time to really get good and fast with Italian verbs. They have to become second nature before you can really make any significant progress. Here's a great exercise!
Lesson 28 – Italian Articles Drill 00:10:00
And now you must get fast with Italian articles! You can be in the top 10% of students of Italian who never get an article wrong!
Lesson 29 – Italian Prounciation Drill 00:04:00
This is a very unusual way to practice your Italian pronunciation. But it's fun and it works!
Lesson 30 – Italian Intonation Drill 00:06:00
Learn how you can pick up a more authentic Italian intonation with this (pretty difficult) exercise!
Lesson 30 – Shadowing Practice 00:16:00
Time to test this 'shadowing' out! it's tough but totally worth it!
Lesson 31 – Translating for faster learning 00:10:00
Translating sentences into Italian (or from Italian) is a great way to speed up your learning. In this lesson we discover how.
Lesson 32 – Organizing & Tracking your time 00:09:00
In order to achieve fluency you need to know where your efforts are going. This is my 'secret weapon' to make sure you get there!
Lesson 33 – Italian Accents & Dialects 00:12:00
In this lesson we demystify the fear for Italian Dialects and understand a bit more what they are and how they differ from accents.
Sample of Italian Dialects 00:04:00
Watch this Italian comedian go through a handful of dialects, from North to South of Italy. Pay attention to the melody and persona that comes with each (because we are definitely not going to understand a single word!).
Unit 6
Unit 6 – Welcome 00:04:00
Just checking you are ready to move on to Unit 6. It's important that you only proceed if you feel confident about the foundations we laid in the first 5 Units.
Lesson 34 – Pronouncing & Writing C 00:22:00
This is probably the trickiest Italian letter to read/write for English speakers. But don't worry, after these lessons you will no longer hesitate!
Lesson 34 – Practice 00:03:00
Now that you know how C works... it's time to test yourself!
Lesson 35 – Pronouncing & Writing G 00:11:00
C has a sister, and it's G. Since they behave pretty much the same way, you'll be fine with this one, for sure!
Lesson 35 – Practice 00:03:00
A quick check that your G's are right!
Lesson 36 – Vocabulary: ARE verbs 00:34:00
Coming to us straight from Unit 5, we now look at the specifics of these essential ARE verbs.
Lesson 37 – ERE Verbs 00:15:00
Now that you're a wizard at conjugating ARE verbs, it'll be a breeze dealing with verbs that end in -ERE. Only slightly different and equally awesome!
Lesson 38 – Vocabulary (ERE verbs) 00:18:00
This week's vocabulary focuses on Verbs. You need these ones!
Lesson 39 – What’s up with these verbs? 00:12:00
Some verbs can be regular and yet tricky. Let's look at some 'strange' patterns!
Lesson 40 – How to introduce yourself 00:28:00
Now that you have a solid understanding of how the Italian language words, you'll find it pretty easy to introduce yourself and start a basic conversation!
Lesson 40 – Practice 00:17:00
Ready to introduce yourself?
Unit 6 – Assignment 00:03:00
It's time for me to hear how you're doing. Are you game enough to introduce yourself in Italian in exchange of a badge?
FZTI A1 – Unit 6 Assignment 50:00
Lesson 41 – Checking Assignments from Unit 3 (Part 1) 00:21:00
We now look at the various interactive exercises from Unit 3.Great way to learn and expand on what you already know!
Lesson 41 – Checking Assignments from Unit 3 (Part 2) 00:20:00
We now look at the translation exercise from Unit 3. It was a tough exercise, but so rewarding when used right!
Fast Forward: Comprehension Exercise 00:08:00
Are you ready for a challenge? Here's a video 100% in Italian. How much can you understand?
FZTI A1 – Unit 6 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 7
Unit 7 – Welcome 00:03:00
Introduction to another knowledge and skills filled Unit! Are you excited?
Lesson 42 – The two sounds of S 00:15:00
The Italian consonant S is a bit tricky. This lesson will help you know exactly how to pronounce it and most importantly, how to hear it.
Lesson 42 – Practice 00:07:00
Ready for some practice? Consonant S, here we come!
Lesson 43 – The two sounds of Z 00:08:00
And here's another tricky consonant! Also with two distinct sounds. Oh mamma!
Lesson 43 – Practice 00:04:00
Now it's consonant Z's turn!
Lesson 44 – More on Italian Plurals 00:17:00
Thought we were done with plurals? Not quite! Here are some more exceptions!
Lesson 45 – Negative sentences with double negation 00:12:00
Kids usually love this. Italian gives you permission (well, it forces you) to use double negation. Today we look at the most common!
Lesson 45 – Practice 00:09:00
Let's have some fun with this double negation thing! Practice time!
Lesson 46 – The verb FARE (to do / to make) 00:12:00
Time to introduce you to your second irregular verb. You'll love this one, it's SOOOO useful!
Lesson 46 – Practice 00:09:00
You have to get good with FARE. Here's some help!
Lesson 47 – Prepositions 00:15:00
Prepositions are tiny words but oh, they carry so much meaning! In fact, they can change a whole sentence!
Lesson 48 – Pop Quiz 00:16:00
Well, not quite! But close. In this lesson you'll have an opportunity to express a few concepts in Italian. Whole sentences. For real!
Lesson 49 – Vocabulary: 101 – 120 00:11:00
Twenty new words for your Italian vocabulary bank. You are richer and richer every day!
Unit 7 – Assignment: pronunciation 00:04:00
How good are you are distinguishing between S and Z? Let's find out with this assignment!
FZTI A1 – Unit 7 Assignment 50:00
Lesson 50 – Ordering at a cafe in Italy 00:21:00
You are now ready to get yourself a nice coffee! Here's how to do that!
Lesson 50 – Practice 00:05:00
I'm your barista, at your service. Ready to order?
Lesson 51 – Going over Exercises from Unit 4 00:16:00
Time to discuss the exercises you completed back in Unit 4.
Unit 7 – Dictation Exercise 00:07:00
Here's another text for you to listen to carefully and transcribe. You're getting good at this, but this one will challenge you for sure!
Unit 7 – Comprehension Exercise 00:05:00
This one is different. I'll speak to you 100% in Italian. I just what you to follow along and do your best to understand what I'm saying.
FZTI A1 – Unit 7 Quiz 00:20:00
Catch Up Week
Catch Up Week 00:08:00
This week has no new content and it's designed to allow you to catch up on / review the content so far covered. It's a lot, and you need to be fully comfortable with it before moving on to Unit 8.
Unit 8
Unit 8 – Welcome 00:06:00
Find out what you'll learn and practice in this Unit!
Unit 8 – Dictation Exercise 00:07:00
We start this Unit with a dictation exercise! It's good to change things around! You'll test yourself again at the end of the Unit.
Unit 8 – Comprehension Exercise 00:10:00
Another challenge for you! Can you understand this recording and can you answer these questions?
Lesson 52 – Double consonants 00:21:00
Italian is full of double consonants. Learn how to detect and produce these sounds!
Lesson 52 – Practice 00:15:00
Let's practice your pronunciation (and understanding) of Italian double consonant sounds!
Lesson 53 – Verbs ending in -IRE 00:19:00
We introduce the third and last group of Italian verbs. This one's super easy!
Lesson 53 – Practice 00:19:00
Let's conjugate these verbs together!
Lesson 54 – Modal Verbs 00:09:00
These verbs are all irregular BUT bring great value to your Italian and you'll love using them!
Lesson 55 – POTERE (can / may) 00:15:00
This is your first modal verb. It's super useful but also a bit tricky. OK, very tricky!
Lesson 55 – Practice 00:06:00
Time to practice this awesome verb: POTERE!
Lesson 56 – VOLERE (to want) 00:10:00
Another modal verb, this time much easier and straightforward! Still irregular, of course!
Lesson 56 – Practice 00:07:00
Time to practice this awesome verb: VOLERE!
Lesson 57 – DOVERE (must, to have to) 00:08:00
Third and final modal verb for this unit. Nice and simple and very useful!
Lesson 57 – Practice 00:07:00
Time to practice this awesome verb: DOVERE!
Lesson 54, 55, 56 & 57 – Practice 00:18:00
Time to bring it all together and see what you can do with this Unit's three modal verbs!
Unit 8 – Assignment 00:03:00
Here is your Assignment for this Unit. It's tough and it will require some prep time. Are you ready? Sei pronto/a?
FZTI A1 – Unit 8 Assignment 50:00
Lesson 58 – Saxon Genitive in Italian 00:25:00
Find out how to express possession in Italian and how to avoid a bunch of common mistakes!
Lesson 59 – Vocabulary 121 – 140 00:18:00
Twenty new words for you! This Unit focuses on restaurant vocabulary.
Lesson 60 – How to order at the restaurant 00:25:00
New skill for this Unit: ordering at the restaurant in Italy.
Lesson 60 – Practice 00:09:00
Ready to place your order with me? Time for some fun practice!
Flashback – Dictation Exercise 00:03:00
We bring back a text we used back in Unit 2. How much better will you do this time?
FZTI A1 – Unit 8 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 9
Unit 9 – Welcome 00:02:00
Let's get started with this Unit. You're crushing it!!!
Lesson 61 – Tasks from Unit 4 00:27:00
It's been some time since you had a go at these tasks. Time to talk about them!
Lesson 62 – Pronouncing R 00:31:00
This consonant has a very distinctive sound and most English speakers find it hard. Let's see if we can change that with this powerful lesson full of drills!
Lesson 62 – Practice 00:06:00
Now that you can (maybe, hopefully) pronounce Italian R, try and pronounce these words!
Unit 9 – Assigment: Pronounce these words 00:07:00
This is how you roll! Take a deep breath and give these words your best shot!
FZTI A1 – Unit 9 Assignment 50:00
Lesson 63 – The verb SAPERE (to know) 00:20:00
Here is another irregular verb. It has two tricky usages. One as a normal verb and one as a modal verb. Let's fix the confusion!
Lesson 63 – Practice 00:13:00
Let's see if SAPERE makes sense now!
Lesson 64 – The verb AVERE (to have) 00:26:00
Now this verb is super important! It means 'to have' but it's used in many creative ways! Let's find out!
Lesson 65 – The verb STARE (to stay / to be) 00:21:00
This is an awesome yet confusing verb. Let's remove the confusion and just leave the awesomeness!
Lesson 66 – Asking “How are you?” 00:14:00
If you ever wondered why we hadn't covered this topic so far.. here is your answer! But now you can finally ask people how they are doing!
Lesson 67 – An introduction to numbers in Italian 00:03:00
In this 4-part lesson you will leave how to say number from zero to 999 in Italian. Urrà!
Lesson 67 – Numbers in Italian: 0 to 10 00:04:00
Here are the first 10 numbers! Pretty easy, right?
Lesson 67 – Numbers in Italian: 11 to 20 00:05:00
These are probably the trickiest numbers to memorize and recall. But nothing some repetition and drills can't fix!
Lesson 67 – Numbers in Italian: 21 to 999 00:08:00
Now that the hard bit is behind us we can quickly more on and learn how to say any number past 20, all the way to almost 1000! Almost!
Lesson 67 – Numbers in Italian: Practice 00:11:00
Now that you are a master at numbers in Italian... can you say these numbers?
Lesson 68 – Vocabulary: 141 – 160 00:13:00
In this Unit we talk about time... so here we are learning the days of the week and the months of the year. And since these words are 'easy'... expect 20 more words in the next Lesson!
Lesson 69 – Vocabulary: 161 – 180 00:18:00
You'll love this set of words. They are SO useful! You'll see...
Lesson 70 – Talking about time 00:42:00
While telling the time in a foreign language is not a particularly useful skill these days, knowing how to time works in Italian is definitely a must to lead a normal social life!
FZTI A1 – Unit 9 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 10
Unit 10 – Welcome 00:04:00
Find out what this cool unit is all about and how it can propel you forward with your Italian.
Lesson 71 – Going over Unit 6 00:44:00
Time to check what we did in Unit 6! Great opportunity to review the content and make sure you'll all good with it!
Lesson 72 – Going over Unit 7 00:36:00
We keep going with our discussion on the assessment and practice from Unit 7.
Lesson 73 – Going over Unit 8 00:22:00
... And we conclude with checking the exercises from Unit 8.
Lesson 74 – Self Talk #1 00:12:00
In this lesson we introduce what is probably the most valuable exercise you can do by yourself, when learning a language: self talk!
Lesson 75 – Self Talk #2 00:09:00
This is the more advanced, challenging and effective version of the Self Talk exercise.
Lesson 76 – Amazing Learning Tool 00:11:00
Find out how this Chrome extension can change your life. Well, at least when it comes to learning and practicing Italian!
Lesson 77 – Reading Italian beyond your level 00:22:00
The more you read, the more you learn. Right? Well, time to get reading Italian then! In this lesson we take a look at how you can read Italian beyond your level.
Lesson 78 – Finding resources online 00:09:00
The Internet is full of great stuff... but what is useful and right for you?
Lesson 79 – The number 1 trait you need 00:29:00
Can you guess what is the most important trait you must possess (or develop) to learn a language?
Unit 10 – Shadowing Practice 00:03:00
By now you should be a master of shadowing the first video that was introduced a few Units back. Well, don't sit back! We have another one!
Unit 10 – Comprehension Exercise 00:03:00
Got some extra time today? How about you watch this video 100% in Italian and do your best to understand as much as possible? You'll surprise yourself!
Unit 11
Unit 11 – Welcome 00:02:00
Get ready for another awesome Unit! It's BIG, just like the results you'll get!
Lesson 80 – Going Over Unit 9 00:17:00
What's there to learn from Unit 9's assignments? Let's find out!
Lesson 81 – Pronouncing Tricky Sounds: STU, TR, STR, AU 00:12:00
Not all English speakers struggle with these, but check the sounds out to see if you can improve how you pronounce these combinations of letters in Italian.
Lesson 81 – Practice 00:11:00
Time to pronounce some words with those pesky sounds.
Lesson 82 – The Verb ANDARE (to go) 00:21:00
It's finally here! We learn how to express the idea of GOING! This verb is not as mean as they portray it.
Lesson 83 – Prepositions with ANDARE 00:31:00
Now this is the real nightmare! Let's have a look at what preposition to use with the verb ANDARE and when! Not easy. But also, we don't need to get it right all the time right now!
Lessons 82 & 83 – Practice 00:20:00
Let's say some things using the verb ANDARE.
Lesson 84 – Learning with Sentences 00:18:00
This is a practice video... but not really! I'm going to challenge you to say difficult things, so you can learn from the way we say them!
Lesson 85 – The verb DARE (to give) 00:19:00
Here's another useful (and obviously irregular) verb! It's not a difficult one, in and of itself. What makes it tricky is the pronouns that go with it. But don't worry. One thing at the time!
Lesson 86 – Indirect Object Pronouns 00:29:00
Oh mamma!! Bear with me while we conquer this monster! Super useful set of pronouns. Totally worth learning them!
Lessons 85 & 86 – Practice 00:13:00
Time to say stuff in Italian! This time using the verb DARE and some pronouns...
Lesson 87 – Numbers: Thousands and beyond! [intro] 00:01:00
More on numbers in Italian. I bet you'll find these mini lessons very interesting. You'll learn how to say (and read) big numbers in Italian! Including dates/years!
Lesson 87 – Numbers: Thousands and beyond! [Part 1] 00:05:00
In this Lesson we're going to look at numbers in the thousands and millions. Scary, but now that hard, once you get the gist of it!
Lesson 87 – Numbers: Thousands and beyond! [Part 2] 00:09:00
In this lesson you'll earn how to deal with really big numbers!
Lesson 87 – Numbers: Thousands and beyond! [Practice] 00:15:00
Time to bring it all together and do some practice! 2.282.478. ^_^
Lesson 88 – Vocabulary 181 – 200 00:15:00
While you surely have learned a lot more words than 200, this lesson marks such anniversary! How are you going to celebrate?
Unit 11 – Assignment 00:04:00
Which is correct? In this task you'll have to submit the correct form of a sentence using ANDARE...
FZTI A1 – Unit 11 Assignment 50:00
Lesson 89 – How to Chit Chat 00:18:00
Keen to start a conversation with the next Italian sitting next to you? Here's how!
Unit 11 – Dictation Exercise 00:08:00
Back to checking your listening and spelling abilities! How will you do at this dictation exercise?
Unit 11 – Additional Exercises 00:02:00
Craving some practice? Here it is!
FZTI A1 – Unit 11 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 12
Unit 12 – Welcome 00:04:00
Time to start another Unit! Are you ready for it? Or do you need to spend more time with previous Units? It's totally OK (and advisable) to pace yourself!
Unit 12 – Dictation 00:06:00
These dictations are getting harder and harder... but you also getting better and better!
Unit 12 – Translation 00:03:00
Last time we tried this, it was in Unit 3, the very beginning of your journey. How will you do now?
Unit 12 – Comprehension 00:03:00
Can you answer a few questions about this video (in Italian)?
Lesson 90 – The verb VENIRE (to come) 00:18:00
Another irregular verb. Another essential one!
Lesson 90 – Practice 00:11:00
Let's work on these sentences together!
Lesson 91 – Pronomi Tonici (stressed pronouns) 00:17:00
These pronouns are stressed. But not the way you think!
Lesson 91 – Practice 00:06:00
Let's work together on these sentences!
Lesson 92 – Prices in Italian [Intro] 00:02:00
Now that you know how numbers in Italian work, it's time to use them to talk about prices! Shopping!
Lesson 92 – Prices in Italian 00:08:00
Now that you know how numbers in Italian work, it's time to use them to talk about prices! Shopping!
Lesson 92 – Prices in Italian – Practice 00:08:00
Let's talk money! How do you say these prices?
Lesson 93 – Vocabulary: 201 – 220 00:17:00
Twenty new words for you!
Lesson 94 – Buying tickets 00:19:00
New skill. Super easy! Buying tickets. All sorts of tickets!
Lesson 95 – Interview Practice 00:06:00
What? Interview? yes... in the sense of you telling me stuff about yourself!
Unit 12 – Assignment 00:03:00
Your task for this Unit is to record your answer to my question. In bocca al lupo!
FZTI A1 – Unit 12 Assignment 50:00
FZTI A1 – Unit 12 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 13
Unit 13 – Welcome 00:02:00
This is your last Unit of content for Beginner Italian Level 1! Congratulazioni! With a very unique style to it, this Unit will cover one big topic...
Lesson 96 – Il verbo PIACERE #1 00:22:00
This is a tricky verb and it will take a few lessons to covert most of the essentials! Let's get started!
Lesson 96 – Il verbo PIACERE – Practice #1 00:28:00
Let's how if it all gels together!
Lesson 97 – Il verbo PIACERE #2 00:15:00
We keep looking into this awesome verb!
Lesson 97 – Il verbo PIACERE – Practice #2 00:13:00
Another checkpoint. As usual we keep learning during the "Practice".
Lesson 98 – Il verbo PIACERE #3 00:17:00
Let's learn to put emphasis in our statements!
Lesson 98 – Il verbo PIACERE – Practice #3 00:14:00
More practice, more sentences, more distinctions!
Lesson 99 – Il verbo PIACERE #4 00:29:00
Agreeing and disagreeing with likes and dislikes. Now this is an interesting one!
Lesson 99 – Il verbo PIACERE – Practice #4 00:12:00
Let the fun begin with this Practice lesson!
Lesson 100 – Shopping for groceries 00:21:00
In Italy you'll probably be shopping at markets for fresh fruit and veggies (you should). Here's how it's done!
Lesson 100 – Practice 00:12:00
Let's buy some groceries!
Unit 13 – Assignment 00:04:00
Time to submit your assignment! What will it be this time?
FZTI A1 – Unit 13 Assignment 50:00
FZTI A1 – Unit 13 Quiz 00:10:00
Unit 14
Unit 14 – Welcome 00:02:00
It's time to wrap this course up. We covered a lot of ground in the past Units... let's look back at the essentials!
Lesson 101 – Going Over Unit 10 & 11 [Part 1] 00:10:00
Time to look back at what we learned and practiced in Units 10 and 11.
Lesson 101 – Going Over Unit 10 & 11 [Part 2] 00:21:00
We continue looking back at what we learned and practiced in Units 10 and 11.
Lesson 102 – Going Over Unit 12 00:15:00
Let's check how we did in Unit 12!
Lesson 103 – Going Over Unit 13 00:27:00
This is very recent. Great to re-visit!
Lesson 104 – Vocabulary Review 00:13:00
Ready for a mega set of vocabulary Flash Card?
Lesson 105 – Verbs Review 00:10:00
And now... a mega set of verbs Flash Cards! Let's get conjugating!
Lesson 106 – Say these things… 00:24:00
Ready to show off all your Italian? Let's make sentences!
Graduation - Final Exam
Level 1 – Final Quiz 00:05:00
Before I can send you off a successful 'From Zero to Italian - Beginner Italian Level 1' student, you need to do one more thing, and that is to pass this quiz!
Beginner Italian Level 1 Final Exam 00:20:00
Q&A Webinar – March 12, 2017 00:53:00
Q&A Webinar – June 3, 2017 01:21:00
Q&A Webinar – August 27, 2017 00:52:00
Q&A Webinar – December 4, 2017 00:45:00
FZTI – A1 – Q&A Webinar – February 28, 2018 00:54:00
Q&A Class (March 25, 2018) 00:47:00

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  1. 5

    Fantastic intro to Italian. Marvelous video lessons.

  2. It's the best source to begin your language journey


    Forget the rest, welcome to the best

  3. From Zero to Italian @ItalyMadeEasy


    Okay. Listen Up. I’ve tried it all – Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel! Manu Venditti’s course methodology @ Italy Made Easy is so valuable. I learned vocabulary from the other resources but my true understanding and skills have rocket-shipped with IME. The coursework is presented in a clear and concise manner. The webinars are thoughtful; the interaction so fun and motivational.. The cultural insight Manu provides has saved me embarrassment! ie: Ciao è maleducato! I hope you will support this incredible resource. You will not regret it. The value far exceeds the cost. No one works harder for language learners that Manu and his team.

  4. Thank goodness I found this course!


    I am so happy I found this course, I have just finished the beginner level 1 course and I can already speak some Italian! It has given me such a solid foundation. Manu teaches so well, explaining EVERYTHING in both Italian and English. I have gone from someone who really struggles to learn to someone who now enjoys it. Thank you Manu you really made some magic!!

  5. excellent course


    Really enjoying this course and I’ve learned a lot in a short space of time. Manu is a excellent tutor,I would highly recommend .

  6. The best course ever.


    I am an English teacher, and I am very particular about languages and how they are taught.
    I have searched for a long time to find a course that suits my style of learning.
    These well presented, well structured classes are excellent.
    I would recommend them any time.

  7. Beginner 1


    What can I say? TAKE THIS COURSE!! I have been trying to learn Italian on and off for 40 years!
    Manu is a superb teacher. He makes the lessons easy to understand and fun. The community’s great and the resources exceptional.
    I have learned so much with Italy Made Easy, much more than with any other course (and I’ve tried a few!)
    Grazie mille Manu!

  8. Fantastic Course and Tutor


    I have been following Manu’s youTube videos, and greatly appreciated them. I love his style of teaching, and decided to come over here to have a complete, structured course. This guy is a great teacher. The course is well worth it. Once I have finished Zero to Italian for beginners, I’ll sign up immediately for the Intermediary level.

  9. Fantastic course structured and delivered by a wonderful teacher


    If you want to learn Italian and also the structure of learning a language Manu and Italy Made Easy are for you. I really enjoy watching the videos and doing the tasks. The use of Manu’s quizlet sets is amazing for learning the vocabulary and such a fun way to pass the time on the train etc. Invest in yourself with the course and also the community which is growing around this wonderful contribution to learning and understanding. Looking forward to the next course.

  10. Best way to learn


    Honestly, this is the only way I’ve made any progress in learning other than actual immersion. Italy Made Easy works because you understand the “why and how”, or the basic underpinnings of the language. Of course, there are plenty of tips and tricks, as well as clarified exceptions. Thank you!

  11. Eccellente!


    What a great course! Manu is such a wonderful teacher, just right for me. The course has a nice pace and is focused on learning Italian, not phrases or traveler Italian, but actually lays the foundations for fluency. I am enjoying myself and actually learning another language, something I have wanted to do for years! Thanks Manu!






    Why do I love this course so much? I have access to all of Manu’s inspiring, entertaining, and straight forward lessons whenever and wherever I want. I contemplated taking a leisure course in Italian at a local university – but how great is it if I want to listen to “How to conjugate a verb?”; “indefinite and definite articles”; “plural nouns and adjectives”; etc and all I have to do is go online and rewatch the video! If I had taken a class, I would only have my notes to refer to. Manu has notes for all of his lessons ready to print out and file in your study folder. If you are truly dedicated to learning Italian, Manu will help you and make it fun along the way. His technique is totally working for this native english speaker and I’ll bet it can work for you too. Good luck. Manu – thanks for choosing to share your talents with all of us.

  14. Smart, personal, and fun


    The best at what he does. The next best thing to having a new Italian friend who is dying to teach you the language.

  15. Best Online Italian Language Program Bar None


    Manu Venditti has created the most comprehensive, in depth, innovative, safe, caring, friendly, fun and responsive community for learning Italian on the Internet. Period. I have tried all of the big programs, which will remain nameless, and there is nothing even close to Italy Made Easy. I started just over a year ago as an absolute beginner and now am a confident intermediate student. I can’t wait to listen to Manu’s lessons, whether it is one of the free courses or the paid. Nothing short of incredible. Manu and his team rock!

  16. good course


    Good course, but too few exercises..

    • Grazie per il feedback, Susanna! I will make sure to specify the different nature of my program on the presentation page! It is by design that I do not include too many exercises, as it is the traditional exercise-centric approach of language teaching/learning that most commonly fails students, having them focusing too much on grammar correctness and too little on communication and comprehension. As the program proceeds, you will find that speaking and understanding Italian is a lot easier with this approach than with the traditional one, filled with exercises! I hope you give Beginner Italian Level 2 a chance! Un abbraccio, Manu

  17. First timer


    My first time at learning a second language ….So I was worried things would not sink in but I had firstly seen some of Manu’s videos on you tube and thought he had such a great way with people with teaching and also such enthusiasm so I enrolled on the Italian from day course . After this I have now started the beginners course which is so good . I found the grammer dificult to grasp at first but the course is so good I love the revision side which helps so much

  18. This is the course to take!


    Like many language learners, I tried many methods on my own- from informal apps to self taught books to podcasts. It wasn’t until I took this course that I really started to speak and learn Italian. Manu is an excellent, fun-loving teacher that makes learning the language fun! I first met him on YouTube and decided to be one of the first to try out this course. I can speak from experience that I owe him for taking my Italian from Zero to Italian! This is a comprehensive, in-depth course will almost assure you of learning this language from the beginning to fluency. Believe me when I say that no other program out there can do it in a fun and easy to understand way. Within a few lessons, you will be speaking Italian. You learn so much about pronunciation, grammar, culture in a way that is fun and will stick with you. Manu’s courses are excellent and I highly recommend them.

  19. Beginner Level 1 Great Course


    I have tried many self-taught approaches and this is the one that really works! I like his emphasis on learning enough grammatical structure so I can have small conversations in Italian, as opposed to memorizing certain phrases. His enthusiasm and love of teaching is very evident in the lessons which are well structure to help build an understanding of the language. I also like the fact that he deals with the 85% of the language and does not overwhelm you with exceptions, which will eventually be important, but for the present are just too much detail.
    I can’t recommend his courses enough!
    Grazie mille Manu for all of your hard work and dedication to teaching!



    I have studied Italian for approximately four years. Even after finishing the advanced Rosetta Stone software (super expensive!) I was still unable to converse in Italian. That is because their courses are poorly constructed. Grammar, verb conjugations, and the pronunciations of a simple alphabet are not even addressed. I also tried other various teaching systems that missed the mark as well.. Now after two months of studying Manu’s system in Beginning (Level 1) I am capable of conveying ideas in Italian. Because I now live in an Italian speaking area that is very important to me. You can imagine the boost it gives me with self confidence!.

  21. Manu is the best teacher!


    This program is the best that I have tried…and I have tried many! The live chats have really boosted my speaking skills and confidence. The whole team here is just always so helpful and nice! Thank you Manu for this fantastic program!!



    Like many others I have tried to learn Italian by various different methods, learning set phrases (great until the person responds with a completely different sentence than the one you have memorised!), from books, private tutor, Rosetta Stone, etc. Why is this course different from the rest? In my experience because it is FUN AND ENJOYABLE, I actually look forward to learning Italian with Manu and the team at Italy Made Easy. Even though I had completed several beginner courses, with no lasting results, I started this one and realised that I had been trying to climb a ladder with half the steps missing! This course will fill the gaps in your knowledge and give you confidence and a strong foundation in the language, and if this is your first time trying to learn Italian, lucky you, you’ve hit the jackpot first time.

  23. Excellent!


    This course is not just very informative; it’s very organized! You learn at your own pace and can review past units as much as you need to. There’s guidance as well as flexibility for each individual. I appreciate the solid foundation ‘from zero-Italian I’ is building for me. All of Manu’s lessons are fun, relevant and comprehensive. If you’ve gotten yourself this far to read the student reviews—go ahead and enroll in the course! Then look for me in the student chat because I need more practice ? Good luck!



    I cannot say enough good things about this amazing course! Manu has put together something truly remarkable. Not only are the videos fabulous and loaded with great information that is easily digestible, there are course notes to download, quizzes to push and check on your progress. There’s a whole community of people with whom you can practice and discuss. There are native Italian speakers available to help virtually any time you want one. There are webinars and so much more, including excellent ‘support’ if something comes up and you need to contact them.

    I wish I could spend my days just playing in this course. It’s so much fun!! It’s an amazing program with loads of extra resources. I am so grateful to Manu for creating it, and for being the wonderful, kind soul that he is (and he’s funny, too, which adds a whole other enjoyable element to the course!)

  25. Great Course!


    As a new language learner, I appreciate the straightforward way Manu teaches this course. The foundation building is critical for learning the language. I’m excited about building skills that will allow me to put things together in a personal way. I have been hesitant to learn Italian, feeling that it would be too difficult for me. Manu does a great job giving people confidence that they can do it!

  26. Engaging with fantastic foundation skills


    I have checked out a couple of different Italian classes. FZTI is by far the most outstanding.
    The method is very sound by teaching the foundation skills that are then built on in a logical order. By learning the foundations of the language you can make up sentences, rather than learning how to mimic a few phrases.
    Manu is a skilled and passionate teacher. He is very generous with his knowledge and tools. When you submit assignments you get individual feedback which is great.
    Manu is funny and engaging and makes learning stick by providing lots of information and tips.
    If you want to learn Italian, this is by far the BEST course there is.

  27. Whether you're starting to learn Italian for the first time or the fifth time..


    This course is a really great resource for getting to know the Italian language. I have tried learning Italian before and nothing ever stuck for me, it was all memorization and copy work. The way Manu structures this course gives the learner a more intuitive grasp of the language. Instead of teaching standard phrases that will supposedly get you by on a week long trip to Italy, he breaks down how the language actually works. I had some knowledge going into this course, but after going over what I thought would be a simple refresher, I felt like ‘wow, so that’s why it’s like that’, I had a lot of aha! moments with small grammar or stucture points that I thought I knew, or finally got some of those basic ideas that I didn’t get before thanks to his explanation. Manu gives in depth explanations, sometimes throwing little historical or etymological tidbits in there, and presents the information in a patient and friendly manner. Concepts are paired based on helping you better grasp the function of parts of speech, rather than sequentially going through how to translate a sentence, which is how some other courses approach language. This is the best Italian language course I’ve taken, I can’t say enough good things.

  28. 5

    I have been studying Italian since Manu started his Zero to Italian course last year. I am amazed at the amount of work he has applied to the structure of his courses and I have thoroughly enjoyed his dedicated approach and professional approach to all he does. A born ‘teacher’ he possesses the unique character of being able to put people at ease and his explanations of the course content is fantastic. I recently visited Italy for some 5 weeks with my wife and we had a great time roaming the country and speaking my level of Italian. At a restaurant one night in Roma, I was ordering a meat dish and tried to pronounce the word ‘carne’ but because I did not roll my R’s the word came out as ‘cane’ which in Italian means dog. After the very surprised waitress explained that they did not serve dog in their restaurant, I was extremely embarrassed to say the least and for the next few minutes or so I received a gratuitous lesson on how to roll my R’s. So Manu’s teaching on this specific is really worth noting. I should add that as we were departing the restaurant our lovely waitress approached me and thanked me very much for trying to speak in their tongue. I must admit that I was absolutely delighted with her very sincere and encouraging words.
    I am now studying Beginner level 2 and I can say that Manu’s courses are very inspiring and I shall do my very best to do better next time I visit Italy. Thank you Manu for a great experience and I look forward to further studies with you and your wonderful team..

  29. A great way to learn


    You know the old saying…”you’ve tried the rest, now try the best”? Well, that’s so true with this course. I’ve tried apps, books, cds, you name it and it’s probably sitting in my bookcase. I’ve made amazing progress since I started FZTI. I attend a language school but don’t always understand the grammar or vocab.

    With Manu, I have the opportunity to sit, in a virtual one-on-one setting, and listen for as many times as I need. Manu is a great teacher and because of all his experience, can predict where students are likely to struggle or misunderstand. This has helped me so much other students in my class have noticed and asked what I’m doing at home. It’s that obvious.

  30. Manu is the BEST Italian instructor, bar none


    If you have been struggling to learn Italian through other methods and not getting the results you hoped for like I was, then don’t hesitate to take this course with Manu. Before signing up for this class I thought perhaps I was already too advanced and wouldn’t learn much, but boy was I mistaken! There’s so much great info in this class you are bound to greatly improve your knowledge of Italian no matter how long you’ve already been studying the language. What I most appreciate about Manu’s teaching method is that he takes time to explain everything in great detail. It’s like he has ESP and knows exactly all of the questions us English speakers have. That has been truly invaluable. It goes without saying that Manu is the hardest working instructor on the planet and will do everything in his power to bring you to fluency in Italian. Grazie tantissimo Manu!

  31. Amazing Course - Italy Made Easy has accomplished the impossible - virtual lessons that work


    I have tried Pimsleur, Yabla, Babble, other online courses – all have been lacking in so many ways. Before signing up
    I wondered if a virtual course could truly teach me Italian. Don’t hesitate to sign up for an course, it works. The lessons are well thought out and the content excellent.

    For me personally, this is what stands out about Academy:

    The course feels personal even though it is virtual, Manu is engaging, positive, truthful, funny and much much more.
    The videos have taught me what to look for in a teacher (see above). I now understand why it is is important to learn from a native speaker who is also current on the culture of Italy.

    Manu’s teaching methods are amazing. The course fills you in on what is going on with pronunciation, grammar, intonation and how the language is really spoken in Italy. No one else does that on-line, or in any other course I’ve tried. It would be difficult to find an instructor (even at a college or university) who presents language instruction as effectively as Manu.

    Thanks Italy Made Easy!!

  32. Great course


    I began following italy made easy after a 3 part you tube series. When the academy was formed I joined. There is no way I could have learned what I learned using the free Android apps or even the pay subscription apps. The reason is the detail they leave out. You can’t not truly grasp a language with images alone. I have completed level one and than did it again because the material is always available.

    This is a great class and I recommend it highly


  33. Excellent course in spite of the glitches


    I felt that the content of the course was 5 stars. Manu was a very personable and entertaining teacher who was an expert at holding my attention to the lesson. I guess it was all those years of experience teaching bored college students.
    I especially enjoyed it when he explained how the language got to where it is today or told us something about it’s relationship to other European languages.
    That being said, I took this course right after it was migrated to the new site and at the time there were many glitches that made the content difficult to access at times and things didn’t function well at others. I put a lot of time and effort into completing the course and had a 95% average on the assignments and quizzes. When I finished the course it said I passed with a 70%.. I think this must have been an error but couldn’t get an answer about the discrepancy and I got discouraged and quit. This is the first time I’ve been back to the site in 6 months.

  34. Just do it !


    The best course I ever subscribed . Learn Italian in a fun and logical way. I can only recommend 1 thing.
    Subscribe and learn from Manu

  35. Manu cracked the code on how to teach Italian


    Manu’s Italy Made Easy is the best. If you ever felt that you could not learn Italian, taking Manu’s course will change every negative language learning experience you have had in the past. Manu cracked the code on how to teach Italian. He understands the goals of his students who want to learn Italian. His enthusiasm for his work and his desire to see you achieve your goal is unsurpassed. His method engages you in a way that breaks through every psychological block you may have developed from previous bad language courses. He lifts your spirits and he is inspiring. Just when I was ready to give up on learning Italian, I stumbled on Manu’s course. I immediately knew that I had found in him the perfect teacher. I feel incredibly lucky that I found his course. Manu has made all the difference and I am deeply grateful.

  36. The best course.


    Dears. Take my advice. Don’t waist your money and time on other stupid applications or courses. Only here you can find the best way to learn italian with a fantastic teacher Manu.



    It seems after listening and reading about the experience of other Italian language students, I have been fortunate in finding “Italy Made Easy” relatively early, on my Italian language learning journey. I did attend a few evening classes at my local college, but the amount of content being crammed into a 2 hr per week lesson, set phrases, no structure, hardly any explanation of grammer, hopeless. I researched a couple of online courses but these didn’t fill me with confidence, especially as one was introducing “Passato Prossimo” way too early as pointed out by an experienced reviewer. Manu is an excellent teacher with a unique style, the real gem of his course “From Zero to Italian” is its structure, it’s methodical flow of content, the right info at the right time, building a solid foundation and confidence to learn this beautiful language. I have just completed “Beginner Italian Level 1” and I’m really enjoying the course including being able to interact with the lovely, friendly and helpful Italian speakers in the Academy. So to anyone researching where to begin their Italian journey, I absolutely recommend “From Zero To Italian”. Jump onboard, why travel economy when you can travel First class.

  38. The best ever


    As a current student, I can 100% recommend beginner Italian to anyone interested in learning the language. I originally signed up for the course and made it about halfway through before having to take an extended break (over a year). After returning to finish, I found that I still remembered a significant amount of what I had learned which I attribute both to Manu’s gifted teaching methods and the quality of the course. I previously experimented with duolingo and a few other italian courses, but there is simply no comparison. Personally, I find that it is all of the “extra info” that manu gives in the videos that really helps one remember the information. The added explanations and context he gives (real-life examples, for instance) helps a non-native speaker gain a far greater understanding of the language than from simply learning vocabulary and grammar. I think regardless of what pace a student progresses through the course (sprint or marathon), learning is guaranteed.

  39. Best on the internet


    I’m a bit over halfway through the Beginners course while also attending a weekly Italian beginners course in my home town. I can honestly say that I have got more from this course at the halfway point (about 5 months in my case) than I got in a whole year at the weekly 2 hour course. I was sceptical to enrol at first but I find Manu explains stuff so well and the course itself is in such a logical easy to follow order. I constantly can’t wait to get to the next lesson.
    If you’re looking to learn the Italian language from a TRUE Italian, then the is is the course for you.

  40. Amazing


    An amazing course. It took me a good 9 months to find the course for me, that would be practical and actually set me up with good building blocks. I am so happy that I took this course, my first foreign language course.



    My dream is to visit Italy (planning Fall 2020) and learn this beautiful language. I started out watching various You Tube videos and buying Italian language books, I even purchased a Rosetta Stone app on my phone. BIG MISTAKE. While i did learn some pronunciation, the whys and hows were never explained. Needless to say, I got bored. Oh and some of those You Tube videos were just robots reading information. YAWN.
    Then I found Italy Made Easy on You Tube. At first I thought there is no way I can do this, he speaks so fast even in English, but I kept coming back and was learning! Then the Academy was formed and I signed up for the Beginner Level 1 class. FUN, INFORMATIVE, LAID BACK. It took me over a year to complete the course, lost my motivation for awhile, I wanted to move on and learn more but I still had the final quiz to take. I reviewed some of the lessons and just took a chance and I passed. I look forward to beginner level 2!

  42. This is the way to learn Italian!


    What a trip! I have been scouring the internet for Italian content since I started learning 6 months ago and this is by far the most thorough, well thought out and fun way to learn. Manu is a born teacher, and is clearly enthusiastic about what he does . Technically, the software is easy to navigate….whether its taking quizzes, finding PDF’s or submitting voice recordings. By the way, the voice recording exercises are GENIUS and I love getting the feedback on those.
    Being a skeptical Americana 😉 , I was not sure this would be worth the cost and time but it was 100% the way to go. I am excited to take the next course and continue to improve. Im also going to sign up for the chat functions, to see if that cures my fear of speaking to other Italian speakers. Time to dive in!
    Thank you for creating this platform, you all rule!

  43. Wonderful course


    I’ve taken a couple short courses from Manu before and they worked like a charm. After two trips to Italy, I can attest to the fact that his courses are absolutely effective in “the real world.” Because I now require more in-depth Italian for work purposes, I’ve signed up for this more comprehensive course and I am loving it. Manu is an exceptionally strong teacher, not to mention a very personable and motivating one. Instead of dreading my lessons, I actually look forward to the time I spend each day online doing the course – it’s colorful, engaging and most of all effective. Manu also offers a lot of insight about Italy and Italian culture that beautifully complements the language lessons. All stuff you will use if you travel, guaranteed (I did). If you really want to learn Italian, do yourself a favor and enroll. You won’t regret it 🙂

  44. I've been want a course like this for so long.


    I’ve tried so many ways to learn Italian, and up until now always lost motivation and stopped after some time. I always wanted a full course that took me right through from the fundamentals, but at the same time understood what I needed to learn and what I didn’t need to learn. Manu does just this in From Zero to Italian, he’s great at keeping motivation up and has been teaching for so long he fully understands just where the students will struggle and where they will need additional info. Just fantastic Manu, thank you so much. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m totally loving learning Italian with you!

  45. Ottimo!


    This is an amazing introduction to the Italian language! The lessons were structured in an easy to understand format and in such a way that I felt comfortable using what I learned immediately. The order of the topics, the pace of the lessons and the content were perfect for a student who is brand new to the Italian language as I was. The assignments and quizzes were reflective of what we learned in each unit and challenging enough so that I could really assess how well I learned what was being taught. The feedback that I received from Manu, Cristiana and the team was invaluable, and the supporting resources that were offered such as podcasts, book suggestions, study guides, Quizlet sets and more really brought the course to the next level. Manu’s course is definitely not like other language courses I have taken – in a good way, and I can’t wait to start Beginner Level 2! What are you waiting for – if you want to start to learn to speak Italian, take this course!

  46. Beginner Level 1


    This course was great. Manu is charming and so much fun to listen to. I have tried a few methods for learning Italian, but now some concepts are locked in my brain. I love the linguistic explanations – so helpful. I am still shy to speak and hope to continue to tackle that as I prepare for another bike trip to Italy – hopefully this year. Thanks, Manu!!! Grazie mille!

  47. Great course


    Manu is a gifted and giving instructor. I feel as though he has been beside me throughout this course. Also, I learned a lot of Italian!

    I had to take off one star because there are a number of typos throughout the course. They were obvious enough that I, a beginner could spot them, but I hope they did not cause confusion for others.

    Happy with what I have learned.

  48. Excellent course!


    Manu’s teaching is engaging and clear. The included pdf’s for each lesson are essentially a textbook, and the course includes many supplemental online resources for things like flashcards, verb conjugations, practice listening, and more. Very high value for money. I will be happy to continue on the level 2!

  49. Un corso migliore di tutto il resto!


    This course really helps build a strong foundation for learning Italian. I tried a couple of apps (babel & duolingo) before enrolling and I feel like this course has explained things so much more clearly for me. I love the fact that Manu doesn’t teach the cliché phrases that you get in other courses and instead gives you the tools to build the sentences on your own – so much more flexible and so much easier to remember when you understand why a phrase is constructed the way it is in Italian! Thank you Manu, and the Italy Made Easy team, for all your hard work and support! Bravo! Grazie mille 🙂

  50. Beginner Level One is absolutely amazing


    In just this first course I have learned so much more than in any other Italian course I have taken.

    Manu explains things in a way that makes sense to me helping me grasp the Italian language better.

    Now will purchase beginner level 2 with enthusiasm.

    Mille Gracie Manu


  51. Fabulous


    Manu is the best teacher ever. The course has been fun and yes, exciting! Thank you, Manu and I look forward to many more of your courses.

  52. Beginner Level 1


    I have really enjoyed this course. It has taken me almost 6 months to complete and I’ve put my heart and soul into it and have now reaped the rewards. This online course is the best I have ever come across and Manu and his team have offered support and guidance from emails to Facebook live sessions and I can’t wait to learn more. I find it hard to learn from books and standard classroom lessons (I’ve tried and they don’t work) and this course full of easy to watch videos and learning techniques was invaluable to me. Manu has a passion for teaching which comes across in abundance. Thank you Italy Made Easy!

  53. Perfetto! Grazie mille!


    I decided on Italy Made Easy because (1) it was the only online course that promised fluency after the whole course, (2) I really appreciated that Manu placed so much emphasis on pronunciation, and (3) Manu’s YouTube videos were so fun to watch!

    After studying on DuoLingo for about eighteen months, I knew I needed more, and this first class was just exactly what I had in mind. I think it’s very smart to hold back on verb tenses, complicated pronouns, etc. until you have a good understanding of pronunciation and really understand when and how to use NE! 🙂

    Grazie, Italy Made Easy Academy team!

  54. This is the place to start learning Italian!!!


    I tried various things like video , books, online but everything was a big mess in my head. with this course i finally felt progress, im actually able to communicate and say whole phrases. Manu he is amanzing!! with my bad English i understand him completey!! he helped me overcome the big obstacle of language learning for beginners. Thank you Manu

  55. The best course I have found!


    I have taken a few courses in Italian and Italy Made Easy is by far the best I have found. First of all, Manu is great. He makes me laugh and he keeps the lessons light. Secondly, this course really focuses on things you will be using when speaking the language, as opposed to other courses that are heavy on grammar and light on conversation. I feel very confident that by completing Italy Made Easy, I will be able to hold a conversation in Italian. Thank you Manu!

  56. An exciting adventure!


    This course was a revelation to me- I’ve always been terrified of the challenges of learning languages, but… this was a wonderful and positive experience. I’m really excited about progressing through the other courses. Wonderful course with a perfect balance. Challenging but also inspiring. It’s really changed my life!

  57. Amazing


    Tried learning Italian before but gave up because it was so confusing, found this and he explains everything so well.

  58. Best Italian Teacher ever


    I love this course. This has nothing to do with the way languages used to teach at school. I enjoy all the lessons and for the first time in my live I enjoy learning grammar. Thanks Manu!



    I’ve been following Manu on You Tube for years and I have really enjoyed seeing the whole Italy Made Easy package develop from something that was obviously a part-time endeavour into the sophisticated online learning resource that it is today. The Beginner level 1 course was fantastic for me. I have learnt so much from it. It has even improved my understanding of English immeasurably as well (As Manu says, the more analytical you are about your native language, the more you will understand about your new language). I completed the course a while ago, but I often go back and watch videos from the course just to refresh my knowledge on various subjects. Being such a comprehensive course and as something I can use for the rest of my life, I consider the course to be incredible value. Thanks Manu and the IME team!

  60. So glad I chose this course!


    I have done a few in-person Italian courses over the years, as well as Duolingo, but never felt that it really stuck. I decided to try something new and, after a lot of research, decided to try Italy Made Easy, and I’m so glad that I did! I started off doing the Beginner Level 2 course but found that I’d forgotten a lot of what I’d learned previously, so changed to Level 1. Even though a lot of it is revision for me so far (I’m only on Unit 2!), I feel that I have still learned a lot, and the way he explains things makes them much easier to grasp than the way I have been taught previously. I also like the focus on spoken Italian and feel a lot more confident that I know how the vowels, especially, should be pronounced! I’m really excited to keep learning with Manu!

  61. I love this course


    This course is just what I was looking for. Manu is an awesome teacher, he makes learning Italian fun and less overwhelming. I look forward to begin level 2.

  62. Glad I found this course


    I highly recommend taking the VIP-version of Beginner Italian Level 1. It took me about two months to get through it and several hours a day. I started learning Italian with an app and audio course until I got frustrated with it. This is so much better. You learn so much more and so much faster. I loved doing this course and am about to purchase beginner 2 (and eventually intermediate) as well.

  63. The BEST way to learn Italian!


    I first saw Italy Made Easy on YouTube and liked Manu’s fun and engaging style but felt that I needed a structured course to follow so I registered for Beginner 1 FZTI. I really like the emphasis on learning enough grammatical structure so you can build skills that allows you to create sentences on your own – so much easier to remember when you understand why a phrase is constructed the way it is in Italian, instead of just memorising certain phrases. Manu is a brilliant teacher who knows just how to explain concepts without overwhelming and it really feels like he is my private tutor. Grazie mille Manu, and the IME team, for all of your hard work and dedication to teaching us la tua bella lingua!

  64. Cannot recommend this course enough!


    I am just about to complete this course and it is absolutely great. I have had quite a few foreign language learning experiences over the years, and this one is by far the best of them all.. Manu’s method is incomparable, and is both efficient and entertaining. It is structured in an intelligent way that makes learning so much easier, focusing on what is really important and providing ample resources to practice and improve your Italian.
    Admittedly, I was a little worried at the beginning about taking this course, since English is not my mother tongue. But once I started learning, I quickly realized that this is not a problem at all. As long as your English is good, it doesn’t matter if you are a native speaker or not.
    Grazie mille Manu and the Italy Made Easy team!

  65. Excellent!


    Manu is fantastic and I believe this course is continually voted the best single resource for Italian language learning for a reason. Having an explanation behind the “why” satisfies my type-A tendencies (and be more consistently correct), which then allows me to let the small details go, be more flexible, and get on with the learning. Manu is especially gifted at this and it means I don’t obsess over small misunderstandings on my part for how a word is used (because an excellent explanation was given; often times one that you cannot find anywhere else! I’ve lost countless hours on tangents when I was trying to self study, trying to figure out why a certain word was used, etc, only to never find an answer and abandon any additional real learning that day because an hour or two was wasted in frustration). Allowing yourself to be flexible and fluid can be a challenge at first when something just doesn’t make sense or isn’t a “literal” translation, but it’s *essential* for speaking a new language and Manu is really good about emphasizing this and making you analyze your own language also (I never realized how many things in English that we say make no sense from a “literal” perspective…realizing that allowed me to become less frustrated with Italian and just accept things as they were). I personally started this course when I was about 20 days into the Pimsleur Italian course (which I found to be a very helpful adjunct tool to this course – it forced me to speak Italian & often complimented the lessons Manu has, just coming from a different perspective of imitation…it all helped me to solidify a foundation). Anyway, fantastic course! You can’t go wrong. Manu is fantastic!

  66. Amazing!


    This is an amazing course! I really enjoyed taking it. Manu explains everything so well and you actually do learn and understand. He is engaging to watch and it really helps you get through some of the boring grammar lessons that you need to learn. I highly recommend it! I had no Italian before and now I can say and understand some. I’m very happy!

  67. The only teacher you will ever need.


    This course is absolutely wonderful. There is a lot of video explanation and transcripts for every lesson. A lot of exercises. The main problem is to find enough time for using all stuff. But Manu really helps with that. All Units and lessons well structured. In one lessons Manu explains technic for using your time while learning. During the course Manu gives a lot of advices to use different resources to higher up your level of language. And he explains really lots of things that only native italian teacher could give. And of course harisma, you can listen that videos of lessons over and over if you wants or do not understand fo the first time, or you can just read good transcripts of a language (it’s like a pages from the study book but better). And the main reason for me to be here is that I do not need any other courses or programs/apps to use or to pay and this coures is not a subscription for a year but lifetime. This course is not like a lot of other fake ones “which gives you ability to lear 10 or 20 or 100 languages” in one app, but in fact it‘s a rubbish for the realy high price. If you want to learn italian and to be able to speak, listen and enjoy the italian songs and movies Manu is the only teacher you will ever need. I’m really happy that I enrolled in this course.

  68. Most enjoyable and effective way to learn Italian


    Probably I will not be the only one, who prefers to see logic behind learning new things. If you want to understand Italian instead of only memorising phrases and vocabulary this course is for you. Looking forward to starting another level. Thank you Manu and Italy Made Easy Team!!!

  69. Beginner level 1


    Extremely well put together and thought out course. It’s fun and challenging all the way through. All of the information given at the appropriate time so it never seems overwhelming. I’m very satisfied and impressed.



    I moved to Fondi Italy from The Unied States in 2016 and searched and searched online for a really good language course bc the language school in Fondi was closed while they moved (didn’t know that at the time, I just thought they closed permanently) I used Duolingo, mosalingua, and various online sites for specifics like verbs etc.. Since Manu didn’t launch italy Made Easy until 2017 I was unaware of it and BOY could he have saved me A LOT of aggravation! His whole approach is new, fresh, exciting, all encompassing and most of all A LOT OF FUN! I’m pretty sure the fact that he’s a language professor and lives in Australia, an english speaking country, and is familiar with teaching Italian to English speakers is a big part of the draw, for me at least. He also seems to know what I’m thinking and addresses it immediately. Almost as if he created this entire program just for me! I was a Director of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company befoe I had to go on disability so the fact that he makes me feel like that tells me he knows what he is doing and also tells me why this course is so highly rated by everyone who rates it. We all feel like he’s speaking to us directly whether we’re english speakers or not and THAT is truly incredible. Way to Go Manu!

  71. Eccellente!


    Can’t wait to start Beginner Level 2.

  72. Excellent course, excellent teacher!


    Like many others, I have tried and stalled in studying Italian with many other courses. So I took the pre-course test and actually tested out of Beginner level 1. But because of Manu’s depth in his free YouTube resources, I decided to take Beginner level 1 anyway. All I can say is that Manu covers things other Italian courses do not, and I am glad I took it because I would have missed so much. After my initial weeks going through the course, I was so convinced that this is the course that will help me learn Italian, that I went ahead and purchased the other levels. Manu is engaging, thorough, and you can tell from the videos – live and recorded – that he enjoys teaching Italian. If you want a look into his thoroughness, look at any free YouTube video where he spends 20+ minutes on 1 Italian word (so well at what he does, 20 minute videos feel like a couple of minutes). It was one of these videos that convinced me that I had to try the actual course. It’s literally like having a private tutor, minus your input (such as questions). However, Manu has been doing this so long, that any questions you might have he knows and answers. If you are serious about studying Italian, this is the course that is serious about getting you to fluency.

  73. This is the Course to Learn Italian


    I am in my late 50s with limited time to learn anything new. I have tried numerous courses (Babble, Rosetta Stone, etc. ) with limited success. I found Manu Vedutti by chance on You Tube when I was searching the internet for clarification on a difficult Rosetta Stone topic. His single video provided a unique and unassuming approach that was refreshing and was based on understanding the building blocks of the language instead of memorizing phrases. I soon discovered that he had an entire course that was uniquely different than all the rest. I was an easy decision to quit all other programs and enroll in Italian Made Easy. Since enrolling, every lesson has been eye opening and I looked forward to the next lesson. I realized I was learning Italian Manu’s way, and although it requires effort, the work and time has payed off 100 times since. I actually have a working knowledge of the Italian language thanks to Manu’s unique understanding of how to teach beginners and his sincere devotion as a teacher of Italian. If you want to invest your time to learn Italian the right way, this is the course for you. Don’t waste your time with any other program. It is a unique and gratifying experience. I look forward to moving to the next level and entrust my limited time to Manu’s Italian Made Easy course.

  74. A thorough beginning level course


    A thorough beginning level course that has consolidated my knowledge and increased my confidence to speak Italian. I have no hesitation in recommending Italy Made Easy and the Beginners Level 1 course.

  75. Amazing!


    Truly went from zero to Italian in 3 months! It’s amazing the progress I have made from knowing nothing at the start of the course. Manu is incredible – motivating and cheerful with consistently excellent instruction and exercises to help solidify the learning. On days when I skip Italian I feel I’ve missed seeing a friend. Looking forward to continuing with IME in beginner level 2!

    (Also, a very responsive team, I experienced a technical difficulty and they were more than willing to assist me by reseting my quiz results.)

    Grazie mille Manu!!

  76. Perfect Start


    I hadn’t tried learning Italian elsewhere and I’m glad I didn’t. This was perfect for me and was a better strategy than other languages I have tried to learn. Manu’s method is perfect and I have a great foundation now to move forward. Thank you!

  77. Beginner Italilan level 1


    The title of eh course says it all “Italy made easy” ! Manu’s method is the best! His explanations of the subject material are precise and what is missing in most other language courses.

  78. Beginner Italian Level 1


    This is a fun course. You will learn!
    Manu has an adorable personality. He can be a bit long-winded at times but he does thoroughly explain everything in a way which is easy to understand. I highly recommend watching his Blogs and other videos. On YouTube. They are very educational.
    Alessia is fantastic. She has helped me with a few technical glitches. She responds immediately.
    I wish Manu would use this platform to create courses in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  79. Perfect course for serious language students


    This course is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a course that would teach me fundamental grammar, correct pronunciation, and was intended for serious language students who already have a good understanding of languages. It is very well designed, proceeds logically, building on concepts, and teaches the skill to actually formulate thoughts in Italian rather than just parroting phrases. Thank you, Manu! You are an excellent teacher!

  80. Absolutely Amazing!


    Manu’s course is fun, interesting, challenging and addictive. I have learnt so much through level 1 and I’m looking forward to learning even more in level 2. It is well worth the money and I like that I can work through it at my own pace, coming back to things when I want to revise them. I love the dictation and comprehension exercises, they are quite tricky but it is so satisfying to be able to do them. Thank you so much Manu and the Italy Made Easy team 🙂

  81. 5

    Love this course and will be taking the next level.. Thank You,Manu !

  82. Great course!!!


    After studying Italian for a few months with another program, I came across Manu and his course From Zero to Italian. I thought about jumping to level 2, but chose to start at the beginning and I am so glad I did!! His style of teaching/coaching broadened my understanding of the language and gave me the tools to speak the language from my own thoughts instead of from memorized words and phrases. For those wanting to become fluent in Italian, and are willing to put the time and effort into doing so, this program is for you. Manu’s detailed (and sometimes verbose!) lessons and ‘homework’ will guide and challenge you every step of the way. I highly recommend it!!

  83. Beginner Level 1


    Thank you Manu. Your course is excellent! I appreciate your easy to understand explanations, as well as your attention to detail. I would recommend your course to any student who wishes to learn or improve their Italian.

  84. Brilliant


    This has been an amazing course. I knew very little Italian except a bit from basic Duolingo and felt frustrated with Duolingo’s lack of explanation of grammar. Manu’s engaging manner and clear / fun explanations have kept me inspired ans always keen to learn more. It has taken me nearly a year to complete the course juggling around family and work but I never lost my way and I’m completely hooked. Thank you.

  85. I love this course!


    Manu Venditti is an instructor extraordinaire. He is an absolutely joy to watch, listen, and learn from. Manu has such a heart for teaching and sharing his craft he offers an incredible amount of content free of charge., but trust me, investing in this course is worth every cent.

    The major difference between this course and the others I have tried is that Manu teaches his students HOW to learn the language. He enables students to use the language in a manner that provides each student with the tools needed for communication in an individualized manner.

    I am almost finished with the introductory beginner course and chomping at the bit to begin upper beginner and beyond! I wish I could find instructors like Manu in the other languages I would like to learn, but using his methods to learn other languages will be useful.

  86. Highly Recommended


    Manu is such a great teacher. He makes Italian so easy to self-study and enjoyable. He’s very talented and funny. I’m going to buy my next course – Beginner Level 2.

  87. Level 1 completion


    Manu has a great approach for learning Italian. 5 months ago, I new maybe 10 Italian words and now I can understand a fair amount of spoken Italian and can make simple sentences (using present tense only). On to level 2!

  88. 4

    This course is great for beginners. I only had one year of Italian in college about 30 years ago, but I only learned a couple of things that I didn’t remember. I should have taken one of the more advanced courses, but since the description said it would be a great review, this I paid for this Level 1 course. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t go beyond the present tense. Since I know present tense and I remember most of the passato prossimo, I guess I should have chosen one of the more advanced courses. I wish there were a placement test for the various levels.

  89. 5

    This course is great ! I have been learning italian for 2 years and decided to go back to basics after reading all the reviews for this course. I am very happy I did so because there are notions I had learned before without really having the proper explanation or any explanation at that !!!. There are so many things that were overlooked by previous courses, books and teachers. Manu explains EVERYTHING. Do not hesitate to enroll, you will NEVER be sorry. I really hope that Manu and his team get all the recognition they deserve. They work hard and it shows by the quality of this product. I wish them big success. If you are serious about learning or perfecting your italian, start with this level … I’m telling you, you will be surprised by all the info you missed in the past.

  90. Fantastic!


    To give a little background on my experience, I took three years of Latin in high school and Italian 1, 2, and 3 in college. It has now been over 20 years since then, and while I have a good amount of grammar knowledge, I could always read way better than I could speak, and I’ve always been nervous about having conversations. I had been watching Manu’s YouTube channel for quite awhile, and I finally signed up for this course because I got a random article in my newsfeed that rated the top 25 online Italian classes, and Italy Made Easy was number 1!

    I am so happy I signed up for this Beginner 1 course, even though I probably could have signed up for Beginner 2 or Intermediate 1 and been ok. Manu provides so much valuable information regarding how the language works that I constantly found myself saying “Ah! That’s why they do that!” I guess the difference is that I knew concepts before, but now, I UNDERSTAND them!

    Manu’s style is different than all of the traditional classes I took. His lessons are fun to watch while being packed with information. I love how he gives us the tools we need to empower us to grow our skills on our own. This lets us take our Italian as far as we want to go with it based on the effort we put into it. The focus is on being able to speak instead of being able to write. So there is not a lot of written homework, and there is no mindless parroting of phrases here.

    Grazie mille Manu per questo corso meraviglioso! I will see you in the Beginner 2!

  91. Level 1


    I just finished the first level one course and I thought it was great! I feel that it laid a solid foundation and had me talking and forming sentences right away. Mannu does a fantastic job of explaining each topic and gives lots of practice with it. I really appreciate the amount of listening comprehension that is included in the course. It is tempting to skip it when just starting a new language because it is so intimidating, but Mannu does a great job presenting it and making it difficult but fun!

  92. Absolutely the best Italian language course!


    Like many others, before finding Italy Made Easy I had tried Pimsleur, Babbel and so many other ways to learn Italian, all without success. The approach of Manu and team in From Zero To Italian Level 1 is very different from anything I had previously tried. Instead of memorizing phrases, the focus is on acquiring a sufficient knowledge foundation to understand and speak Italian. Manu seems to understand precisely where native English speakers have problems learning Italian and he is a natural, very talented, engaging teacher. After years of searching for the right Italian language course, I’m thrilled that I found this one. The organization is highly effective without being overwhelming and the pacing is just right. In my experience, there is nothing else out there that comes even close. IME is truly outstanding.

  93. Skip Rosetta Stone, Delete DuoLingo, Demolish the tower of Babbel. ItalyMadeEasy is THE course you need!


    This is by far the best Italian speaking course you will find. I have tried Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and a few other “games” but they don’t do what this course does. I am not being reimbursed for this review, its just an honest review. This course is fantastic. If you are SERIOUS about learning Italian, this is THE course for you. Manu is an exceptional teacher, and he knows how to help you learn. HOWEVER, if you aren’t serious, this may not be the course you want, It will require work, Any language program that tells you it’s easy, is lying. No one can do it for you, you have to put in the effort. I even learned things about the English language in this course that I didn’t know. That is because Manu ensures you understand CONCEPTS not just learning phrases. I cant wait to begin Level 2, and to continue on my journey of learning this awesome language!!!

  94. Well worth the price


    Manu has pieced together an excellent curation of well explained lessons in a conscientious and strategic order. While there are plenty of free resources on the internet you’d be very “penny wise but pound foolish” to not pay for the guidance of someone that has put together a fantastic product that reflects decades of expertise as a teacher of the Italian language to english speakers. If you value your time and want to learn Italian, start here.

  95. This really is the best course!


    I’ve tried learning Italian 2 other times and didn’t get very far. I needed a solid foundation of Italian grammar and how it all fits together. Memorizing a few phrases wasn’t enough. So happy I found this program. Thanks so much, Manu!!!!

  96. Definitely the best course out there!


    The course leads you through Italian grammar, vocab, and pronunciation at a pace that’s just enough to be interesting, but not overwhelming. All skills are integrated with each other and build on each other. Manu knows what activities promote fluency and he uses them all.

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